Moral terror: How critics of Obama are bullied into silence.

Obama’s moral terror - Comment on 2014 July 26

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Just blatantly defaming Putin with no shred of evidence or even the slightest investigation into the facts of the Malaysian airline being downed in the war zone in Ukraine. Read more:

When it became known a year ago that Obama steals from all people on earth personal data, Obama succeeded, with moderate success, in making out as villain him who observed him while stealing and filmed him and therefore showed the entire world the documents, which show Obama as criminal.

And what is the result of this?

This last year there are almost no voices who describe Obama as villain and criminal. All have let themselves be intimidated. No-one dares to describe Obama so as he really is: The embodiment of evil.

The devil, Antichrist, is described by Jesus, the Christ, in John 10:10 this way:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

Jesus names stealing at first place, then comes the killing and the destroying.

The result of Obama’s attempt to make out the observer of his stealing as guilty person was therefore quite successful, and this resulted that Obama was hardly anywhere described as criminal.

At the same time Obama’s intimidation campaign has achieved its full effect. At the moment there are few exceptions where men dare not to do that what Obama wants. Quite apart from some descriptions that describe Obama as gangster, terrorist, assassin and terminator.

Why is now everyone pointing one’s finger at Putin and not at Obama? Because Obama has intimidated them and they are all cowards. Putin does not intimidate and therefore he is the guilty person.

This quite positive development for Obama has now obviously been advanced one further step.

Obama’s immediate accusations of others having caused the plane crash in the Ukraine can actually only be judged so, that it was he who committed this act.

And when one considers the motive then it is actually only him who is a suspect. Because it is him who desperately seeks to start a third world war. A year ago he tried to use Syria as a reason to spark off a worldwide war and was hindered by Russia and Syria immediately agreeing to his demands for a handing over of chemical weapons. Obama’s time to free himself from democratic bounds, and to establish his dictatorship quite obviously, is getting shorter and shorter because in two and a half years his term in office ends.

I now bring excerpts from different articles:

Well didn’t Obommer jump in boots and all and just blatantly defame Putin with no shred of evidence or even the slightest investigation into the facts of the Malaysian airline being downed in the war zone in Ukraine.


Moral terror: How critics of western MH17 coverage are bullied into silence

The hasty attempts by president Barak Obama, prime minister David Cameron and some of the leaders of the EU member countries to declare Russia guilty of the crash of the flight MH-17 (with anti-Poroshenko insurgents in Eastern Ukraine presented as mere “pawns of Kremlin”) was obvious. In fact, the verdict (with Obama making undocumented accusations and the American representative at the UN calling the insurgents “armed thugs” and “criminals”) was passed by the US and the UK not only before trial, but even before the evidence was collected. All the doubting voices (former US presidential candidate Ron Paul, journalists Robert Parry and Daniel McAdams, etc.) were subjected in the mainstream media of the West to scathing critique, which looks more and more like moral terror now.


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