Catholic Priest Georg Kerkhoff abuses children in Germany and in South Africa.

Catholic Church - International children ravishers ring - Comment on 2014 July 31

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A German priest accused of sexual abuse of children in his native country and in South Africa, has been extradited to Germany, police said yesterday. Read more:

I first bring a report from South Africa and then one from Germany.

First the report from South Africa dated 31st July 2014:


Priest in SA extradited


German Catholic priest Georg Kerkhoff leaves the Brits Magistrate Court in Pretoria, South Africa

A German priest accused of sexual abuse of children in his native country and in South Africa, has been extradited to Germany, police said yesterday.

Georg Kerkhoff, who is in his 50s, was put on a plane on Tuesday night, said police spokesman Lungelo Dlamini.

Originally from Aachen in West Germany, Kerkhoff is wanted for alleged sex crimes against children committed before he moved several years ago to South /Africa, where he was arrested on similar charges.

Four boys – then aged 9 and 10 – who attended a German-language Catholic youth camp near Joburg in 2008, complained about offers to sleep in the priest’s bed and fondling. Those charges were dropped to clear the way for Kerkhoff’s extradition, prosecutors said.

"We did withdraw the case on the basis that we would prefer that he be extradited," National Prosecution Authority spokesman Nathi Mncube said.

The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference has denied having any connection with Kerkhoff or inviting him to work in the country.


And now a report from Germany dated 31th of July 2014:


Abuse accusation: Parish Priest Georg K. to go to court in Krefeld

South African authorities have extradited Priest Georg K. to Germany for suspicion of child abuse. The prosecution authorities in Krefeld investigate against the parish priest, who worked for a long time in the area of Willich.

The minister, about 50 years old, has been flown out on Tuesday evening to his homeland in the company of German policemen, said police spokesman Lungelo Dlamini on Wednesday. The priest had been arrested in September and for the time being came again free against payment of bail. The basis was an international warrant and a German extradition application.

The priest, who earlier had also been working in Tönisvorst, Kempen and Nettetal as pastor, is wanted in Germany for several years for child abuse. The minister is also accused of encroachments upon participants of a youth camp near Johannesburg.

Four boys aged nine and ten years then, had made statements 2008 against the priest. He is supposed of having molested them sexually and suggested to sleep in a bed together. The South African prosecution authority dropped the case in the meantime to make an extradition possible, as spokesman Nathi Mncube informed. According to the Catholic bishops’ conference of South Africa the priest had not come into the country by invitation of the church. He is also supposed to have not been in contact with church authorities in South Africa.

Already 2010 Priest Georg K. had confirmed that the reported accusations brought against him for sexual abuse of minors in Germany are correct in many points. According to an announcement of the diocese Aachen the minister coming from Willich admitted his guilt and had then reported himself to the prosecution authorities in Krefeld. Therefore the pastor explained that he has harmed the victims and their families. He feels sincerely sorry about this. At this point in time Georg K. was though already in South Africa and could not be extradited because of proceedings there.


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