It cannot be that Merkel in an independent initiative draws Germany into a war.

Germany: Pro-Russian attitude of the Left Group - Comment on 2014 April 27 (3)

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Different Left deputies have criticised the policy of the federal government and demanded more understanding for Russian positions. Read more:

On this website we have on many occasions addressed the fact that it is not Moscow, which is the centre of evil, but Washington.

Moscow was it until 1989, until the fall of the Berlin wall and thus that of the Soviet Union. Then there was no centre of evil for 20 years, until then Obama moved into the White House in 2009.

Obama is that communist who has understood communism best. With communism it is about dictatorship, and more exact about world domination, and that under most negative signs.

And with world domination everything is included. Everything is to be dominated and there particularly God is not excluded. To defeat him is the actual goal. It is the age old fight against God.

This change from Moscow to Washington is a fact, which is understood by only very few and therefore causes confusion to a great extent. And this is particularly of benefit to Obama, who has the great advantage not being recognized as the ultimate greatest communist because all people still expect that something like this comes from Moscow.

So people therefore look at Moscow and see evil there and now comes the great difference in comparison with the previous century. The intimidation, which came the previous century from Moscow, no longer comes from Moscow. Last century no-one dared to issue anti-communist sounds; that was dangerous; those in the East could perhaps not like it and liquidate him who made the sound.

This danger does not exist any longer and now all these champions have become quite brave and spread announcements against Moscow.

This they of course do not do against Washington because there something like this is not tolerated but fought and that not only with admonitions and censures and rebukes but there also drones are employed and the man in the White House is quite proud of the fact that he is good in killing and announces this to the people around him.

So not only evil changed from Moscow to Washington but also intimidation.

There are four parties in Germany in parliament and now all of them are communistic. They might not call themselves as such but their policies they cannot deny.

Now of particular interest is that party, the Left, which considers itself to be the actual communist party. Now it wants to make a good, democratic, liberal minded impression outwardly and therefore issues appropriate statements. It is the perfect example of those who did not grasp the change from Moscow to Washington because their pipe dreams still wander to Moscow.

I now bring a couple of extract s from an article I read today:

How is Germany to behave in the conflict with Russia about the Ukraine? This question now also causes a deep split of the opposition in the Bundestag. Top politicians of the Greens and the Left attack each other – inclusive of insults.

The dealings with the Ukraine crisis now also burdens the relationship of the opposition parties in the Bundestag: Green group boss Katrin Göring-Eckardt sees an obstacle in the pro Russian attitude of the Left group for a red-red-green coalition in the country, as she told the Tagesspiegel on Sunday. “With a Left, which acts so irresponsibly in foreign policy, we can form no government.”

Since the beginning of the conflict about the Ukraine different Left deputies have criticised the policy of the federal government and demanded more understanding for Russian positions. Also in their election program for Europe the Left party demands an approach to Russia: In it it demands the disbandment of NATO and the establishment of “collective security system under participation of Russia” with the aim of disarmament.

Left boss Bernd Riexinger calls upon Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung“ of Saturday, to consent to take part in a discussion before the Bundestag about her course in the Ukraine conflict. “It cannot be that Merkel in an independent initiative draws Germany into a war”, he said with the view upon the youngest sanction threads of the western states against Russia.

We had the webpage 2013 Nov 04 (2) – Germany: Sahra Wagenknecht defends freedom and democracy and there quite similar statement of the Left were quoted.

The Lefts in Germany express opinions, which actually show them as genuine democrats but that can of course be deceptive because they are genuine democrats when they are not yet in power. But when they then are in charge then everything changes. Now in opposition they obviously use the weaknesses of the government and announce them but the picture will change very fast when they have the power.


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