Merkel is the new centre of world politics.

Merkel’s ascent - Comment on 2014 June 8 (3)

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Angela Merkel’s foreign-policy influence has increased so much as never before. Read more:

Merkel seems to rise inexorably

The last days, particularly the reporting about the G7 summit, imparted this impression.

I bring some extracts from an article I read today:


Federal chancellor

Merkel is the new centre of world politics

Angela Merkel’s foreign-policy influence has in fact increased so much as never before.

This week at the wrestling about the not only personal new setting up of the European Union, the summon of the “great seven” and finally at the first meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the entire world experienced Merkel so: in the centre of world politics. Some even say: She is the centre of world politics these days.

Merkel has remarkable instinct

Everything forgotten. Germany is back in the circle of foreign politics shapers. The return it owes to no programmatic change but to the political instincts of its chancellor.

First Merkel seeks the middle position to remain in conversation with both sides. With the most important foreign-policy developments of these days it can be studied exemplarily.

In the question how the West reacts to the break of international law through Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea, Merkel positioned herself exactly between the affected East Europeans and determined Americans on one hand and the faraway and timid West and South Europeans on the other hand.

Merkel presented dialogue with Russia

With it she has really slid into the centre of decision: The understanding upon the permanent thread of sanctions, though without installing an automatism, was decided in Washington when Merkel visited the White House. The other Europeans were just consulted.

Also in the dialogue with Russia – which was never broken off, contrary to numerous Putin apologists in Germany – Merkel plays the decisive role.

The chancellor keeps the EU together

Merkel in the centre – this observation also applies to the EU.

Merkel is central this summer and her politics are integrative: the cohesion of the West with regard to the Russian challenge was more important to her than the concrete reaction to it.

The cohesion of the EU seems to be more important to her than the question in what direction the community develops.

Positively expressed Merkel’s foreign policy is free of ideology, negatively expressed she manages without giving reasons.


We had dealt with Merkel and compared her to Obama and saw that Merkel is the constructive politician and Obama the destructive politician, and that Merkel has little military influence and that Obama is militarily overpowering.

The prophecies speak of three phases of the Antichrist. The first phase is deception and causing conflict. The second phase is set-back. And the third phase is brutal rule.

When we are now in the first phase then Merkel is an obstacle to Obama because she does not seem to support the causing of conflict or because she wants to reach conflict differently than Obama, therefore so that she has the advantage.

Through her support of the putsch in Kiev she has caused much conflict; the Ukraine is now in a terrible shape and the relationship with Russia has turned negative, but her influence has grown, particularly towards Obama, and that it is what probably counts – with her.

For Obama she becomes more and more an obstacle. All other leaders, with few exceptions, do automatically what he wants, only she pursues her own politics and that Obama will try to put a stop to.

The staging of car accidents is an effective means of getting rid of popular public personalities, particularly for someone who has good experiences with the employment of drones.


Obama: “Have you cracked the mobile phones of Hollande and Merkel?”
Soldier: “Aye aye, Sir – clear for drone attack!!”


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