Congress elections – Barack Obama’s last chance.

The Obama disaster - Comment on 2014 November 3

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Obama before the US Congress election in the current of unpopularity. Read more:

Today’s headlines very nicely show this Obama disaster:

Congress elections – Barack Obama’s last chance

Midterm elections – With Barack Obama on the defensive

Obama lending support, but only in Democratic bulwarks

Obama before the US Congress election in the current of unpopularity

US Congress elections – reckoning with Barack Obama

At least half of the Americans seem to be opposed to Obama or even have a hostile attitude towards him.

But this is not the worldwide picture. The Americans have experienced Obama directly and have now decided to be against him. The worldwide approval rating has however not really changed and there the disapproval of Obama is rather the exception. The Russians might not be very fond of him, and the Chinese as well, the Indians and the Brazilians might be divided, but when it comes to fifth BRICS country South Africa, the published opinion and the real opinion of the people is clearly for Obama and the government might not have too great feelings towards Obama, but they do not really dare to express this in public, because they know it would not be popular.

One of the biggest propaganda mouth pieces for Obama is now the Dalai Lama. In September he was reported of having duly fulfilled Obama’s wishes and having joint others in Obama’s fight against Putin. This cleric has now proved to be real member of the regiment of Antichrist and doing his bidding, by criticising Putin and declaring that Putin is self-centred. He has joint the long queue of people who work hard on establishing worldwide Obama’s concept of the enemy.

So when the Dalai Lama wants to go to South Africa to make propaganda for Obama then the government there does not give him a visa and so he has to stay outside and when the South Africans want to know why he is not allowed to come in then the government simply keeps mum.

This propaganda war against Putin could indicate the direction Obama’s politics is heading for. It shows his destructive way of doing things. Having this election now behind him, Obama is probably heading for a confrontation, perhaps with Russia, and then uses the situation to get rid of democracy completely and the past experience with the Republicans as opposition has proved that these Republican politicians are no match for him and will be incapable to stop him, may be will even support him in it. And then the election of a new president in the year 2016 will no longer be necessary and all the effort and energy can be spared and all this striving is directed towards winning the war he has started.

He might copy the real Christ and also manage his death, and then, on the third day, rises as the new messiah, who is now acclaimed by the world and who takes revenge on the person chosen as the culprit for his assassination and starts a war that gives reason to do away with playing democracy.

So the planning for this development might be in the final stages and the event of the midterm elections behind him will now allow the implementation of the politics and the continuation of his rule.




Fernseh-Nachricht: "Streit beendet! Russland liefert Gas an die Ukraine!"

Reaktion des Zuschauers: "Eine ganz üble Provokation durch Putin! Will uns unser Feindbild kaputtmachen!!"


TV news: "Dispute ended! Russia supplies gas to the Ukraine!"

Reaction of viewer: "A completely wicked provocation by Putin! Wants to destroy for us our concept of the enemy!"


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