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Away with the warmonger government! Germany out of NATO! Read more:

I am bringing first two pictures, which quite well describe the mood in Germany at the moment.



Bild: Frieden mit Russland.
Bildunterschrift: "Frieden mit Russland" fordert ein Plakat bei einer Demonstration in Berlin. Als wolle ingendjemand im Westen Krieg!

Picture: Peace with Russia.
Caption: "Peace with Russia" demands one placard at a demonstration in Berlin. As if anybody in the West wants war!



Bild: Weg mit der Kriegstreiber-Regierung! Deutschland RAUS aus der NATO!
Bildunterschrift: Raus aus der Nato – auch das noch! Bei der Pegida-Demonstration in Dresden am 15. Dezember 2014.

Picture: Away with the warmonger government! Germany out of NATO!
Caption: Out of Nato – that’s all we need! At the Pegida demonstration in Dresden on 15th December 2014.


Both pictures have in common that the picture itself expresses the mood of many Germans and that the caption expresses the propaganda they are exposed to.

It started in the year 2008 when the American people elected a new president, whose political background marked him as ultra-Stalinist, and who also explained to them that he not only wants to become American president, but also that this will become only a step for him to become world ruler.

The reaction of the world, its governments, and also in Germany, indicated that the situation was misjudged.

It was simply assumed that this is a new president, just as the previous ones, and that also he would again be superseded just as the previous ones.

The only right reaction should have been to distance oneself from him.

That did not happen then and as this man then, five years later, started to openly pursue politics, which became criminal, it was too late to distance oneself from this.

A good example is the behaviour of the then French president. France had long ago, at the time of de Gaulle, taken its troops out of Nato, and this was also now again a thing that was appropriate. But instead of carrying on keeping them out, they were again integrated into Nato.

In Germany it looked like Mrs Merkel always remained on distance to Mr Obama. But then came the year 2013 where she should have considered the end regarding the behaviour of Obama.

But the opposite took place. Mrs Merkel participated in the hijacking of the South American president Moralis and participated in the theft of personal data to which all citizens were exposed.

A clear condemnation of these things was absolutely necessary. But that did not happen. And Mrs Merkel became accomplice of these crimes and therefore herself a criminal, exactly like her lord and master, which Obama had now become.

Gradually the world had become the slave of Obama and because the world had neglected to recognize this development as such at the beginning, it was now unescapably exposed to the will of Obama.

The politicians had lost their values.

Gabriel is the example, who, before he became vice-chancellor, described the situation correctly when he called Obama an egg-thief. When forming the government coalition he should have insisted on carrying out the separation from Obama, but this, the only one important subject, was not even discussed, and so the old proverb was again confirmed: "Who has betrayed us? Social Democrats."

The opposition politician Wagenknecht expressed the necessity correctly: Stop the cooperation with the United States.

Germans were let into their third dictatorship, the dictatorship of Obama.

Only few sensed this development, it all happened too inconspicuously.

But now a relative small part of the population became aware of its enslavement and now tries to get out of it.

The published opinion is almost totally on the side of Obama and a propaganda offensive of greatest extent fills not only Germany but is worldwide.

But not only people in Germany are aware of this enslavement.

The Kuomintang in China seems to be aware of the situation. It wanted to bring Formosa away from the embrace through Obama, and achieve this by rather coming to an understanding with Peking. It was unsuccessful. It was voted out.

Countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, are totally in the Obama sphere of power. And that is just a part of the world.

There exists one group of states, which seems to be more aware of the situation than the rest of the world.

Russia is the only country in the world, that has dared up to now, to oppose the wishes of Obama and Obama has declared in public to withdraw from Russia the possibility to keep itself alive. This intimidation and threat through Obama was highly successful. Today hardly any government in the world will dare to counter Obama; the example Russia is too dramatic.

A powerful country like the People’s Republic of China behaves extremely cautious and seems to be very directly interested to avoid everything that could annoy Obama, and, the same as India, to keep good relations with Obama.

The rest of the BRICS states, Brasilia and South Africa have to be even more careful

The five BRICS states now try to help each other, but that has to happen quite inconspicuously because the people are mostly fascinated and hypnotized by Obama.

The year 2013 had been the year of decision and the world has decided to subjugate itself to Obama.

The year 2014 has now demonstrated to the entire world that one does not oppose Obama. The world has let itself be intimidated and has been driven into enslavement.

The world dominion of Obama is today already quite comprehensive but he wants to be quite consciously the ruler, and not only the ruler to whom governments bow down, but every individual.

Because Obama has no constructive abilities, only destructive ones, he will probably bring his warmongering politics to a culmination.

His aim is to be worshipped as Messiah by everyone.

When the military wise second most powerful country of the world is brought to its knees, who will there dare to rebel against Obama?

That is the situation at the end of the year 2014.


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