Fight between light and darkness.

The power of the originally created spirit being - Comment on 2014 May 13 (2)

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To the opponent of God, as originally created spirit being, unlimited power was available and it is also not reduced by God. Read more:

When one deals with the power of the originally created spirit being one should realize two aspects.

As originally created being the opponent of God had unlimited power at his disposal and it was also not reduced by God.

Therefore the opponent of God can equip his followers with it.

That is the first aspect.

The second now is that the opponent of God has no power and might over the material world. That means that he does not have command over matter. He has no power over minerals, over plants and animals. And also not over men. He can only influence men negatively. And that is already all. And this influencing only applies to men. He cannot influence animals and plants and minerals. They do not belong to his sphere of influence.

The devil therefore can influence a man to do something evil. And he can confer power to him for such an act. But also then man has the possibility any time to resist the devil and to not carry out an evil act.

But these facts explain occurrences, which happen particularly during the times of the end when followers of Antichrist achieve things, which are supernatural.

They also explain black magic.

It is now important to recognize the difference. It is about love. It is about the motive.

And with the motive we will have the possibility to recognize the difference.

Two messages by Bertha Dudde follow:


Fight between light and darkness.

5. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3492a.

Good and bad powers fight over the soul of man and great power has been given to both by God because both the light beings are penetrated with power as also the beings, which are turned away from God because the latter receive the power from the opponent of God, to whom it was unlimitedly available as original created spirit being and which is also not reduced by God. But the light beings can win victory when man leaves himself to them by his will being turned towards God and as a result does not oppose the work of the light beings. Man himself must establish the predominance through his will. When the will is now inclined towards evil, it increases its power, and his soul is beaten by the work of the opponent of God. But man is never defenceless at the mercy of evil powers but light beings are constantly prepared to wrestle for his soul; permanently the light beings put their power against it, and permanently they seek to direct the will of man towards God to establish the predominance and to conquer the evil forces through it . But that the latter was granted the right to press the souls is necessary for the redemption of the fallen and therefore bound spiritual because otherwise it would not be able to use the will in which alone redemption can take place. And now both powers seek to win the will of man for them; both try to assert their influence upon the soul but in different direction. The light beings are penetrated by the will of God, and their endeavour it is to transfer divine will upon men, i.e., to direct the thinking of man so that it completely falls into line with divine order, that human will is completely under divine will. In the same way the bad powers strive for their aim they direct the thinking of man to earthly things, to the increase of earthly goods, and through this they try to unleash earthly desires in man, which are adverse to God, i.e. are lacking all love towards God and towards the neighbour, are however only born in self-love, who always pull man down into the kingdom of the opponent of God. B.D. NR. 3492a.


Fight between light and darkness.

18. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3492b.

And the fight of light against darkness will assume forms, which point to the near end because evil wins power over men, who do not request power from God and are only through it able to put up resistance to it, to emerge as victors at the end of days. There will be deepest darkness in the hearts of those because the lord of darkness seeks to destroy all light, and he will succeed because the world shuns light; but the light alone only earns the power to resist. Because God himself is light; God himself is truth, and where truth is there light shines and breaks through the darkness of night. Power comes from God alone, and every man receives it who accepts truth from God in the desire for it. But to make men powerless and inclined to his wishes, the opponent of God seeks to repress truth and to involve men in the lie and the worst error. And men do not put up a fight because the lie appeals more to them, because it is of worldly spirit and man only lives for the world, but not for the spiritual kingdom. And that is why the majority of men will stand outside of it, and only a small part will seek the kingdom of God and ask power from God himself for the last severe trial on earth. Light and darkness fight against each other, in the spiritual kingdom as well as on earth; light has charitable influence where the hearts of men open themselves to it; but darkness destroys everything and creates an inexpressible chaos; it darkens all ways und leads far away from the goal towards the kingdom of him who rules over darkness, who is full of the lie and coldness and as antipole of God has for that reason his kingdom in the deepest depth where there is only unhappiness, agonies and depravity. Mankind drifts towards darkness because it does not take in light, which lightens up the world like a flash of lightning and sends its sparks everywhere that they find nourishment and are to flare up again as light. Mankind turns away from brightness because the spiritual kingdom no longer means anything to it, because spiritual knowledge, pure truth out of God, does not appear desirable to it, because souls are no longer able to feel the effect out of the kingdom of light, but have become a slave to the powers of darkness. And the time of the end has come the powers of darkness are getting banished and with them everything what is in bondage to them. And the light will shine the lie and the error will be displaced by truth because only God will rule and live in the hearts of man who have emerged victoriously out of the fight of light against darkness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3492b.


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