The secret of a modern dictatorship is information control.

What is the secret of a modern dictatorship? - Comment on 2014 June 12

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The Germans had the Stasi. They had the Nazis. They know what surveillance can mean and how important a free press is and protected sources which supply information to them. Read more:

What is the secret of a modern dictatorship?

The secret of a modern dictatorship is information control.

Now information is something of a nature that is not of a material kind. Information basically does not depend at all on material things. Only information transport does depend on material means, and this also just applies to information transport in the material world, not to information transport in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world no material means are required to transport information.

That is the big advantage of spiritual people; they do not necessarily need material means to transmit Information. When we communicate with spiritual beings, especially when we communicate with God, we can do that without any physical objects. We do not even need parts of our body.

But in the world of matter we usually use material means for communication and the worldly people cannot do without it when they want to exchange information.

A modern dictatorship mainly needs control over the transfer of information and to a very much lower degree control over material things like military hardware.

This applies particularly to a dictatorship like the one of Obama where the majority of people are in any case supporting the man at the top and that is the main reason why it is quite difficult even for people who are not asleep to realize that they are living in a totalitarian system. The guy at the top just has to concentrate and focus on this particular area: the flow of information. For most of the people this is not a big problem and so they do not worry too much and accept the restrictions. This can nicely be observed by watching the reactions of people to what Edward Snowden tells them. They take note of what they hear from him but do not really understand the significance of it. And I think this even applies to Snowden himself. He does not seem to realize that he was lucky to get stuck in Russia, as there is hardly any other country that is willing and able to protect him.

And his expressed wish to return to the United States is an indication that also he does not really assess the situation properly.

A key is to have control over the media, especially those who really form and shape opinions.

Today I am bringing extracts from an article and I start with information about the person that is interviewed:

Gavin MacFadyen ... works in England, Mexico, Russia and many other countries; he uncovers torture scandals, medicine scandals, child work, atom smuggling. The professor of the City University London is an icon of investigative journalism – but without whistleblowers he would not have heard most of it. On Wednesday evening he opens the Courage Foundation in Berlin, which is to support whistleblowers worldwide.

And now follow some extracts from the interview with Gavin MacFadyen:


Interview with Gavin MacFadyen

The Nazis, the Stasi - "You know what surveillance is"

Berlin attracts investigative journalists and whistleblower worldwide. Why? A conversation with Professor MacFadyen, who opens the Courage foundation in the evening.

There are the Wikileaks methods and the Snowden methods of Whistleblowing. Wikileaks stands for almost complete transparency. Edward Snowden has entrusted his material to two journalists, Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald, who now prepare it little by little and publish it in different media. When one of them gets sick or is dong something else, the world simply has to wait.

Both has advantages and disadvantages. The preparation of such highly explosive material takes time and one is not allowed to make mistakes because one does not want to endanger anybody and has to classify the thing right. Also Julian Assange has learned this. On the other hand one of course becomes dependent on the media which one perhaps also does not want. "The New York Times" sat more than a year on material of Snowden, and solved the problem by not publishing anything at all. And the "Guardian" has admitted having first sent different documents to the CIA before publication.

The police forced an entry into the building of the "Guardian" and has destroyed hard discs. Cooperation looks different.

"Guardian" has let them in, and photographed the action with the iPhone. Fighting looks differently. They could have at least locked the doors and say: “We do not permit you to enter this building. The police would not have shot. Hey, that was in Great Britain. We do not talk about Bolivia. That was not Nicaragua. Also in England the police cannot do what they want.

Why should whistleblower then turn to journalists in future?

They do it. They carry on doing it. Completely normal people, nurses, policemen, engine drivers, administrative employees who do not want to watch how society is damaged through corruption, crime, lies.

What do you advise whistleblowers to do – but to nevertheless succeed with their matter?

It is not so difficult at all. The first thing I would advise them to do: Go and see a lawyer and ask him which journalists he would trust. When he does not now one: Go to another lawyer. More important is what one is NOT to do: Do not use your private telephone, not your mobile phone, do not use your computer, neither at home nor the one in the office. Go into another town, 30, 40 kilometres away, go into an internet café or buy a second hand telephone, let a friend from France or Holland send you a SIM card and make the one short phone call: "I have interesting information for you".

And then?

Then throw the telephone away. And wait for, that the journalist contacts you, via a third person, for example a lawyer.

Why has Berlin of all places become the centre for so many investigative journalists and whistleblowers who look for refuge?

You had the Stasi. You had the Nazis. You know what surveillance can mean and how important a free press is and protected sources which supply information to you. It gives a different awareness. And Germany has become a powerful, economically strong state, which could withstand pressure.


Here one can nicely see that all media are forced into line with the wishes of Mr Obama and that even applies to the Guardian, not to mention the biggest propaganda instrument of Obama, The New York Times.

And in the non-English speaking world there is no difference. In Germany for example the entire press is in line with the aims of Obama. The best example is the Springer press, right at the top Die Welt. In Switzerland the Neue Zürcher Zeitung surpasses all other media in its propaganda for Obama.

And with the federal government in Germany there are no differences at all to the government of Obama. It is a complete vassal government of Obama. The NSA investigation committee only exists because of the support through the SPD. But it is completely blocked by the federal government by it not cooperating with it.

As in the USA so also in Germany the democratic organs, like parliament and opposition, have become helpless and have let themselves be reduced to the level of tools of Obama.

But also in this case the participants of the interview have one thing in common: They only see the freedom of information threatened, but do not realize that the abolition of this freedom is equal to the abolition of the entire freedom – that they are in a dictatorship.


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