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Why is the concept of Obama so successful? - Comment on 2014 May 6 (2)

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Obama promises heaven on earth for the people without requesting anything the people would have to give up. Read more:

Obama is erecting and has erected his world empire so successfully because his strategy really works. He is called Antichrist because he imitates the real Christ and that also means that he uses the same strategy that is used by the real Christ.

It is mainly the Messiah strategy.

To tell the people that with his coming something good is to be expected.

But Antichrist has the advantage that he does not combine some moral and spiritual demands with his rule.

He promises heaven on earth for the people without requesting anything the people would have to give up.

The man-made churches do a similar thing. They seemingly demand some purification from the people. But everybody knows what that means. It is a theoretical thing that the practice does not require at all.

A good example is Ananias and Sapphira. They lied to the church, to a real church, and got killed by the Holy Spirit. This does not happen in a man-made church, simply because the Holy Spirit is not allowed to come into the meeting. This is one of the many reasons why they keep Godís spirit out of the church. And everybody knows this and so they also know that they can be members with the promise to go to heaven but can carry on serving the devil.

And now Antichristís concept is even better. Right from the start he does not have any demands for people to be his followers. They can come as they are. No change required.

At the moment it looks as if the entire world follows Obama.

There are a few exceptions. In Russia the government and the people do not seem to follow Obama. There are some other governments that might be opposed to the USA and to Obama but it is already doubtful whether the people in such countries are opposed to him.

And Obama does not seem to have enemies. No-one seems to fight him. It is a thing that is just not done. Even the people who resist him do not seem to fight him.

When Obama declares certain people to be bad and have to be isolated by cutting off their economic and political ties to the outside world, then such people do not fight against him. They do not call him names or respond in an antagonistic manner. They might even still communicate with him. Obama makes a country a pariah state, a social outcast, and that country does not hit back the same way.

All of Obamaís predecessors like Stalin and Hitler and Mao tried methods like military power and conquering places by force and therefore exerted massive material power and Obama has now already conquered most parts of the world and most peoples and nations and spent very little military actions, but a clever philosophy and is successful.

He just copied the real Christ. The difference is that the real Christ brings life and that abundantly and Obama brings death and that this death is much more worse than hell because it means eternities imprisoned in hard matter.


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