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Earth upheaval - Comment on 2014 April 6

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God ends the struggle of the nations. Read more:

First I bring a message from Bertha Dudde and after it extracts from other messages from her, which all deal with the earth upheaval, but particularly with the physical details of this event:


Ending of the fight. Spatial separation.

17. December 1944. B.D. NR. 3371.

Whatever is of use for you, that you will hear when you let yourselves be instructed by myself and therefore pay attention to my voice, which quietly sounds inside of you. You have an extremely wrong opinion of the further course of world events when you believe one of the fighting powers emerging as victor of the wrestling, because my will has determined it differently, because not bodily well-being is to be supported but the salvation of souls, and this necessitates a complete change of their life, but this can only then follow when all earthly plans are invalid and mankind faces an extraordinary event, which shakes their thinking. A normal outcome of the wrestling of the people would not result in a change of the usual life, moreover none of the fighting powers is blameless, and therefore no power is legally entitled to victory. And that is why I thwart the plans of men, no matter what result they assume. All their expectations I make invalid, and I bring a solution, which no-one expects and is also wanted by no one, because I end the fight in a way that it can no longer be continued, even if men would be willing to do it. Because I separate the fighters spatially from each other; I let natural obstacles come into being, which cannot be overcome so easily. And I therefore take every possibility from men to take further action against each other. And therefore the wrestling of the nations against each other is stopped; there will be no decision; there is no defeating of one power, but mankind will realize that its power has come to an end and that divine power must be acknowledged, which is just too clearly recognizable at this outcome. I will bring about the end and still punish the guilty severely through it, because they see themselves deceived in their confidence of victory; they see themselves weakened and without success and face a great misery and great poverty. And I have announced this end already a long time before so that you have the truth of my word being proved to you, which you still doubt. I put an end when the culmination of the cruelty on the part of men has been achieved, so that the world recognizes by this that a God is in heaven, who punishes sin, which so obviously becomes evident – so that it recognizes that not men determine the outcome but I myself – and this differently than men expect it. And the hour is no longer far away. And that is why I announce myself to those who believe in my intervention and know about my plan, whom I commission to draw the attention of men to it, and which I send as prophets among men. Because it is to be warned before, because I never let such event come upon men without giving them knowledge, so that they earnestly think about the salvation of their soul and prepare themselves. Because no one knows who of them will be affected. My intervention will claim innumerable victims everywhere there, where it will take place. Amen. B.D. NR. 3371.


Now therefore follow the extracts from other messages from Bertha Dudde. The complete texts of these messages exist in Earth upheaval.

In B.D. NR. 1126 we find the sentence: “But this hour will be terrible due to the quaking of the Earth; water gushes forth and floods the land with roaring and raging, and mankind recognizes that it is powerless in the face of the activities of the powers of nature.”

It is about the earth upheaval and the quaking of the earth seems to be caused by the collision of the planet Earth with a relative large cosmic object and this causes the earth to quake and also to change the interior of the earth and cause material from the interior of the earth, for example water, to be released and brought to the surface.

Here a sentence from B.D. NR. 1398: “Innumerable spiritual beings will go into action and throw the interior of the earth into turmoil; the earth will split, and masses of water will break through; a work of destruction of catastrophic extent will take place, and this will bring nameless misery over mankind which is affected by it.”

Now details about the events before the earth upheaval, from B.D. NR. 1538: “They bring an announcement to you that describes in an understandable way the course of the disasters which are to decide over death and life of the individual. Very few people pay attention to the signs of the coming time. They certainly are amazed at the change or the irregularity which becomes noticeable in nature, but they pass it over with light-heartedness. They see in it no expression of divine will but only accidentalness. And therefore they will also initially not pay attention to the phenomena, when the natural event is approaching. First men’s attention is drawn to a storm drawing near through vortexes. This will come suddenly that man and animal come into greatest affliction because they are hardly able to put up resistance to the vehement storm, and this will be the beginning. Vehement earth jerks will be felt in small intervals, and the sky will darken, a thunder noise will be heard, and this is so terrible that panic breaks out among man and animal that they seek rescue in flight. But darkness prevents them, and the misery becomes greater all the time, the noise gets louder and louder, the earth shocks more and more vehemently, the earth opens, and powerful masses of water force their way out of the interior of the earth. And wherever the eye sees – water and darkness and indescribable chaos among men who recognize their dreadful situation and are in utter affliction. The days before will be radiant that a certain carelessness has seized men, and the upset will come so suddenly that no-one can take precautions in earthly respect, but these would also be completely useless because no earthly power resists these elements.”

And from B.D. NR. 2388b: “Few people only will draw benefit for their souls from this event, which will repeat itself in short intervals three times.”

