Let yourselves be driven by your spirit.

Teaching activity - Comment on 2014 September 25

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The content of Godís word, which is sent to you from above, out of the kingdom of light where truth starts. Read more:

Two announcement of Bertha Dudde follow:


Gift to teach. Teaching office.

30. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3730.

The gift to teach in my name will be granted to you when your mission starts. You will feel penetrated by my spirit and now also be able to speak with conviction because I myself express myself through you. I put the words into the mouth for you, and your intellect will still grasp it what you speak, what you, driven through my spirit, now impart to fellowmen. Because it is the content of my word, which is sent to you from above, out of the kingdom of light where truth starts. And that is why you will only spread pure truth when you teach in my name. Thoughts will flow towards you, which you catch with the heart and with the intellect, and it will fill yourself with inner joy that you are allowed to spread spiritual material, which is exceedingly valuable. And the love of the heart will drive you to hand out what makes yourselves happy. Because the one who teaches is rich in knowledge and therefore called by me for his teaching office. But he must face the false teachers and prophets in all seriousness and seek to refute their teaching in so far as they do not correspond to truth. He is not to fear them to not being a match for them because again it is not himself but my spirit, which speaks out of him. My spirit is superior to every human intellect; it can solve the most difficult problems, uncover and refute the greatest error, and it finds no opponent on earth, which surpasses him in wisdom. But the opportunity must be given to it to work through your willingness, to also take over the teaching office with regard to those, i.e., you are not allowed to resist or let yourselves be shied away when human intellectual wisdom wants to corner you to take care of you or to refute your teachings. Then just enter into intimate association with me, and you will also be able to beat the greatest speakers because it is me who expresses himself through you, and surely no-one is a match for me. Let yourselves be driven by your spirit; it will lead you right; it will let you do and speak right; it will order your thoughts because to whom I give a teaching office to him I also give my help to administer it right. Because I want that truth is spread, that the lie and the error is denounced and that the thinking of men moves in the right direction because only through truth men can become happy. And that is why you, my disciples on earth, are to put yourselves as bearers of truth at my disposal where and when I need you, and this will be announced to you through my spirit so that you are relieved of all responsibility to act wrongly because who has offered himself to me, him I guide and steer myself so that he can fulfil my will. Amen. B.D. NR.3730.


Teaching activity in the time of trouble Ė Time of the end.

31. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3731.

A common work must start for all who I have called for that purpose, so that they preach my word in greatest earthly trouble. Everywhere men will be needed who are to announce me and teach fellowmen because everywhere great trouble will be, everywhere men will be despondent and not being able to find their way when they lack all knowledge about my rule and work for the purpose and meaning of that what is imposed on men to bear; because as long as their aim is unknown to them, they also do not know about the means to reach this aim. And that is why I will steer the steps of my servants where their effectiveness is needed, where I know hearts, which are prepared to open themselves and listen to my word. And everyone will be able to work in his circle, and more or less large will this circle be, according to the ability to teach of my servant on earth, who now takes up his office fully conscious of being active for me and my kingdom. That is why no-one is to act prematurely, but everyone is to wait patiently until the call comes to him, until I myself instruct him, perceivable through his heart Ė because everything takes first its course according to my will. Strength of faith will certainly be required by mine in the face of the trouble, which comes to light everywhere, which seems to be unbearable for many men and which I still allow to turn the hearts of those to me. Mine know about the purpose of the trouble and are to impart this knowledge to fellowmen, and that is why I also allow the trouble for mine to give them the possibility to have an effect on fellowmen through the power of their faith, which lets everything being borne and overcome easier. I stand by mine when they call me, and that is why their trouble will also always be bearable because again and again there will be a way out where humanly no help seems possible. But they are to serve me in this time; they are to speak for me and mention my love, wisdom and omnipotence, they are to confess me before the world and recommend to fellowmen the right attitude towards me, which alone secures their protection and help. They are to teach and announce me and my word, and this always when it is possible, but especially in the great time of trouble, which precedes my intervention on earth and will also follow it. Where you see great trouble, you know that your work is needed, and your common work will not be without success when you are strong in faith yourselves and carry me in the heart always and constantly. Then the trouble will not scare yourselves although you are eye and ear witnesses daily of it. Because you know why I allow them; you recognize their necessity and blessing, which every man can draw out of it. And that is why every individual of you is needed for the spreading of my teaching, and every individual will be able to be active according to his ability, but always certain of my blessing because I need active workers for my vineyard at the time which precedes the last end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3731.


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