It is Godís aim to guide man to recognize him.

God reveals himself through creation - Comment on 2014 July 12

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Divine will of shaping lets works come into being, which are visible to the human eye to reveal God in the works of creation. Read more:

A message from Bertha Dudde:


God reveals himself through creation.

13. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3512.

Divine will of shaping lets works come into being, which are visible to the human eye to reveal God in the works of creation. It is his aim to guide man to recognize him, to then win his love and his will to turn to him. As soon as Godís greatness and magnificence, his love, omnipotence and wisdom are recognized, man also strives towards the highest entity. But without this recognition his mind turns to things, which appear to be desirable for life on earth. Man carries a love in himself, which can however be a wrong one, when it is meant for that what is perishable. He will always strive for something, and the object of his striving is to be divine Ė something spiritual, which is perfect, then his love is right. God himself is the most perfect spirit being, which requires deepest love to be striven for. That is why he must also be recognized, and that is why he reveals himself to men by letting creations come into being before their eyes, which testify to his love, omnipotence and wisdom. And man, who attentively looks at Godís creation, must learn to love him. He must feel Godís love and his wisdom, which has assigned its purpose to every work of creation, and in the face of his greatness and unsurpassableness he must sink into reverence. The recognition of the eternal divinity inevitably results in love towards him, and man consciously strives towards God; he seeks to get in touch with him; he offers himself to his progenitor as his creature to remain in connexion with him because he loves him. The love towards God is the driving force of eager striving; without love man belongs to the world because it owns his wrong love. But to be able to love God he must be recognized, and God himself helps man to learn to recognize him Ė he shows himself in his greatness and power. In his creations he is within reach for men because everything what came into being out of his will is spiritual power in its original substance, therefore outflow of what he is himself Ė the power centre, an inexhaustible spring of love power. God is eternal love itself; he is power and therefore present in every work of his creation, what is comprehensible to man when he has recognized God when he has fathomed the nature of love through own work of love. When he has reached this level of cognition to grasp the nature and the power of love then he also seeks God not just in the distance but he is near him in every work of creation, and his love towards him grows constantly and lets him mature all the time in insight. And every man can come to recognize the eternal divinity with earnest consideration of his works and serious will to fathom the otherwise for him closed area Ė Godís work and rule in the universe. God satisfies the thirst for knowledge of man who seeks to fathom in the desire for truth and striving for knowledge. Because he wants to be recognized; he wants to reveal himself to men that they can get into contact with him; he wants to be loved by his creatures, and that is why he reveals himself as himself a being full of love, which stands in highest perfection and can claim with full right the love of his creatures. But he does not want to force men to love, and that is why everyone is free to let the divine creation speak to him or to go past it with indifference. God is always close to men in his works but only tangible to those who seek to recognize him and therefore give fullest attention to all things by which they are surrounded. These will feel him and are passionately in love towards him; they will seek to fathom him; they will let their thoughts wander into infinity and raise questions, which are answered from the spiritual side, and they will reach knowledge, which results in a striving for perfection to be able to approach the highest and most perfect being because man feels it that this is the final gaol of his earth life that he unites himself with God out of whose power he once emerged. Amen. B.D. NR. 3512.


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