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The illusion that Germany is a democracy - Comment on 2014 April 13

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The parties of the German parliament are parties for the prevention of democracy. Read more:

Today I bring extracts from a column of an author who still believes to live in a democracy.

His opinion very nicely reflects the thinking in Germany and that particularly in the media the recognition has not seeped through that Germany is now in the third dictatorship.

The entire thinking is about German politics, and that Germany is just a part of the Obama world empire, that escapes their notice.

The attitude of Germany towards Snowden is exactly the best proof for this because this attitude towards Snowden is indeed not determined by Germany, but by the White House, and here I do not speak of the White House in Moscow, but in Washington.

And now a reminder: Today’s centre of communism is not Moscow, but Washington. In the White House in Washington sits that communist, who is far superior to all previous ones and he will really succeed in gaining world dominion, and the power he has now already over Germany is a clear proof of this.

Here therefore the extracts:


NSA investigation committee: Snowden! Snowden! Snowden!

Elucidation? Repression! What the NSA investigation committee manages at present violates persistently the trust in democracy. Let us dance in front of parliament and demand an explanation

When politics is destroyed by those who operate it, what is one then supposed to do? Is one then supposed to slowly proceed further and further down to the level perhaps of the great coalition, which by now gives the impression that it believes to be able to govern the state by circumvention of democratic rules of the game? Just because one, I hear this argument again and again, does really much more damage to politics when one criticises it?

That is an argument of despair and of deep dreariness – and when one for example just sees what the NSA investigation committee gets up to of reality repression, tactical squabbling and obvious denying of every reasoning, then one would best cry out aloud dancing around parliament, shouting again and again: Snowden! Snowden! Snowden!

Once again as a reminder: To Edward Snowden and Edward Snowden alone it is owed that the world heard of the surveillance activities of the NSA; his disclosures have cost him his freedom and made it clear to the public how much freedom is generally threatened.

It is logically that one speaks to him, the whistleblower, the hero, the central figure in this affair – unless one is deputy of one of the two big democracy prevention parties.

Then one rather speaks of the addiction to making one’s name, because that is exactly the vain, little horizon, which one thinks the world is. Then one resigns as chairman of the committee immediately at the beginning of the proceedings of the committee because one does not want that Snowden, the reason why there is a committee at all, is questioned as witness.

Who here damages politics, who damages democracy? It is, in the year of the anniversary of the basic constitutional law, which will certainly be celebrated by the parties, which are the pillars of the state, down to the ruin, about a central basic right – the Berlin guys who shift chairs hope that they do not have to fetch Snowden to Germany, whom they actually treat as someone who has a contagious sickness (Heribert Prantl).

But all that would be so terribly embarrassing. Then one would indeed have to show to be assertive with the USA. Then the own role, the own self-understanding would possibly be questioned. Then perhaps more would transpire than one wants and can control. That is the message, which up to now comes from this NSA investigation committee – and it is almost so devastating as that what has been uncovered about the espionage of the NSA.

Because the violation of a basic law is one thing, it was committed by the Americans – but the manoeuvring, delaying, postponing, this refusal by implication to clear up the violation of a basic law, is the responsibility of those who make politics here.

In the democratic theory it is alarming when the impression is generated, the deputies, who are to be free and independent, would listen to directives of the government.


And the government is Ms Merkel. And she is the deputy of the dictator in Washington. And so this guy in the White House in Washington is the one who decides what is going to happen in Germany.

So the author of this article here does not really grasp what it is all about.

He also distracts from the real problem. The real problem is not the NSA, they just do what they are allowed to do, and that is determined by the president, and he, the president, is the criminal, the thief who steals from almost every German, and every citizen of this world.

The author’s lamentations are just lamentations of a guy who sits in a dictatorship and does not have the guts to realize it and act accordingly – and tell his readers that they have been duped.


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