All works of creation hold spiritual, which is in bound will.

Without activity no ascent development - Comment on 2014 August 19

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But every activity serves the building up and sustaining of my creation, will therefore only then have a destroying effect when the destruction of one results into the coming into being of other works of creation. Read more:

The descriptions of the world coming from the writings of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde are unique.

There is no other kind of literature that comes even close to what we can learn about how the world works, how it came into being and what the spiritual background of it is.

This applies to all spiritual writings, but when it comes to what so-called scientists tell us, then one can just wonder, why people believe something that makes no sense at all and , compared to the messages coming from Bertha Dudde, is really senseless and cannot satisfy an enquiring mind.

A typical message to this subject from Bertha Dudde follows:


Without activity no ascent development

24. and 25. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3586.

To every creature I assign that activity, which it must perform to become free from its outer form. All works of creation hold spiritual, which is in bound will, i.e. must be active according to my will, the law of nature, corresponding to its degree of maturity. It so to speak determines itself the kind of its activity through relaxation of its resistance against me, therefore the spiritual is only admitted to a particular activity when it lessens its rebellion, its resistance against me. But every activity serves the building up and sustaining of my creation, will therefore only then have a destroying effect when the destruction of one results into the coming into being of other works of creation. Because everything goes according to my plan, which is based on wisdom and love and only aims at redeeming what is unfree. And so a busy activity will be recognizable in the entire creation, apparently dead and living matter subordinates to my law; it falls into line with my will, even though forced, as long as the degree of maturity of the spiritual is still low. But it is always on the way of ascent development because as long as the spiritual is under mandatory law, it can only execute what is my will, and my will is that the spiritual walks up, that it reaches that degree in which I can release it out of bound will and can give it free will, in which it then can execute every activity – building up and also destroying, corresponding to my will or also directed against my will. But then it is also responsible for its activity and its will, while it was relieved of every responsibility before. The stages of development in the mandatory state are endless long measured by the last stage in free will, but the last stage is of greatest importance because it is determining for eternity. The distance from me through the former rebellion of the spiritual was too great than that the spiritual could reduce it itself because through the distance it was also powerless. But the power supply is guaranteed to it during the endless long time in bound will. But it must be used for the reducing of the distance, and therefore the being must execute the activity in a forced way, which it refused before. It must serve – because it wanted to rule before. Its once free will was forced to an activity, which it did not want to carry out on its own initiative. And so it could again reach a degree that its freedom of will could be given to it once again, in which it now must prove itself. When it now carries on serving voluntarily then it is driven to that by love, and in a short time it redeems itself completely out of its form, out of a fetter, which has made it unfree. If it refuses to serve in love, it again seeks to rule in unkindness, then it increases again the distance from me, and it strengthens the fetter; it remains unfree and is again robbed of any power because it uses the will and the power in the wrong direction – every activity must therefore be carried out in serving love; every activity must be a voluntary love service for the neighbour or for the works of creation, then it has a redeeming effect. (25.10.1945) The assignment the being has to fulfil in the bound state, is determined by God; but the earth assignment is left to the will of man himself. He himself can choose his activity, and it will correspond to the degree of love, in which man stands. According to fate he is indeed put on a place, which stipulates a certain activity for him, nevertheless also his will is decisive then, because he can carry it out with pleasure and love, but also with aversion, and his spiritual development is also accordingly. Without activity an ascent development is however impossible. Then the spiritual in man still remains in resistance against God; it does not use the life power offered to him as gift of favour and voluntarily steps back into the state of powerlessness. It does not take any notice of a gift of God and so increases the distance from God, instead to lessen it. And this inactivity in free will is contrary to divine order and has extreme serious consequences and effects on the being. Because it has been active endless times according to the will of God in the mandatory state and so reached the degree of development, which is precondition to the embodiment as man, it is now also responsible for the direction of its will, and a renewed resistance against God results in complete withdrawing of the power out of God, which has an extreme agonizing effect after earth life in the hereafter. Because in the spiritual kingdom powerlessness is an unbearable state for the being, which now can no longer be remedied as long as the will of the being does not itself strive for it. And again the law of serving love applies for the redemption of such souls. What the being has missed on earth, it must make up for in the hereafter under increased difficulties; it is now neither in bound will nor in free, powerful will, but it is left to itself, whether and how it uses its totally weakened will. It must be active to redeem itself, and is unable for activity, because the power for it is lacking, which it left unused on earth as man. This state is far more agonizing than the state of being bound in matter through endless times. But also then God’s infinite love and mercy still gives the spiritual the possibility to make itself free, but the will is always decisive, the will for activity in love. The being is never forced, but opportunity is constantly offered to it, and that is why there is not eternal damnation, only often such of endless long duration, until the being itself has the will to be active in love. Then power is also again supplied to it because it now has finally given up its resistance against God, as soon as it wants to be active in love. B.D. NR. 3586.


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