A thick wall of protection surrounds them, which is formed by good spiritual beings.

Suffering – means of favour - Comment on 2014 April 24

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And that is why in the middle of the greatest misery also a quiet island of peace can be; in the middle of human devils also men joined to God can live, who the former cannot harm, because a thick wall of protection surrounds them, which is formed by good spiritual beings. Read more:

Today I bring two messages from Bertha Dudde, which deal with special aspects of the time of the end.

There it is particularly about problems, which arise for men in the end-time and many of these problems come just into being because men are persecuted and the beginning of this persecution started this Easter Sunday and that was highlighted in the entries of the last few days.

On Easter Sunday of this year it was announced to the Russians by Obama that their economic and political ties will be cut off, and the Bible describes this as buying and selling being forbidden, and that means to starve the Russians, and that means, to kill them. And the reason for this was simply that the Russians resisted Obama and did not do what was demanded of them. And that of course can be a blessing for the Russians that they resist the devil, James 4:7, because that is synonymous with not worshipping the devil, Obama, and that is exactly the important decision for all men in the time of the end, and that is what everything is getting at and is planned for.

That the Russians resist the devil they express through supporting their president because according to the newest independent opinion polls the approval rating for their president leapt up to 80 per cent.

If the Russians carry on resisting Obama then they will get isolated and that will be a blessing for them because they will then not worship Obama and stay away from his empire and with that they will also keep communism out of their country and will be in a similar position as South Africa was last century. They also did not let communism come into their country and got isolated and therefore escaped from it. South Africa got attacked from nearly every country in the world because they dared to be an anti-communist country and it stayed out of all the misery that many other countries in Africa had to experience.

There are two formulas one should know when dealing with the devil. The first one is Jo 10 10, and the second is Ja 4 7.

John 10:10 says that he cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

And James 4:7 says Resist the devil.

And that means that it is us who have to do the resisting. We can’t outsource this. We can’t ask God to do this for us. We must do this ourselves. We might ask God to give us strength to do it and to realize a situation where it is necessary to do it, but the resisting we must do ourselves. We need to have willpower to do it and we can ask God to strengthen our willpower.

Just eight days ago we had 2014 Apr 16 – Resist the devil and there we had this:

You certainly are to be subject to worldly authorities, but when it is openly demanded that you act against his divine will, that you therefore leave the command of neighbourly love unnoticed and sin through loveless action, then you are to acknowledge God alone as your authority, so that you do not let your soul get lost for the sake of earthly advantage.

Then we are to acknowledge God alone as our authority.

Here now the two messages:


Suffering – means of favour

30. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3422.

The time of the end full of favour is not recognized as such by men because they do not know about the blessing of suffering; they do not know that suffering is also a favour through which the soul still can be rescued, which is far from God and cannot reach its aim for ever when it does not decrease the distance to God through work of love. And love-work can be the result of great suffering. God gives men the opportunity to practise love because suffering takes shapes that fellowman is prompted to works of love when he is not completely hardened. What a man would not do automatically in a time of ordered circumstances, that he can still do out of his own drive in the face of over-great trouble. He can take care of fellowman and stand by him helpfully; the little flame of neighbourly love can be ignited in him, and then his soul has drawn greatest advantage out of earthly trouble. God is constantly intent on still leading the souls to higher maturity or to put them into that state that their soul cover dissolves, so that before the end of the days it at least can enter into the state of knowledge into the kingdom on the other side or joins the small community out of its own initiative, which holds out until the end in faith in Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. When man reaches this aim through suffering then suffering is for him the last rescue; it is a favour, which is still granted to him shortly before the end. Because without suffering he remains in the state of being far from God, because love does not become active in him. The means, which God applies to help the souls of man, must be particularly sharp before the end when they are not to be without effect. And men in their spiritual blindness only see the sharpness of those means, but not their blessing. But when they are placed into a light state through works of love, they have entered the group of the fighters of Christ, then they look back upon the days of their bodily trouble full of thanksgiving; they recognize the purpose and the blessing of the suffering and also the love of God, which is always intent on the maturation of imperfect souls. The time until the end is not anymore long, but men stand so low in their spiritual development that they need a considerable longer time to make up for it. Consequently they must go through a school, in which they can mature quicker when they pass every life test, when they use every opportunity. They must pass a fire of purification, the cover of their soul must be melted through suffering and love, then it is possible that they still perfect themselves in this short time so that they belong to those in the end who fight for Jesus Christ. And then eternal happiness is secured to them. And the sooner a man practises love out of free will, to which the suffering of fellowmen is supposed to drive him, the easier bearable the latter will seem to appear, because when the actual purpose is reached through suffering, the sooner man therefore uses favour, the sooner this can also be taken from him. Only in the spiritual kingdom the favours of the end-time will be recognized properly, because man as such does not have the overall view on earth; he does not recognize the great spiritual misery; he does not know in which danger he is when he fails, and what enormous concept it is to have to live through a further development period. This recognition will only be granted to him in the spiritual kingdom, and then he will be thankful for every help, which was allotted to him in form of suffering on earth. Only then will he recognize which measure of favour God has granted to men on earth and that without suffering it was never ever possible to reach the aim. But as long as he lives on earth, the opportunity for the ascent development of his soul is offered to him, and so long also favours are available to him. And suffering is one of the greatest favours, because it is the most effective means to educate man to love activity. And that is why God applies this means before the end has come to still win souls for his kingdom, to help them that they do not get lost for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3422.


Progress of misery. Places of peace.

31. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3423.

Men have wrong hopes when they expect improvement from the coming time because it will be bearable for only few men. Only those men who are joint to me through prayer and love-work will be burdened less; the others on the other hand must go through a time of renunciation and most severe life-struggle to prepare themselves for the last earth life test, for the fight against faith. Misery and affliction before is to have the effect that they call me, that they learn to recognize me, that they than remain loyal to me and enter the group of my fighters. As soon as they are joined to me, misery and affliction will be relieved; by virtue of their faith they will overcome all weaknesses, and I will provide them with all alleviation when they have to endure the former for fellowmen’s sake. And that is why in the middle of the greatest misery also a quiet island of peace can be; in the middle of human devils also men joined to God can live, who the former cannot harm, because a thick wall of protection surrounds them, which is formed by good spiritual beings. And therefore there will be places everywhere where my love and favour rules in contrast to those where my opponent has his way and where therefore no peace and no rest can arise. But I myself form the places of peace for me because I know mine and will make their life bearable any time. And these places are also to be recognized by fellowmen as places of peace because I want that they take refuge there in trouble and receive words of comfort and strengthening from those who themselves live in peace and can also now hand out such by them passing on my word, by them awakening faith in my wisdom, love and omnipotence. Because this faith marks the places of peace. But it will be represented very little under mankind, and that is why also only seldom a refuge of peace can come into being because mankind no longer recognizes me, and it is far from me. And where I cannot dwell myself, there is no peace, no happiness and no light. And the world will carry on being in darkness and earthly trouble despite the ending of a fighting phase, which has brought bitter suffering upon men because they themselves are not willing to accept instruction from the side of those who permanently draw wisdom out of the union with me. And that is why the time of trouble is not finished so soon although the earthly fight approaches its end. Because only to him who aims at me can I give and create an easy existence for him. But for the greatest part of mankind earth life still remains a severe struggle until they yield to me and make my will to theirs. B.D. NR. 3423.


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