Consciously getting into contact with this highly perfect being – God.

Practice for the hearing of the voice of the spirit - Comment on 2014 September 26

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You clearly hear the voice of the spirit in you when you bear desire for it and mentally announce yourselves this desire to God. Read more:

In the following message by Bertha Dudde we find recipes for hearing God’s voice for people who start to practise this - and for people who are practising it, it is a confirmation and encouragement for that, what they are doing.


Practice for the hearing of the voice of the spirit.

1. April 1946. B.D. NR. 3732.

You clearly hear the voice of the spirit in you when you bear desire for it and mentally announce yourselves this desire to God. Because through this mental expression of the will you enable yourselves to absorb mental movements out of the spiritual kingdom. When you desire information yourselves, you can get no information, but God is accommodating towards every desire of the heart and provides for you according to your degree of maturity and your will. But you have to be attentive to your thoughts, which, when you deal with spiritual problems, are sent to you in different ways. They will touch you differently; seem to be acceptable or unacceptable for you, and when you have prayed before intimately for enlightening of the spirit, you can then quite safely accept or drop, whatever drives you; you can then go by your feeling, and you will accept the right thing, but decline what is wrong. According to the depth of the desire for truth the thoughts out of the spiritual world touch you, so that a man earnestly desiring truth will remain untouched by erroneous currents of thoughts, because then the influence of erroneous powers is no longer enough to capture the thinking of man because the light beings then have free effectiveness and man will quite safely open himself to their mental transmissions. You have to practise in this process of spiritual work, i.e., you must pay more attention to your inner life, on many occasions withdraw into quietness and remain in thoughts for a longer time with a problem, about which you wish enlightenment. However this practice must always be preceded by intimate prayer, so that you establish the connection with God and therefore also with spiritual powers, which work in his will and whose work consists of the transmission of fully true spiritual material. This intimate connection protects you from access of erroneous powers, whose endeavours understandably are to cloud and confuse your thinking, because the fight of darkness against light and vice versa underlies everything and will still be continued for eternal times. But who acknowledges God as most loving, wise and omnipotent being, who consciously gets into contact with this highly perfect being, who continuously makes an effort to fulfil his will, and then desires to stand in pure truth according to these preconditions, him God does not let pass to the powers of darkness – he himself instructs him mentally, and man just needs to open his heart, to listen inwardly and pay attention to his thoughts, and he will truly be on the right path and receive information, over which he desires information. Because God as the eternal truth also wants to send truth to his creatures; but God as eternal love also demands the will of men to also form themselves to love, and who strives for this he also strives for truth because God, love and truth are not be thought without each other. And so every man willing to love and demanding truth, is also able to hear the voice of God, who expresses himself through the spirit in man – mentally or in increased state of maturity of the soul also audibly, and always will it be the same truth, which is offered to man, which is one with the word, which God’s great love sends to man on earth directly through awakened servants and prophets, who have offered themselves in free will to him for service to help erroneous souls in greatest spiritual trouble. Because spiritual darkness is exceedingly great, and men need urgent help when they want to become happy. B.D. NR. 3732.


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