In Jesus Christ the eternal divinity has become visible to men.

Personification of God - Comment on 2014 May 7

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God fills everything with his spirit, the entire universe, the entire spiritual kingdom and therefore he is not imaginable as person, which is spatially limited according to human idea. Read more:

A message of Bertha Dudde follows:


Personification of God.

20. to 22. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3443.

Faith in a divinity-being does not at all presuppose a personified divinity, why man is not allowed to have a narrowly limited idea about God, who is omnipresent and above time and space. He fills everything with his spirit, the entire universe, the entire spiritual kingdom and therefore he is not imaginable as person, which is spatially limited according to human idea. A personification of God is rather to be refrained from when man wants to imagine approximately the highest and most perfect beingness. God has certainly demonstrated himself in a human form to his creatures by him filling the body of Jesus with his divinity and showing himself to men in transfigured state, so that they now can imagine in Jesus Christ the eternal divinity. But when the soul has laid down its body and enters the kingdom of light, it becomes clear to it that the eternal divinity can never be grasped in its being by human intellect and that the embodiment in Jesus Christ is to awaken or strengthen the faith in a divinity-being during their earth life, because otherwise they would find this faith difficult, but it is necessary to establish a connection with God through prayer. So in Jesus Christ the eternal divinity has become visible to men, which seeks to bring itself close to them in merciful love to cause them to pray to it for the establishment of the connection with it. Jesus Christ was the form in which the eternal divinity held itself for men on earth. In the kingdom of light the same form will be seen by the beings, which have reached the degree of maturity to reach the sight of God. But the divinity-being is present everywhere and for that reason it is never exhausted in a limited form. And that is also why it cannot be addressed as personal divinity because this is an idea, which only applies for earth life, for man himself, who, as individual being standing isolated in the universe, claims the right of the acknowledgement of a personality, therefore always a human being is to be understood under a person. That this idea is never applicable to the eternal divinity follows from the fact that God is a spirit but spirit is never something limited, bound in a form, when it is perfect. Therefore the highest perfection is free above all ideas and radiates through the entire infinity; it is omnipresent because its original substance is love, which is likewise not limited and therefore also not imaginable as form. Man has only a limited capacity; he cannot imagine more than things, which are existing on earth, as long as he is still of un-awakened spirit. And for that reason he seeks to also imagine the eternal divinity as person when he believes in a God-being, in a God to whom he can pray. And God accommodated this pure human desire by embodying himself in Jesus Christ, i.e. showed men how a man, who lives according to the pleasure of God, can find the union with God on earth and therefore become one with him. He wanted to show men the way to reach the final goal, the complete union with God. The radiation of the divine beingness filled the man Jesus, consequently only the outer cover, the bodily form, was still human, but the soul and the spirit divine; they had again unified themselves completely with God, from whom they went out. But the eternal divinity has not been exhausted because this is impossible for the most perfect being that it ever finds a limitation in a form. Nevertheless the eternal divinity is some beingness, i.e. spiritual power, to which will and the ability to think has to be granted, therefore a being, with which man can take up intimate contact also through his will and his thinking. Because the wanting and the thinking of man is also not bound to the outer form but part of the spiritual, which is embodied in human form. As soon as the bodily cover drops off, the spiritual, the beingness, remains further able to think and to want, only that this ability can be weaker or stronger according to its state of maturity, while the eternal divinity as most perfect being executes its will and its thinking in deepest wisdom and unimaginable power. The bodily form of man is just a means for the purpose for the duration of earth life. But who believes in the immortality of the soul, for him it will also be understandable that the outer form, the person, is not needed for the continued existence of the soul. Nevertheless the soul remains an individual being in its consciousness, even so it has united with equal mature spiritual as also the eternal divinity will in the same way remain the highest and most perfect being also for the highest light beings, which have found the union with it which are completely united with God and still are unspeakably happy in their own existence because they always and constantly receive and feel the love power of God who as eternal father is connected with them in most intimate union. Amen. B.D. NR. 3443.


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