Such a spiritual turning point implies therefore the destruction of visible creations.

Spiritual change - Comment on 2014 September 20

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The mental state on earth has reached a low at the moment as never before in this period of development and is therefore the reason for a total reshaping of the earth. Read more:

An announcement by Bertha Dudde:


Spiritual Change.

9. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3708.

A spiritual upheaval, so a complete change of the spiritual state of men, also implies a total reshaping of all that is bearer of the spiritual. This means that the visible creations have to release the spiritual for the time being so that it can reach higher maturity in new forms. Consequently also the spiritual that is embodied as man must be rid of its outer form because this spiritual is authoritative for the mental state on earth that has reached a low at the moment as never before in this period of development and is therefore the reason for a total reshaping of earth. To start with this spiritual that is in retrogression must be brought into a form that corresponds to its maturity before the spiritual that is now embodied as man can move in a higher spiritual state, before therefore a spiritual turning point takes place in which man is closer to God and all that is far from God is prevented from pressing him. Such a spiritual turning point implies therefore the destruction of visible creations and also the bodily downfall of men with the exception of those who through their faith and their love have themselves connected with God and who are thus close to God and who therefore do not have to fear a renewed walk on earth. These will experience the spiritual turning point, they will, due to their heightened spiritual maturity, be witnesses of the complete destruction of all that lives on earth and the destruction of the outer form of those and yet still not themselves be affected by it. Before that, they go through the deepest depth of human mentality so that they are then led to the height through Godís great love. The previous dark state on earth gives way to a state of brightest light, it will be a change of enormous importance, a reshaping of all thinking of the inhabitants of earth and the right relationship with God will first be established and so also happiness and bliss are shared by men on earth who are now starting a new development period in fullest harmony and works of love. And this spiritual revolution cannot happen before the spirits first have completely made up their minds, before they themselves are aware of the direction of their will. All half measure must decide - an open confession towards God or his enemy must come first, because God does not damn that what does not face him as a fundamental enemy. He takes pity on all weakness of the will and he seeks to repair this, he seeks to bring help to the weak so that he finds the right way and walks on it. But when the being has decided to resist God then also the hour of the end has come, then the die is cast that determines the future of the lot of the spiritual for eternities. That is the day of judgement, the total separation of the spirits and the complete destruction of that what holds the spiritual on earth. Then the point of time is reached that is followed by the spiritual turning point - a state on earth where man only carries the spiritual in him that is turned towards God, where he lives by love and in close connection with God in peace and bliss, where he works and creates in accordance with the will of God - and where all the spiritual that is still bound in form strives upward and continues its interrupted course of development, but where hard matter is bearer of the spiritual that was embodied on the old earth as man that now again begins its course of development through the creations of the new earth and has to cover this on tough conditions so that it one day again reaches the state of free decision making. And that is why you men should not expect a spiritual turning point on this earth because this has become impossible due to the far too wide distance from God that can only still be decreased by the way just mentioned. You must get used to the idea of a complete dissolving and destruction of all creations visible to our eyes otherwise no understanding can be found for neither the last judgement nor for the new earth and its paradisiac state. You have to believe what you are told because otherwise you also cannot await the coming of the Lord that can only seem possible to you through strong faith in Godís omnipotence, love and righteousness that would not find a human explanation and therefore will also take place first only then when the last day has come - when for all that is unbelieving a survival as man will be made impossible and when the miracle of the coming of the Lord does not mean anymore a compulsion of faith for the believer. Because to the spiritually enlightened one everything is understandable since the love and omnipotence of God is an explanation for everything that happens. Amen. B.D. NR. 3708.


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