Tokoloshe crawls into Ericís bed and chases women away.

Tokoloshe sucks my 4-5! - Comment on 2014 June 20

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Eric Mahasha claims a female tokoloshe with a whip molests him at night. Read more:

On 16th of September 2013 we had 2013 Sep 16 Ė Astonishing experiment proves that Einstein was wrong and at the end of that webpage we brought an example of how so-called simple people are not afraid of talking about their experiences with the spiritual world and today I again read a similar article:


Tokoloshe sucks my 4-5!

It crawls into my bed and chases women away

Eric Mahasha claims a female tokoloshe with a whip molests him at night.

Eric Mahasha just cannot remember when last he had a peaceful sleep.

He claims a tokoloshe crawls into his bed every night and forces itself on him.

He says it sucks his 4-5!

"It also chases women away, steals from me and messes up my working life."

Eric (34) says it is an aggressive, whip-wielding female tokoloshe that wears black and brown fake fur and a tight red jumpsuit.

"Every morning I wake up with a painful penis," he complained bitterly.

Eric, of Skierlik squatter camp near Hartbeespoort in North West, says the nasty visitor has terrorised him for 10 years.

Whatís more, he says, is that the tokoloshe is pushing women away from him. He says three women have dumped him.

"My relationships with women do not last. We have trivial fights and then they pack up and leave."

"I canít go on living like this!"

Desperate Eric says he has lost count of the sangomas he has asked to rid him of the spooky pest Ė but they all failed.

"I paid for muthi which they claimed would work, but it didnít."

And money disappears from his shack, he says.

"When I get a job it lasts only three months. I lost the will to go on.

"I am ashamed because I canít help my parents, although I am the eldest child.

"I appeal to people with power to remove this tokoloshe. Please help me!"

Sangoma Mandla Mqwazi thinks Eric is cursed.

"This usually happens if a man sleeps with another manís wife, and the angry husband sends a tokoloshe to terrorise him."

Mqwazi says Eric needs to have muthi cooked for his girlfriend. After he has slept with her, his problem will vanish, says the sangoma.

But Eric says he has never slept with another manís wife.


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