Under Godís protection you are very secure.

Godís guidance and support - Comment on 2014 August 11

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You never ever need to worry about the preservation of earthly life. Read more:

Again a message from Bertha Dudde:


Godís guidance and support.

18. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3552.

So rely completely on the guidance of your father in heaven, and only strive for fulfilling his will. Always call into your memory that your life is laid down for you and that you must cover it as it is Godís will, but that you also can make suffering and misery bearable for you when you do not lose the close touch with God because then they only touch you shadowy, suffering will not depress you but just toughen you and make you robust for the hardship, which the last time brings with itself. It is nothing but a short fight, which you have to pass, but which requires all your strength. And you will also fight out this triumphantly when you always rely on the help of the heavenly father. Because he is with everyone who desires his nearness. Draw strength out of this certainty, and do not be afraid whatever might come Ė under his protection you are very secure, even though outwardly your situation may appear to be however dangerous. Because you have his word, and therefore you camp at the spring of power and are allowed to draw as soon as you have desire to strengthen and refresh yourselves. It is his will that you are fed and watered when you are hungry and thirsty, and that is why he has opened the source for you, the well from which living water flows unstoppably, which consumption protects you to sink into eternal death. And when you strive for winning eternal life, you never ever need to worry about the preservation of earthly life, about your fate and about earthly events Ė because all of this God directs according to his wise judgment for your blessing; he himself guides you by the hand, and he also instructs his heavenly messengers to look after you spiritually and earthly. And so cover your earth way without worry; believe and trust and fear nothing what appears to be insurmountable to you Ė you will master life with the help of God because he does not leave you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3552.


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