Who desires to hear God he consciously strives towards him.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. - Comment on 2014 June 8 (2)

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Who desires Godís word he desires God himself, and God will be in the word with him until the end of the world and in eternity. Read more:

A message by Bertha Dudde follows:


Desiring the divine word.

28. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3500.

Pay attention to my words: Who desires to hear me he consciously strives towards me, and my father hand draws him lovingly up to me. Because love has become busy in him, which drives him towards me, and so the spell is broken, which kept the being imprisoned for a long time; it stepped out of spiritual darkness into the circuit of my love and now inevitably finds the way up. Who desires to hear me, may it be through the desire for my voice, which sounds for him in the heart, or desire for my word, which he wants to take from the book of books, may it be through communication through the mouth of man who announces my word Ė he has already proven his belonging to me through the desire, and I remember him from now on, and I look after his soul full of love that it might no longer sink back into the night of death, but live for ever. And I also send to him the power through my word at any time, he will always be strengthened, no matter, in what way he receives my word. And who has a conversation with me in the desire to be connected with me, his thoughts I direct right when he is not able to hear my voice. I order them and direct them through my spirit, which can now have an effect in him. And so every thought turned towards me will result in rich blessings because my love sizes him who approaches me in thoughts and in the act. No-one will sink into the deep whose heart has found to me, whose will seeks me and who gets into contact with me through works of love, good thoughts and intimate prayer. He also hears my word, in whatever form it is offered to him. And he recognizes in it the voice of the father from eternity, and therefore he is rescued for all eternity. The desire for my word testifies to the desire for me who is the word, truth, and eternal life. Who desires my word, he also desires truth and he seeks to escape darkness and therefore spiritual death. He finds the way to life which is shown to him in the word. Because it teaches love. But love redeems all what is unfree, enslaved and makes it free and happy. And that is why I gave my word to you because I want to make you free and happy, and the aim will only be reached by him who hears my word and follows it Ė who lives in love as I command it through my word. But only that man will desire my word who is willing to love and able to love. He respects my word; he tries to live it out; he strives to fulfil my will because the love of his heart is meant for me and he wants to live to my pleasure as long as he stays on earth. Who desires my word he feels as my child, which wants to be united with the father for ever. Because who is of a mind turned away from me he does not listen to my word, he flees from me, and he remains without power to reach the aim of his life. But without my word no-one can become happy, without my word he is powerless to mature spiritually, and without my word he is far from my love, which expresses itself in the word. I myself am the word, and I will only be there where I am desired in the deepest heart. Because my presence would be an intimidation for man who does not long for my nearness because my presence means love radiation, which would then seize man against his will and lead to perfection. But I do not touch the free will of man and therefore can only give my love power to those men who desire it intimately in the desire for me. And that is why the reading or hearing of my word without inner heart urge is useless; it gives man nothing; it imparts no power, no knowledge and no spiritual success. I myself want to be desired with my word by a loving heart, which presses towards me. The slightest call I respect; the smallest desire I still, and the tiniest love spark I kindle to the greatest passion so that my creature feels my love once it has desired me in the heart. And I let my word sound everywhere there where a slight thought towards me has emerged to make myself known and to fan the flames of love towards me. And who has once received my word in the desire towards me and has drawn power from it, he will remain at my word for ever because I approach him again and again and again, and his desire will be increased until he no longer can live without my word and establishes the intimate union with me, which earns him power and supply of light uninterruptedly and secures eternal life for him. Who desires my word he desires myself, and I will be in the word with him until the end of the world and in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3500.


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