Without God there is nothing, and without God nothing can exist what is.

I am who I am - Comment on 2014 July 22

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God is the power which flows through the entire universe, the will which rules everything, and the love which sustains everything what has emerged from God’s power. Read more:

The below following message by Bertha Dudde brings statements about God and also contains statements which are interesting with regard to natural sciences.

There is for example the statement that points out that time and space applies to us, here on this planet earth, but that it does not apply to the rest of the universe and also not to other universes.

Then there is the statement, that God is that power that flows through the entire universe, and this statement gives information about cosmic radiation and about why scientists again and again fail wanting to prove that cosmic radiation comes from some celestial bodies.

And then there is the fact that God himself is creation and creator at the same time and therefore those are constantly busy with God directly, who investigate his creation and then think of having nothing to do with God.

Now the message:


I am who I am.

4. and 5. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3537.

I am who I am, from eternity to eternity. I am without beginning and end. Because I am spirit who is power and love in himself, from which everything emerges what is, who possesses will and the ability to think and therefore works in all wisdom. I am who I am – without me there is nothing, and without me nothing can exist what is. I am the power which flows through the entire universe, the will which rules everything, and the love which sustains everything what has emerged from my power. From me everything took its starting point what fills visible and invisible creations of the universe, and that what was created by me remains in connection with me for ever, because power is not divisible, it cannot be separated from the source of power; it remains what it is – radiation of myself. All creations are will having become form, which has an effect with power and lets my thoughts become action. But I myself am creation and creator at the same time because it holds my power, the original substance of myself, in itself, therefore I myself must also be everywhere where creations of me come to light. I am a spirit which is almighty, full of love and wise, which is constantly active and therefore works in love and wisdom, to which nothing is impossible because the power of love is unimaginable and it knows no limits. I am a spirit and therefore without time and space; I am from eternity and everywhere; nothing remains hidden from me, nothing is unreachable for me because I am the most perfect being, and out of me only what is perfect emerges. What took its start in me was spiritual, which was shaped as my image in all perfection and was enlivened from my love power. It was a part of me, indissolubly connected to me; it was my radiation to which I gave form, which now could create and shape like me as free, independent being through my power, which constantly flows towards the being. And my spirit flows through all beings, which emerged from me. And therefore I am myself in them, and I will never stop to be as also the entity, which took its start from me, can never pass, because it is a part of me, of my love power. And so everything testifies to me what I have created, as everything holds my power in it because without it nothing can exist. I work visibly and invisibly to the human eye, and my work is always the expression of power of me, he who is from eternity to eternity. Who has recognized me, he sees me everywhere; he knows me everywhere being present, and he feels me because with every breath he receives that power from me which shows him my nearness. And every thinking man should recognize me because nothing is what does not testify to me. The existing and the becoming into being of every work of creation depends in me, and every creature is enlivened with my power and my spirit, and life alone is already proof of me existing; it is proof of a creator, who gave life to his work because no being can give and sustain life to itself. And life carries everything in it what is visible because even dead matter lives; nothing remains unchanged in its outer form, therefore it is active in itself, even though in minimal degree, and activity is life. I was, I am and I will remain in eternity – the most perfect being, which is able to do everything by virtue of its will, its love and its wisdom, which occupies itself by creating and forming, which has created innumerable entities and wants to make them happy until all eternity. Never will a being come up to the standard of my perfection, and even so I draw everything up to me into my nearness to spend happiness through my radiation of power which flows through everything what carries the desire for its origin – therefore has found the unification with me through direct power transmission, I who was, I who is and will remain from eternity to eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3537.


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