The western powers are aggressors.

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung has become the first address for American propaganda in Switzerland - Comment on 2014 May 2 (2)

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The only escalation driver is the USA. Read more:

A month ago we had 2014 Mar 09 – The Obama empire and there was the following sentence: “So even a country like Switzerland does what Obama wants. And this includes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung where the writers are enthusiastically fighting for Obama and their readers are enthusiastically against what the writers write, but that is only still allowed to register these renegades to be filtered out in future and then sorted out.”

Also after this the enthusiasm of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung for Obama and the enthusiasm of its readers against Obama was shown again and again and today there is even an article about this fight in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

So the Neue Zürcher Zeitung will carry on making propaganda for Obama and at the same time try to give the impression to be independent from Obama and to be above party politics.

Here extracts form the article of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung:


Reader’s opinion to the reporting about the Ukraine

The West and the mass media are to be rebuked!

The crisis in the Ukraine moves the NZZ commentators.

The reporting about the Ukraine also caused much material for discussion in the comments column of the NZZ. Conspicuously many readers see the western powers as aggressors.

The reporting about the events in the Ukraine also has caused much material for discussion in the comments column of the NZZ: Even so from some comments one can gather over the acts of the Kremlin much shock, many readers conspicuously do not want to see the cause of the crisis with Putin. They also question the role of the mass media.

USA, EU and Nato as aggressors.

«The only escalation driver, which I perceive, is the USA», writes a reader in the reader’s comments column of the NZZ and adds: «The USA obviously see themselves as sheriff of the world with the ambition, to force their will upon everyone.»

Many commenting readers see the USA as the actual aggressor in connection with the Ukraine crisis.

In the same breath with the USA the «megalomaniacal» EU and Nato are often cited, which operate an «aggressive expansion». Besides the critic with the disregard of human rights («Neither the USA nor the EU and definitely not Nato could not care less whether human rights are violated somewhere») it can be read that the intervention of the USA in the conflict is to be attributed to territorial demands.

Infuriated readers criticise that in connection with the condemnation of Putin’s action it is never gone into the imperialistic intents of the USA, Nato and EU («Why must the EU annex one state after the other?»), which are partly implemented with the help of «lies» and «deception manoeuvres»

The «mainstream» media: the «mouthpiece of western powers»

The criticism of some readers at the behaviour of the USA, Nato and EU extends to the mass media. They are seen as the mouthpiece of the interests of western powers, they report unbalanced about the development of East Europe. So also this newspaper must put up with that it has «become the first address for American propaganda in Switzerland».


These therefore were extracts from the article itself and now extracts from reader’s letter under it:


I belong to the NZZ subscribers of many years’ standing who condemns the one-sided Ukraine reporting of this newspaper.

One-sided reporting in the western media.


The writers of the NZZ are paid writers and write what the employer wants and what their ruler Obama wants. The writers of reader’s letter are not paid and write what they believe. But it is also not clear to them that it is actually just about Obama and not East of West. Until 1989 the Kremlin was the home of evil and then there was no evil for 20 years and since 2009 it is in the White House in Washington at home and for many it is therefore difficult the grasp this change and that East West conflict continues to exist, only just with inverse signs.

The headquarter of communism is no longer Moscow but Washington and from there the entire world is told what has to be written.

The NZZ is the typical example for Switzerland. In Germany also almost all publications fight for Obama and the Springer products are standing right in front. They just still believe all evil comes from the East.


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