Sigmar Gabriel, the deputy of Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, called Obama a thief last year and this year he appears on a television show and pays tribute to Obama.

Sigmar Gabriel - the hypocrite - Comment on 2014 April 18

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The vice-chancellor of the German republic can or will not guarantee the safety of a witness who has done Germany more than a gigantic service. Read more:

Here news from today:


German minister slams Snowden's call-in show with Putin

German Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel slammed the appearance of Edward Snowden on a call-in show with Russia's president on Thursday as exploitative, saying it reminded him of show trials.

"It reminds me of show trials in which people are summoned," Mr. Gabriel said on German television late Thursday. "It shows how difficult conditions are for Snowden personally, and that (Vladimir) Putin is brutally exploiting that," he said on the program Beckmann on broadcaster ARD.

On Thursday, the former National Security Agency contractor appeared in a question-and-answer session with Mr. Putin organized by the Kremlin. On the program, Mr. Snowden asked Mr. Putin about Russian surveillance programs, and the president replied that personal privacy is better protected in Russia than in the U.S.

Mr. Snowden received political asylum in Russia last year after the U.S. charged him with espionage for revealing details of government surveillance programs and invalidated his passport.

Mr. Gabriel wasn't the only one to criticize Mr. Snowden's appearance on the Q&A program, an annual event that is usually scripted. His appearance met with heavy criticism in the U.S. and elsewhere, with many suggesting he had allowed himself to be used.

"I found what happened there simply obscene, not from Snowden, but from Putin," Mr. Gabriel said.

Mr. Gabriel, who heads Germany's Social Democrats, also called for Mr. Snowden to be heard by the parliamentary committee investigating NSA activities in Germany, although he acknowledged his safety could be threatened by appearing in Berlin.

"I would advise doing it from his location," Mr. Gabriel said.


What he hypocrite.

Last year this man, Sigma Gabriel, called Obama an egg-thief and the German general public prosecutor a tramp because he does not issue an international warrant of arrest against Obama and this year he has turned around completely and works on the propaganda drum for Obama.

Snowden and Putin are the two most important people who do something against Obama, the terrorist.

Snowden by providing hard evidence that Obama steals from almost every citizen of this world and thus that Obama is a criminal and a thief and Putin by providing protection for Snowden so that Obama does not kidnap Snowden, and steal his freedom, and torture him and kill him.

And Sigmar Gabriel is not only a hypocrite but also a fool, because he does not even realize that he is a slave of Obama, that he lives in a country that is part of the Obama dictatorship.

Germany would not be able to protect Snowden, Gabriel says, and with such words he declares, as the most influential and powerful man in Germany, that Germany is utterly helpless as a vassal state of the Obama Empire.

Sigmar Gabriel, the deputy of Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, called Obama a thief last year and this year he appears on a television show and pays tribute to Obama.

Mr Gabriel has allowed himself to be used – by Obama.

With Merkel and now also Gabriel we have an excellent picture of the situation in Germany. That country is hopelessly on its way to the bottomless pit.

And now still extracts from another news item:


SPD boss: Whistleblower not safe in Germany

The chairwoman of the Left-Party, Katja Kipping: »It is a real sign of inadequacy when the vice-chancellor of this republic cannot or does not want to guarantee the safety of a witness who has done Germany more than a gigantic service«

Kipping: »the federal government must show the Americans that we are no vassal state.«

Gabriel reminded people of the forced landing of the Bolivian president's plane in July 2013 in Vienna. The Americans had then Snowden suspected on board. »All that one must consider in the real world when one does not want to take responsibility in any case with which one perhaps afterwards cannot cope with regard to Mr Snowden.« Politics could also guarantee no lasting stay to Snowden in Germany.


Gabriel blows the trumpet for Obama by supporting Obama’s smear campaign against Putin. Gabriel himself called Obama a thief and the person who protects the man who showed the world that Obama is the thief, who gives the whistleblower refuge, Putin, he discredits. Gabriel does not even have the will to protect Snowden if he would come to Germany to be a witness, but the person who grants Snowden a home he reviles. What a hypocrite.


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