Summon the will to listen to the instructions through the divine spirit.

Receiving the divine word act of greatest willpower - Comment on 2014 April 20

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There are only few people in the possession of the direct word because only few are so strong-willed that they consciously listen to the inside and therefore also have the faith in the work of God in man through his spirit. Read more:

On this website we bring all the time messages from Bertha Dudde and today I bring a message from Bertha Dudde, which indirectly gives information about herself because there we hear things about a person, which receives messages from God and passes them on.

But this message also gives fundamental indications for every one of us, and what now comes should not only make us thoughtful but also prompt us to imitate it.

Here now the message:


Receiving the divine word act of greatest willpower.

27. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3419.

There are only few people in the possession of the direct word because only few are so strong-willed that they consciously listen to the inside and therefore also have the faith in the work of God in man through his spirit. This faith is precondition; but it has also become alive through practising of neighbourly love, and through the latter man has become a receiving vessel of the divine spirit. But he must also absolutely summon the will to listen to the instructions through the divine spirit. And this requires love and overcoming – love towards God and overcoming of all weaknesses and faults. Continuously man must work on himself and have the will to come close to God. He therefore must put spiritual striving above the earthly, and therefore he must also execute the spiritual work with conscientiousness, and to this belongs first the work of receiving, which requires an exceedingly strong will because the daily receiving of the divine word is an act of greatest willpower, because this must again and again become active anew, because only then the divine spiritual gift can be offered to man. Although man is only the tool of God, which he uses to speak in a natural way to men, still the free will of man is decisive, and he is therefore not forced or caused to write in a morbid state without his will, but he can act completely free and by no means needs to open his ear and heart. But then the receiving of the divine spiritual good is also impossible. And that is why only few men are found, who offer themselves completely voluntarily and who now daily persistently listen inwards – who therefore want and also let the will become action by them secluding themselves from the world, establish the inner connection with God, ask him and wait for the fulfilment of their request. This requires time and the abandonment of that what the body demands for itself. Who loves his body too much, i.e. only in earthly life of pleasure seeks the purpose of earth life, he is completely unable to summon this will because the body will again and again try to weaken it, and in the end man will fulfil the desire of the body; he will become careless and lethargic; he will also have weak faith in the love and goodness of God and not ask him for his gifts of favour, and then it can also not be sent to him. And only few men are prepared to give their will to God and to be completely directed by him. But these few are right workers in the vineyard of the Lord; they have proven themselves as loyal followers of God, and therefore also receive permanently power to let their will become strong; again and again they are anew prepared to listen inwards. And the result is divine spiritual good, which can have an unimaginable beneficial effect when also fellowman summons the will again to let himself be instructed by him. The will must always become active anew because God forces no man to turn towards his kingdom and therefore also his favour. But who summons this will, him God blesses, and he will be able to record greatest successes, both for his own soul as well as for those of fellowman. And he will be a successful worker in the vineyard of the Lord, and power and favour is at his disposal in richest measure. Amen. B.D. NR. 3419.


And now follows the second message, see also 2014 Mar 02 (2) – The false doctrines of Kenneth Hagin:


Divine revelations. False doctrine an obstacle.

29. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3237.

A direct revelation of God is marked through the direct word of the father to his child, and this word is to be believed when the receiver of the word is a man who stands in faith and in love, who therefore strives for God. The pre-condition is however not always given that wisdoms can be offered to a man, may it be that he does not listen persistently enough inwards or he is also imprisoned by teachings, which are not completely in accordance with truth, so that he would consider every correcting teaching as work of the opponent of God. And that is why the divine revelations only apply to personal admonitions and warnings, but nevertheless must be acknowledged as such. The desire of a man to stand in personal connection with God, and the belief that this is possible, are the first pre-requisites that God reveals himself fatherly. In what way now that depends on man’s powers of comprehension and willingness to receive and also on the task, which is given to him for his earth life. Is he supposed to be again active in teaching and makes himself available for this office to God, then the divine revelations will take place like an instruction and therefore also contain deepest wisdoms because man must himself first have knowledge before he can spread such. Complete lack of resistance however belongs to this, i.e., the spirit of God, the giver of truth, is never allowed to come across resistance, when it imparts truth to man. But resistance is every false doctrine when it is not given away unconditionally and makes place for truth. But a man can now be deeply believing and fully convinced to stand in truth, also his life walk is in accordance with the will of God – but he is not able to spread pure truth as servant of God because he does not own it himself – because he does not ask and desires answers and expects them, but thinks himself to be the bearer of truth, and therefore erroneous thinking cannot be corrected. He now certainly can hear the voice of God because he loves him and a loving heart is able to receive the divine spirit, but the spirit of God gives man in accordance of his desire – comforting, admonishing, warning or educational father words, which announce his love towards the earth child, or also instructions full of wisdom and deepest knowledge to that man, who is open-minded for that and makes himself worthy of it. The desire of man decides, and that is why everyone is so given how he desires. Fatherly exhortation is enough for one, and he ends his listening inwards, while the other listens to every word in thirst for knowledge, which divine love gives to him. God does not limit his gifts; he gives, as long as it is desired; but man himself sets the boundaries because as soon as his desire flags, as soon as his will is no longer active, he therefore ends his listening inwards, also the inner voice no longer sounds, the supply is interrupted and can only then again take place when man through listening inwards declares himself willing to receive the divine gift. And that is why man himself determines the measure of knowledge and also the way in which it is offered. A man interpenetrated by spiritual knowledge will mature extremely fast, and that is why it is definitely more advantageous to let God himself provide this knowledge than to appropriate it through study, because latter does not necessarily need to be truth, because men are transmitters and these are never free of error. But who clings to this spiritual material taken over from men and not even considers the thought that also error can have been imparted to him, to him deep knowledge cannot be given because he would not let it be regarded as truth, but infers to erroneous givers, when it does not agree with his old knowledge. And for that reason only such men are to be trained to bearers of pure truth who are completely free of erroneous spiritual material and who therefore all the time desire to be instructed by God himself to be very certain to receive pure truth because God can also give to them in all fullness and make them his representatives on earth, and these are they who are now to teach and pass on the deep knowledge to fellowmen, because they are able to do it and have the firm will to help their fellowmen. These will be abundantly provided with knowledge; the divine master teacher himself instructs them, and he trains them so that they can now teach in his name, always and everywhere, where men are open-minded to pure truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3237.


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