Serve me by you serving your neighbour.

Communion - Comment on 2014 September 17

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Sacrifice everything for the sake of my presence. Read more:

A message from Bertha Dudde:


Preparation of a place in the heart. Communion. Behold, I stand at the door.

4. February 1946. B.D. NR. 3676.

Oh, just do a bit of soul-searching and do not let me knock at the door of your heart in vain; open it and let me enter and bring salvation to you, and receive me with a glad heart and prepare a home for me in you, make my will your business and serve me by you serving your neighbour in love for my sake. And happiness and peace will move in with me in your hearts, because when you have recognized me you no longer desire the world and its goods but you sacrifice everything for the sake of my presence, for the sake of my love, which I give to you when you receive me in your heart. I bring my word to you; I bring the food for your soul, and therefore you will no longer hunger and be in want and also feel this to be a blessing earthly. Because being flooded with power you overcome all earthly difficulties, because I myself stand by you and transmit the power to you. Because now you no longer walk alone through the valley of earth; you have me as permanent companion once I have taken up residence in your heart, when you have prepared it through your will as reception for me, through work in love. When I knock at the door of your heart and offer my word, only your will is decisive to let me enter. Then this will is directed towards the right aim because it was meant for me at the right time. First you receive me as stranger; then you recognize me and establish the right relationship; you let me be friend and brother; you see in me the father from eternity; deeply you feel indebted to me as my children, and the relationship from you to me will be more and more close until you have found union, until you are united through permanent work of love with me for ever. Let me into your hearts when I knock to bring the word to you do not resist; receive me with a glad heart and rich blessings will blossom out of your willingness. I leave no-one out to bring salvation to him but who keeps his house locked when I knock, who refuses to receive myself, he will have to expect no longer gifts of favour for ever because his will itself closes its mind to it and will also never be forced by me. But do not let my call remain unheard; open for me for your own sake so that your soul does not need to hunger and starve; offer food to it which I myself bring to you; be my guests; let yourselves be fed and given to drink with my word, with bread of heaven, which power you need to become one with me. Receive myself in your hearts so that I can hand communion to you, that I can satisfy you with my flesh and my blood with my word, which power must flow through you to be able to become happy. And that is why you are to open when I knock to desire admittance do not fear that a false prophet wants to lead you astray, that he could offer you food which does not agree with you. My word is recognizable because it preaches love and therefore it is offered by love itself, by me, who comes in the word to men to help them in their great spiritual want, who desires admittance into their hearts to be able to have an effect in the hearts myself for the benefit of all who receive me and prepare a home for me. Do not let the admonition die away at your ear but pay attention to it, and when I come, widely open the door to your heart and receive me. And you will be inexpressibly happy already on earth and one day in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3676.


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