Snowden says US violating rights of all Germans.

The German nation has been betrayed and sold - Comment on 2014 May 28

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Germany has employed the same surveillance methods as Washington. Germany's foreign intelligence agency, the BND, uses the same spying techniques as the NSA. The constitutional rights of every German citizen had been violated. Read more:

The news which can be red today can only lead to one conclusion: The German nation, just like the American Nation, has been betrayed and sold.

Both nations were systematically led astray by their leaders, Obama and Merkel, and guided into a dictatorial system.

What Merkel has done does not differ from what Obama has done. Both are guilty of theft and having stolen personal Data from their citizens and, after Snowden having shown this theft to the people, having carried on with it and not having stopped till today and showing no intentions of giving up this robbing of people.

Here extracts from reports:

Listening scandal

General federal prosecutor does not want to investigate against NSA

The spying affair probably does not have legal repercussions. The investigators claim they would not have a chance of getting incriminating evidence.

As in previous dictatorships in Germany so also again now. Those who are supposed to protect the state, persecute the criminals, do exactly the opposite of what is their duty. In the critical situation where the state is busy being tricked by the domineering guys, they fail or make themselves to lackeys of the dictators.

When they have recognized that the criminals have gained the upper hand they join the side of gangsters.

The entire efforts of the founders of the Federal Republic of Germany to avoid the next dictatorship have failed.

Laws and constitutions and constitutional institutions cannot prevent that politicians seize power and keep it.

Now reaction to above news:

No NSA investigation? Opposition outraged

Criticism from CCC, Digital Courage and Digital Society / Net activists announce legal steps / Green politician Ströbele wants to hear general federal prosecutor in Bundestag / Lefts boss Riexinger: unparalleled act of defeating the ends of the law

The opposition is outrages that the federal prosecution authority obviously will not introduce investigations for the NSA affair against foreign secret services. The Left speaks of an act of defeating the ends of the law.

The opposition has shown it is outraged about reports according to which the federal prosecution authority obviously does not want to introduce investigations against snooping of citizens on a huge scale through secret services NSA and GCHQ. This is an unparalleled act of defeating the ends of the law, said party boss Bernd Riexinger. “With this it would officially be established that the greatest violation of basic law in the history of the federal republic remains legally un-reappraised.” The state would sacrifice its protection function against the citizens for a demonstration of foreign politics of moral cowardice against the USA, he reprimanded. Riexinger called upon the federal government whether pressure was exerted in the background for the stopping of the investigations. The vice president of the Bundestag and Left deputy Petra Pau said in the short news service Twitter when reports over the non-taking action of the general federal prosecutor are confirmed then he leaves the ground of the basic law.

The Left deputy Jan Korte spoke of an oath of disclosure founded of the rule of law of the general federal prosecutor. Evidences for basic law violations on a huge scale and scandalous are many alone thanks to Snowden, so the expert of the interior. The actual problem is that the federal government has no interest at all to change the status quo of the secret service cooperation. Korte said the basic law protection must finally be more important to the government than fluffy relationships with the USA. When the greatest basic law violation in the history of the federal republic would really remain legally unsuccessful the state founded on the rule of law gets damaged, so Korte. Moreover total surveillance of the communication of millions of citizens would as a result more or less be legalized. Korte said he expects that the general federal prosecutor seriously follows up the charges against the federal government and secret service workers and introduces official investigations immediately.

The Green politician Hans-Christian Ströbele announced on Wednesday he has demanded to summon the general federal prosecutor to the legal committee of the Bundestag. There he is to justify his actions. Towards the Deutschlandfunk the deputy of the Bundestag had first explained, everyone makes a fool of himself as good as possible. The decision not to introduce an investigation because of the NSA listening affair is completely incomprehensible and difficult to comprehend.

Also net activists have sharply criticised the up to now not confirmed renunciation of the general federal prosecutor for a process of investigation in the NSA listening affair and announced legal steps. Above all the reason came across outrage that no possibility exists to get incriminating material about the activities of the Anglo American secret service in Germany. »How will the general federal prosecutor know when there have not even been investigations«, said the speaker of the Chaos Computer Club, Constanza Kurz. The club had laid charges for the listening. The delivery of the decision is expected and then lodge legal means, said Kurz.

The organisation Digital Courage, which also had laid charges, discuss means of legal redress according to own information. Rena Tangens of the organization called the decision an outrageousness. The federal government does not dare to become active in the NSA affair. »That produces an empty feeling towards our state under the rule of law«, said Tangens. The referent of the organisation Digital Society, Volker Tripp, explained, with the witness Edward Snowden and the documents disclosed through him rich evidence is within reach. »To negate an initial suspicion in view of this is either refusal of reality or defeating the end of the law.«

The above statements very nicely reveal the belief of the persons making them that they are still living in a democracy. They have the evidence that it is not so, and present them to the public but do not recognize what reality is.

In the first German dictatorship such people who rebelled against the system were sent into a KZ. In the second German dictatorship they went to Siberia or Bautzen. In the third something like this is not necessary; the entire system is so in practice that everyone knows what he has to do, consensus prevails und a few awkward cusses are simply seen as court jesters and ignored.

A typical sign how strongly the dictatorship has won influence in Germany one can see by the forcing into line of the press. The German press does not write anything bad about their totalitarian government. The above information comes from Neues Deutschland. Years ago one read the Neues Deutschland when one wanted to be informed about the propaganda of the dictatorship of that time and today one reads the Neue Deutschland when one wants to know about truth of today’s dictatorship.

And now the man who knows what happens:

National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, who is currently living in Russia under temporary asylum status, has refuted claims by the US government that he was a low-level contractor, according to an excerpt from an NBC News interview published Wednesday.

Snowden says US violating rights of all Germans

Edward Snowden has additional information regarding US spying on German citizens, but it’s unlikely that Berlin would want to hear it as it has employed the same surveillance methods as Washington, Stern magazine reported.

“I'd be surprised if German lawmakers learnt nothing new if I laid out all the information,” Snowden told the media outlet.

Snowden underlined that the new revelations show that the constitutional rights of every German citizen had been violated.

Earlier this month, German lawmakers decided to have talks with the fugitive whistleblower but haven’t agreed yet on details of the meeting. The opposition believes Snowden should be invited to Berlin to let him express himself freely. Meanwhile, the conservatives from Merkel’s CDU party insist that grilling Snowden in Berlin would even further deteriorate German-American relations.

The fact that Germany's foreign intelligence agency, the BND, uses the same spying techniques as the NSA might be one of the reasons why some in Berlin were reluctant to hear him, Snowden said.

The expression “deteriorate German-American relations” is dictatorship talk and really means endangering the existence of their totalitarian states.

In the previous German dictatorship, the second, the talk was about the German-Soviet friendship and this cooperation was an important connection for the conquering and oppression of the rest of the world. And the German-American friendship will be much worse and really achieve the conquering of the world, only the oppression will outstrip everything the world has ever seen and will be so bad that it will cause the end of the world.


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