The loss of structures in which you have placed your faith.

The manifestation of many great catastrophes - Comment on 2014 November 25

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There is a force at work within your reality, unleashed by the unconscious choices of humans, which will result in the manifestation of many great catastrophes, the loss of many whom you have loved, the loss of structures in which you have placed your faith. These experiences will shake you to your very foundations. They will necessitate a turning inward so that your eyes will be opened to the eternal truth of who you really are. Read more:

Today I bring an explanation from angels, which comes from personal stories told to Lily Fairchild and is an extract from the book "Voices from the Afterlife" by Lily Fairchild, 1997.

Here the explanation:


The specific reality in which you now find yourselves began as a coalescing of light into form, propelled by the thought of the Divine. This Light, which is the essence of all that is, was molded by the Mind of the Creator into a beautiful Paradise – a level of existence where the soul could experience itself as an individuated part of the whole. In the beginning, souls who chose to walk in this Paradise manifested fully formed. They could move easily from one reality into another by focusing their awareness – their thought – at a particular frequency. Their bodies were more fluid, much less dense than the ones that you now possess.

A soul would stay in this perfect world – playing, celebrating its awareness, creating and loving all of its creations – until it felt a need to leave this place for another realm. This need was the result of a greater need – generated at the Center of Creation – for this particular soul’s presence and unique abilities at another level of existence, in order for the whole to maintain its perfect balance and harmony and form. That soul would then raise or lower its vibrational frequency – thus speeding up or slowing down the molecular structure of its shining form – until it left this space to join with another reality, where it would continue its evolution. For your true essence is fluid light – ever changing, ever responsive to the movement of the whole.

There was no point in this beginning time where the soul was not aware of its oneness with the whole, or of its responsibility and power as a co-creator with the divine. Every soul used this power wisely. Through the empowerment of their thoughts with the energy of love and a will whose only intent was a pure and clear desire to serve and enhance the whole, they called into being a myriad kaleidoscope of changing form and experience. Every soul was a willing, perfectly accomplished member of a great celestial orchestra conducted by the Divine, merging their unique gifts and abilities to create a magnificent, ecstatic, ever-changing reality.

Then there came a time when some souls began to be so immersed in their experiences that they forgot their true nature. They came so focussed on what they were creating that they closed out of their awareness their larger place in the whole. They then became attached to this narrowed focus and the creations contained within that focus. This attachment, along with the judgement that accompanies it, created a contraction within the souls. Attachment – to a particular place, a particular form, a particular experience or way of being – because of a judgement that one place was better than another, one form better than another, one experience or way of being better than another, began a slowing down of the vibrational frequency of the soul and, consequently, of the manifestations of that soul. Those things that were resisted, rejected out of judgement, began to be seen as separate. Out of this grew a belief that we were separate, one from another, separate from the Earth, separate from God.

When the time then came for a soul to let go of a particular manifestation in order to continue its evolution in form or a place that would best benefit the whole, there was great reluctance. The soul began to reject the very essence of the spirit – which is ever-changing fluid light – in favour of an existence that was more rigid and resistant to change. This desire for stasis further slowed the vibration of the body – which is but an outgrowth of the desire of the soul for self-expression – to the point that it was no longer able to move freely between worlds.

However, because the spirit’s existence is fluid light – ever growing toward more light – it cannot remain static. Therefore, out of the desires of a contracted soul was created the need for birth and death of the physical body in your world. When spirit found itself entrapped in a body whose soul personality refused to surrender to the changes necessary for growth, refused to let go of its attachments, its judgments – it then separated from the physical body so that soul could be free to re-create a situation more conducive to its continued evolution.

This necessitated the encoding into the DNA structure of every living thing the experience of the death of the body. In this way the spirit could ensure its continued growth in accordance with the Divine, from which it is never separated. The part that remained behind – that corporeal shell that had housed the soul and was encoded with contracted beliefs – was then transmuted, broken down so that it could become one with the reality to which it had created attachment.

And Paradise – that Earthly place of such beauty and fluid light, which had been formed out of the ecstatic union of the Creative force of God’s love and the thoughts of souls wishing only to serve that Divinity – was forever changed. Fear and chaos and suffering and pain – all children parented by judgement and a belief in separation – came to walk the planet with man. Man no longer remembers that he is responsible for creating by his choices the reality in which he finds himself. He has lost touch with the power which that awareness brings – the power to create harmony out of the chaos, strength and soul growth and love out of fear, healing out of suffering and pain.

The source of this great suffering and pain, of all the chaos, is that the actions of humans have been predicated on the erroneous belief that they are separate entities. Yet, there is a driving force at the center of every soul that will not rest until it refutes this belief, surrenders its attachments, lets go of its judgements, and falls gratefully back into the arms of the Creator.

This is where you are today – at the point of surrender. It must be a conscious choice by each soul to offer up once again its will in loving service to the whole, to let go of fear, to forgive those whom you judge harshly, to forgive yourself. By not forgiving, you are rejecting one of your brothers, refusing that soul the opportunity to be healed in love. By not forgiving, you are also closing a part of yourselves to the transformative power of God’s Love. That Love thrives in openness and expansion. It cannot penetrate a contracted and closed heart. For God respects our choices and will not interfere with our created realities. He will, however, continue to offer us another option, one that is filled with limitless life and love and endless possibilities. One in which the aching longing at the center of every soul is washed away by the overwhelming knowledge that it is never apart from the Creator, who loves unendingly, who makes all things new.

So the form through which you now experience transition – birth and death – is the result of a pattern held in the DNA structure of the human body. It is a reflection of the patterns and collective beliefs of the souls who created this reality. It is not a pattern that was created by God, but one that was established deep in the cellular consciousness of man by choices made by the soul. For out of these choices you have materialized your reality – and at this moment you are in the process of creating it over and over. At any moment you have the freedom to change the basic belief constructs and with them the way that your reality is experienced.

There is coming a time where some of you will transmute your limiting belief structures into the limitless wisdom that there is no true separation between spirit and soul and body, no separation from the whole of creation – only oneness with the Creator. You will surrender your attachments to any particular person, or place, or thing, or experience, or personality construct. There will remain within you only a total embracing of the whole and an awareness in every part of your being of the fluid nature of the universe. Resistance to the fluidity leads only to separation and death.

A surrender to change is what is called for, a release of all resistance to that change in total faith. There is a force at work within your reality, unleashed by the unconscious choices of humans, which will result in the manifestation of many great catastrophes, the loss of many whom you have loved, the loss of structures in which you have placed your faith. These experiences will shake you to your very foundations. They will necessitate a turning inward so that your eyes will be opened to the eternal truth of who you really are. The windows to you consciousness, the door to your hearts will be thrown open to receive God’s Grace and His Divine Plan. This perfect pattern will once more come to life in the very cells of your body. Your body will then experience a profound change. It will no longer know separation from the spirit. The bonds that hold you to the darkness of misunderstanding will be dissolved.


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