God speaks to us through creation.

Language of creation - Comment on 2014 September 11

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The being, which is a possibility as originator of the power of creation, must therefore be able to think and able to let its thoughts become form by virtue of its will and its power. Read more:

An announcement of Bertha Dudde follows:


Language of creation. Entity power of creation.

5. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3648.

Learn understanding the language of creation. God himself speaks to you through it; constantly he steps in front of you, revealing himself in every work, which emerged from his power of love. And he has given you the ability to see his works, to let your intellect become active and therefore it is he himself who instructs you mentally when you want to receive his instructions, when you have a look at the creation around you, think about the purpose of it, about the point and purpose of it, about its coming into being and about him who let it come into being. Every thought about it is a question, which God himself answers when you earnestly want to have it answered. The eternal power of creation cannot be denied when you think about the origin of the works of creation. The power of creation must be acknowledged by every man, but about its origin, about its source, men often cannot reach agreement. Not always do they want to acknowledge a perfect being from which the power of creation starts. To them creation has not yet spoken clearly enough; they have not yet understood its language, and their thoughts must first turn to the right direction to come to the right result. What announces itself in creation, what is extremely clearly recognizable, is conformity to natural law, an order, which cannot be surpassed. Something well-ordered always has its start with a strong will, with an entity, which calls this strong will its own. Order furthermore also testifies to wisdom of him who produced it well thought out laws, which eliminate all rashness; a wisdom, which lets nothing come into being without purpose and lets also recognize the purpose. The being, which is a possibility as originator of the power of creation, must therefore be able to think and able to let its thoughts become form by virtue of its will and its power. It must therefore be something highly perfect, which reveals itself in every work of creation, which wants to be recognized in its perfectness. Which parts with its power to give again to beings able to think a proof of its existence because it stands with these beings able to think insofar in closest connection as that also they emerged from it, that also they are products of his will of creation and his power of creation, which he wants to put into a state of perfection, to also make them to carriers of power in all fullness, that also they can be active as creators and shapers for their own happiness. The close connection of the creator with his creatures must be recognized; man must recognize the connection of himself with the eternal power of creation; he must, a being himself, acknowledge that power, which is infinitely stronger than he himself, as being, otherwise he stands lost in creation, as single being, which alone is able to think and possesses (the) (free) a will and which nevertheless is unable to acts, to which it lacks power. Furthermore it is absurd to assume that a power, which let everything come into being, gives life to beings able to think, while the power itself is not able to think. The same applies to the will, which is inherent in man, but which is denied to the source of the power of nature. What would creation be without entity inhabitants which purpose would the unsurpassed order have when it could not be recognized by entities, when it would not testify to a highest entity, which wants to be recognized. What would man be when he would lack the ability of thinking and the will an imperfect creature, which would also need no ordered creations to live. That man can thing and want proves a creator, who is able to think in highest perfection and uses his ability according to his will in all wisdom and in the full possession of power. It furthermore proves that man is not created senselessly and pointlessly and that his thinking and wanting was given to him to recognize and strive for purpose. He must recognize that he does not master earth life in spite of thinking and wanting, he must acknowledge a stronger entity above himself, whose will is decisive, and he must acknowledge its wisdom and love and bow under it. And God speaks to men through the creation; he stimulates them to think about it and gives them complete enlightenment when they desire it earnestly, when they abandon themselves as completely ignorant to the eternal power of creation, which has given to them the ability to think that now also the thoughts are directed right, that they also move in the order, upon which every work of creation is based, but which man himself can reverse, because he possesses free will. But he is supposed to want to live in the order wanted by God, then his will will be respected and he will be informed about everything what moves him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3648.


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