To achieve the supernatural.

Christ in me - Comment on 2014 July 19

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Man must be prepared to give everything when he wants to receive the power of God completely, when he wants to let it flow into him in all fullness and through this be able to achieve the supernatural. Read more:

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

That was Galatians 2:20 and now Philippians 4:13:

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

A message by Bertha Dudde follows:


God’s work in man. Power.

18. and 19. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3517.

Man must be prepared to give everything when he wants to receive the power of God completely, when he wants to let it flow into him in all fullness and through this be able to achieve the supernatural. Who gives everything, who has completely loosened his heart from earthly goods, from the world and its attractions, he has overcome self-love, and his love can be nothing but the right one, love towards the neighbour and therefore towards God, and he will always and constantly busy himself in love work; through this he will get into closest contact with God and be able to receive his power radiation directly. For no obstacle exists any longer; his will is turned towards God, and his actions are in accordance with the will of God. To withdraw from the world means uniting with God – but this separation must first have taken place before man opens himself without resistance to the power supply out of God. The will for this must be proven by the act because the will for unification can also exists with lukewarm men, still turned towards the world; but it must first come to the execution through earnest overcoming of that what seems to be earthly desirable to man. But then he receives more than he has given because the power radiation out of God will make him infinitely more happy; he will master earthly life in the full possession of the power out of God, however lead a spiritual life first and have treasures at his disposal, which give rich meaning to his life, which he never ever wants to miss and which prompt him to permanent activity in love. He will call a knowledge his own that has its origin in God and that is why it is purest truth; he will stand high in understanding, and it will make him free and happy. He will no longer know weaknesses, no fear and anxiousness, because the power out of God does never ever give rise to such, and his constant striving will be to fulfil the will of God, to serve him and to help the neighbour to the same happiness on earth, which is granted to him. But the power out of God will also enable him to achieve things, which are extraordinary and exceed the power of a man – his will will reach that strength, that he, in the faith in the power of God having an effect in him, is able to achieve everything. When there is no longer an obstacle in him for the flow of the power of God, then there are also no limits for the work of it, because it is now God who works in him, and the will of man will now also be the will of God, when the unification with God has taken place. Uninterrupted unselfish love work and restless giving up of earthly desires earns man the unification with God on earth, and now also the love of God obviously has an effect in man and gives him spiritual goods unmeasured – with the supply of the divine word, which is the greatest source of power as the direct radiation of God, with which he now can strengthen and refresh himself. (19.8.1945) God himself works in him – and man must now be full of power and might. His will will only carry out what is God’s will, and God’s will becomes action through a man, who stands in the power of God. But to fellowmen it appears supernatural because they do not feel the power of God in them and also have no understanding of its work. But if they themselves would overcome earthly matter, if they would like to likewise rid themselves of it, the same things would be possible to them and the process of extraordinary work through men explainable, because light flows towards man with power at the same time, the knowledge about spiritual work. Light and power are one, and that is why to the knowing man nothing appears to be supernatural, but just as increased degree of spiritual progress. He knows that all what is imperfect is powerless and lightless, but that power and light is part of him who earnestly strives for perfection and develops himself up step by step. And that is why the knowing man also loses every fear in the face of the world, because he knows that he is standing in intimate union with God and can take up his power at any time and is therefore immune against the attacks through the world until that hour, which God’s will has set for him for his bodily end. And that is why he is not afraid of anybody, is however able to instil fear into fellowmen, who face his power and might unknowingly. As overcomer of matter also from him every fetter of matter falls; he stands in spiritual freedom, and that also means power over matter because it is subject to the will of God, which is expressed in man flown through by power. God works in him – and the state of man must be happiness – being able to be completely devoted to the work of God and to be continuously active according to his will. He will only use his will for the work in love, to point fellowmen to the love of God, which gives exquisite gifts to the man, who unites with him, who overcomes matter and therefore lets unhindered power out of God flow into him through continual work in love. He will point men to the power of love, which expresses itself now in obvious ways; he will initiate them into the power and might of the divine word, which educates to love and is the signpost towards God. He will introduce to men their earth assignment and seek to move them to likewise withdraw from matter, which is worthless and passing, so that they can receive spiritual goods – so that the power of God is also expressed with them – so that God himself can have an effect in them. Amen. B.D. NR. 3517.


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