Spiritual knowledge carries the obligation to pass it on.

Today is Maundy Thursday - Comment on 2014 April 17

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Continually you are instructed so that your knowledge increases, and continually you receive power, which you must use again in spiritual work. And for that reason use this power, by you contributing to the spreading of that what is send to you through spiritual instruction; use it by passing on what you have received yourselves. Read more:

Today I read the following message from Bertha Dudde. It calls upon to pass on received spiritual goods.

When you read this webpage then you receive spiritual goods.

This receipt carries the obligation to pass on what was received. About this there is a webpage Spread the word.

And another webpage, Build a webpage, shows you a simple way to do it.

Here now the message:


Spiritual knowledge carries the obligation to pass it on.

3. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3390.

Continually you are instructed so that your knowledge increases, and continually you receive power, which you must use again in spiritual work. And for that reason use this power, by you contributing to the spreading of that what is send to you through spiritual instruction; use it by passing on what you have received yourselves. Spiritual power should never rest, i.e., never is man supposed to remain inactive, who has power at his disposal, and therefore also spiritual power is to be used persistently, otherwise it will be taken away from man, who leaves it lying fallow. But spiritual work is everything what contributes that fellowman becomes knowledgeable. It is of no importance by what means knowledge is now imparted to him; only that it is imparted to him is important. And you have this assignment, you who receive the spiritual good from God, directly or through his tools. Everyone to whom spiritual knowledge is offered, who receives it and lets it become spiritual property through thinking about it, has only then a blessing from it for himself when he passes it on in love. Because when it has become valuable for himself then he is also supposed to let his neighbour have some of it, otherwise self-love is still powerful in him and he will feel little blessing from the favour of God. Spiritual good is to never lie fallow when man does not want to get into danger that it is completely taken away from him. Because this is divine law that he receives who gives, because unselfish neighbourly love is prerequisite that man can receive. He who strives for spiritual truth is to be attentive to his feelings – his desire will be fulfilled, but this carries an obligation to also give to him who demandingly desires truth like him. It further carries an obligation to pass on truth also there where there is still fallacy because truth is to displace fallacy. And that is why a carrier of truth must make an eager effort to carry light everywhere where there is still darkness. And this is spiritual work, which is never ever to be allowed to be turned off when man stands in favour to be instructed out of the spiritual kingdom. Because man is always only the organ of light beings, who want to hand out to all men, especially to those who are entrusted to them, to their care, to spiritual guidance. Only seldom can men hear themselves the fine voice of light beings, and that is why they train their tools, which are now to speak instead of them. And a receiver of light is to never neglect this activity; he is to speak where the opportunity is offered to him; he is to communicate through word and writing; he is to use every day and hour and therefore carry out the work to which he has offered himself to God, and permanent success will be granted to him. He himself will be able to score spiritual successes and likewise also those men who receive spiritually from him. This admonition goes to all who are refreshed at the source of eternal life and fetch power and strength in the divine word. Because everyone stands in a circuit of duties in which he can eagerly work, and he is not to neglect this otherwise he makes himself unworthy to be given truth, which is offered to him from above. Because it is valuable good, and it is to be passed on for the blessing of men, so that the great spiritual misery is removed, which is cause to the spiritual decline of mankind and also results in earthly misery and hardship. Amen. B.D. NR. 3390.


Today is Maundy Thursday and with Maundy Thursday it is about communion and with communion it is about the consumption of food – for the soul. And spiritual food is the word of God. We eat the flesh of the Lord, which according to John 1:14 - And the Word was made flesh – is the word of God and to eat the word of God, absorb spiritual food, means to receive spiritual knowledge and to receive spiritual knowledge means to pass it on. Today’s Maundy Thursday is also the right day to deal with this subject. Have a look at these three webpages:
Comunion – Part 1
Comunion – Part 2
Comunion – Part 3

And in Comunion – Part 2 the following is found:

Hundred years later Bertha Dudde wrote, from 1937 till 1965, for 28 years. And what she wrote down is of enormous importance and how important her messages are and will be is expressed in one of her messages:

“And this work is then to remain in existence throughout endless times and perpetually testify for the infinite love and goodness of God towards his children, for the forbearance, patience and compassion of his.”

This comes from one of her messages. She received this message, B.D. NR. 1086 – „Mission of the work. Numerical prediction. Transmission of incomprehensible importance.” on the 8th of September 1939.

Read the complete message: B.D. NR. 1086.

This expression therefore seems to indicate that Bertha Dudde’s work will be the main reading material of the one thousand year kingdom, and to read it already now can only be called a privilege.

And in Comunion – Part 2 also the following is found:

God’s word is the greatest gift of favour because he himself it is who dwells among us in the word.

We just read, “Just take care that every word from me takes roots in you, that it wins life, that you not only read or hear it but let it penetrate deeply into your heart; live so that I can have an effect in you, that you also soon hear the sounding word which quashes every doubt, every worry and makes you happy.” Now this sounding word was heard by Jesus’ disciples and that especially at the first, the original communion.

In that night which preceded his death, Jesus gave his disciples fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice.

On the 12th of April 1939 Bertha Dudde received the message Audible inner voice, B.D. NR. 0858, and there it says: „See, in that night, which preceded my death, I instructed my disciples the same way and gave them fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice.”

Here we therefore have information what really happened at this original communion. Jesus gave his disciples fullest knowledge. And he did it through a method of communication which he calls the audible inner voice.

Now fullest knowledge sounds like all-embracing.

It then also says there, “And it is such a favour when the Lord expresses himself audibly to his child. Spiritually it then has the possibility to receive abundantly – it will no longer need to make the receiving of the divine word dependent on external circumstances, which often made the connection more difficult for the earth child, but it will be able to establish this connection at any time and may always be certain of the divine word.”

“To receive abundantly.”

I now want to come to another message from Bertha Dudde, which gives us more information about what this “abundantly”, this “fullest knowledge” comprises.

B.D. NR. 1086:

Just an excerpt:

The Lord himself will dictate words which never yet reached mankind. These are those words which the Lord spoke in the most difficult hour to those who are his, but which were never brought home to the world because mankind lacked up to now the ability of enlightenment for these words.


What is actually said here is that Jesus in that night imparted to his disciples the entire messages which then Bertha Dudde became dictated almost 2000 years later.

And that is quite an extensive material. Bertha Dudde received and wrote down about 9000 messages and when one assumes that each message comprises one page, then this would result in a book with 9000 pages.

Here it is therefore about spiritual transmission and that cannot be compared with worldly material things. With spiritual means such extensive material can just be imparted in one night.

With this spiritual transmission it is about food, and in fact not about food for the body, like bread and wine, but about food for the soul, the word.

Read the messages from Bertha Dudde and read all of the messages from Bertha Dudde. And when you do not find them on the internet, when you do not find them in your language, then let them get translated into your language and may be you even spend money on this; invest in the most important thing of the world.


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