The greater earthly misery is, the more perceptible will also be the presence of God.

Do not fear the threats through worldly rulers - Comment on 2014 August 12

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Do not comply with the request of the world when it contradicts divine commandments, when it is directed against the divine will or endangers the faith in Him. Read more:

Today all are afraid of the threats through the worldly ruler Obama and there is no-one who dares to stand up against Obama and to resist him.

Everyone who thinks of attacking Obama is immediately forced to think of Edward Snowden and of how things went badly for him who proved that Obama is a thief and steals from all people of earth – steals their data.

All cowards attack Putin and gather thousands of details why Putin is bad, and attack Putin because he does not threaten them.

At the time of the Soviet Union it was exactly the same. Nobody dared to attack the Stalinists because everyone knew they would immediately be attacked personally should they dare to attack the rulers of the Soviet Union and the rulers of their vassal states. The official politics was to be against anti-communism.

And today the official politics is to be against any form of anti-Obama politics.

Alone already criticising America is regarded as blasphemy.

The Soviet Union existed and seemed to be impregnable but one nice day it was simply no longer there.

Mr Obama exists and will set up his brutal rule but it will last a much shorter time than that of the previous Stalinists, and he will hardly be world ruler then there has already the day of the Lord arrived and the place for Obama is the bottomless pit.

A message from Bertha Dudde:


Last fight. Religious warfare.

19. and 20. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3553.

Do not comply with the request of the world when it contradicts divine commandments, when it is directed against the divine will or endangers the faith in Him. And do not be afraid of the threats through worldly rulers, which are to force you to the abandonment of your resistance. Remain with what the voice of the heart commands you, through which God himself urges you to remain loyal to him. And do not be afraid that you are defenceless with regard to the rulers because the One protectively stands by your side whose power is greater and who can destroy everything what thinks to be great on this earth. And when you know that he stands by your side your power will grow, and you will be and remain victor. And that is why you are to seek to penetrate into deeper knowledge about your earth life purpose, about God’s love and his plan of redemption. And that knowledge will let you become of convinced faith, which nothing can shake, also not the onslaughts, which you have to expect for the sake of faith. And when you are also provided scantily and your body seems to be exposed to greatest trouble, God will also make the earthly trouble bearable for you and present to you what you need for the maintenance of the body, so you just remain loyal to him and hold out, because he will be giver of comfort and power himself; he will also know to preserve the body miraculously when it lacks everything through human will – his power is greater, and his love does not leave his in misery. And whether the world and its rulers also think to be strong and supported by the powers of the underworld in the work against God and against the earth children clinging to him – God sends his messengers to earth so that they come to the aid of afflicted men, and they will work visibly and invisibly, and the believers will feel save in their protection, because they recognize them as envoys of God and because God himself speaks through these messengers and imparts power and comfort to them. The greater earthly misery is, the more perceptible will also be the presence of God for his, and they will take on everything what is allotted to them by the earthly rulers, but always with the happy certainty that it only last a short time and God himself will redeem them out of their trouble. The complete destruction of the believers is seemingly contrived but their faith is firmer than ever because God himself appears so obviously that through this power for resistance arises for them. Who wants to see, he will become seeing; who wants to hear, he will hear the voice of God, and every anxiety and fear will dwindle out of the hearts of his. Like a stronghold the faith and the teaching of Christ will be challenged but those will stand firm and remain victors who have Jesus Christ as their commander-in-chief, who are his fighters on earth and because of that are fetched home by him into his kingdom. For that reason do not be deterred by whatever is undertaken against you – flee to God in your trouble, and he will hear your call; he will not let you without protection because you are to be the supports; you are to serve your fellow men as witnesses what the power of faith is able to do so that the weak take heart from you and win strength of faith and that the opponents recognize their powerlessness in the face of you and your faith. It is the last struggle of light against darkness on this earth, which you men have to fight, to then enter the kingdom of peace as victors, into paradise on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3553.


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