A culmination, which lets the depravity of men really become recognizable.

Godís intervention - Comment on 2014 April 21

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God will ruin the plans of men and let his will go into action. But before that a hard examination is still necessary; the fight must still first reach a culmination, which seems almost impossible, but which is of a complete short duration, lets, however, the depravity of men really become recognizable. Read more:

Today I bring two messages from Bertha Dudde. They deal with the times of the end, and that is with the struggle of nations and with the earth upheaval Ė with Godís intervention.


Setback. God stops.

28. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3420.

An incomparable event will produce a change of the serious difficulties because the earthly fight will be stopped through this, to introduce a new epoch, which, however, is not less full of grief. Because to turn away from mankind the suffering on earth it would have to change seriously, but they do not summon the will for this. A powerful setback is to be expected, an event, which comes completely unexpectedly and which has an enormous effect with serious consequences. No power will enjoy a supposed victory; a clear decision will also not take place in the wrestling of the nations, but a solution will follow from a third party Ė God himself will speak the last word in this fight, which had only earthly aims as cause. God will ruin the plans of men and let his will go into action. But before that a hard examination is still necessary; the fight must still first reach a culmination, which seems almost impossible, but which is of a complete short duration, lets, however, the depravity of men really become recognizable. Then the hand of God intervenes, and it commands a stop. A misery is ended but very soon replaced by another misery, which will press men not less, because the first one has not brought successes. Men themselves are the cause of all suffering, which comes over them, because they do not mend their ways, although they are admonished and warned again and again and again. But his will is done, and not human will determines the course of an event, although human will has caused it. And that is why no matter how careful the plan of men can be worked out, when it does not agree with the divine plan, it will not be able to get executed Ė God will correct it, and men will have to act according to his will. And men are now at the end of their work because the further course is determined by God himself although men believe to have initiated it. Godís will is decisive, and it will become recognizable shortly because a new fighting time takes its beginning, which does not have earthly, but spiritual aims as cause. B.D. NR. 3420.


Intervention of God. Plan from eternity.

29. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3421.

Through world events the spiritual low is to be removed, and the great misery is to contribute to the approach to God Ė therefore earthly events have the purpose to lead men to their actual purpose, to form them for the actual life some day in the spiritual kingdom. Therefore the entire events are according to the divine plan from eternity, although something will never find Godís approval what human will is to blame for, because it is obviously the work of his opponent. Nevertheless he also takes up this work into his eternal plan of salvation; he lets it happen, so to speak as start of all revolution in the time of the end. There can be only still one improvement for men when they change fundamentally, therefore strive for a higher state of maturity. And when the fate of the individual or the entire happenings in the world have brought in this higher degree of maturity to the soul, then it was not without success, and then even the opponent of God has indirectly contributed to it, that God gets his little sheep back, that they join him and are cared for by himself. And the soul is no longer hopelessly lost. And so everything in the entire universe serves and is subject to his eternal will. Therefore also the powers of darkness are subjugated to God, and consequently God himself determines the course of all that what takes place in the universe, no matter whether it is caused by good or evil will. God is just; he will never commend a bad thought or a bad act, but he lets them be executed so that men are to recognize that they are not wanted by God, that they feel the consequences of such thoughts or acts, to refrain from them out of free will. But he will constantly draw the attention of men to the wrong, and particularly in that way that he does not let the bad plans of men succeed. And so he also now again directs a plan, which is recognizable through human hate and will to destroy, towards a completely different end than men reckon. But he first only shows the depravity of those, so that men think things over, so that they make an effort to change, so that the spiritual low is removed and men come closer to God, who is to be their only aim on earth. Because even though free will is left to them, God still intervenes when this free will is abused and men get spiritually into danger through it. And such an intervention of God will also now direct world happenings into other courses because the will of men let them become a wrong, which clearly marks their depravity. But the misery on earth will not become less because it is necessary, because men do not change and must be brought into situations where they are supposed to and can seek the union with God so that their souls are rescued from greatest spiritual trouble. Because it is the time of the end, which is still to be used before it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 3421.


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