And now from B.D. NR. 3571: “They will lose all support because the ground will sway, the air will be filled by a roaring storm and everybody will have to look after himself because nobody can give the other his support.” And: “The earth will shake and the elements of nature will cause immense damage and claim innumerable victims.”

From B.D. NR. 3630: “Changes in the interior of the earth take place that are leading to eruptions which first break out partly so that they lead to a complete destruction of the earth’s surface at a prescribed time to let God’s eternal plan of salvation run its course which his will determines. Innumerable spiritual beings liberate themselves in the interior of the earth and God gives his consent, he lets them become active at a certain time because their activity is not opposed to his eternal law. And the earth will shake when these beings get active. In places it will open and so release the way for the beings to other forms than so far. And great changes will occur on the earth’s surface where this activity takes place to the terror of the inhabitants who are exposed to a great natural disaster. But this will be only a pre-happening to the subsequent complete destruction of the earth, a last exhortation for all who will survive it and an indication of the nearby end which men first do not believe that it will happen.”

And from B.D. NR. 4661 we know that a sign will be given to us to know when the earth upheaval is going to occur: “And I want to give you a sign, you who distribute my word, so that you speak out full of conviction in favour of this. I want to let you know that a star is on the advance that approaches the earth exceedingly fast through its speed and that this phenomenon will happen shortly before I make the continual announcement come true. Then you insiders know what hour has come, then act in accordance with my will, inform the fellow human beings of what is forthcoming and draw all attention to it, connect yourself closely with me so that I can directly supply you with the power that you need in the hour of danger.”

From B.D. NR. 4940: “That is why a powerful storm will come up that uproots and chases up everything; the earth will split and from above and below men are at the mercy of the elements, against whom they cannot struggle because their strength is not sufficient; an unbearable heat will already beforehand make men unable and dull and apathetically they follow the first phenomena of nature until they then realize their bad situation and now nearly brutally fight for their life that they fear to lose.”

B.D. NR. 6313: “And they will discover a star, which continually comes closer to the proximity of the earth and seemingly takes its course in unlawful paths. They become aware of always new peculiarities when they observe its course. And they will recognize it as a danger for the earth - and on the other hand not want to believe in the destruction of this because such was never yet experienced before.”

And also B.D. NR. 6324: “Open wide your hearts, make yourself ready to receive my ray of love from above and hear what I want to tell you: A sure sign of the near end is the becoming visible of a star, which moves in the direction of your earth and still takes a strange path - which will often escape your view and then suddenly come up again, because it is accompanied by impenetrable nebula, which now and then dissolve to again and again solidify anew. You men experience something which is unknown to you up to now because the effect of this star on your earth is of such a kind that an anxiousness will attack you because you believe that the earth could become a victim of this unknown star, which causes noticeable disturbances on earth, which are however inexplicable to you.” And then: “And this spectacle of nature will cause enormous commotion among men, and the fear will also not be unwarranted, because however unusual phenomena accompany the star, it constantly comes closer to earth, and a crash seems to be unavoidable according to the calculations of those who discovered its appearance and follow its course.”

And now two sections from B.D. NR. 6405:

“At short intervals you experience occurrences which repeat each other, which will strongly alarm you men because you cannot explain them, and you therefore fear powers against which you cannot defend yourselves. But you cannot gain a proper explanation because this lies in my will that you reckon with all possibilities and every single person is to adapt himself correspondingly - because I want that every single person is to still profit from it for himself, i.e. for his soul. Where faith is completely lacking there the anxiety will be especially strong, while the believers more or less rely on me and know that they are safe in my protection. Still they are phenomena which, because they are cosmic, result in great public discussions so that every man will also himself think about it and also say something to his fellow human beings. From time to time worldly interests will take a back seat but as soon as these phenomena are over, worldly men seize the pleasures of the world so much the keener, and only with few, impressions remain, which cause them to contemplative hours and can also lead to a change of thinking - until the same events repeat themselves in the universe and create renewed horror. Because on the part of science earnest threats of the planet earth are feared - because puzzling changes of the system of stars have to be faced, which have never yet been observed and which could be an earnest threat to earth.”

“The constellation will change. Stars will be guided into other courses; they will be in another relationship to earth than up to now. And through this stars will become visible which have never before been seen, and one will appear as a direct threat to earth because its course is feared to cross with earth.”

Now two extracts from B.D. NR. 7151:

“The earth will be shaken to its foundations because men are to be pointed to the end quite bluntly once again, because the thought of death is to rise once in them when they see themselves exposed to powers against whom they are powerless. How these shockwaves of the earth come about, that many men will well ask, but the events, which quickly follow each other, will leave them no time to give themselves an answer. Because now follow detonations of greatest extent in individual regions of the earth, which take away from men all ability to think, which are then followed by a raging of the elements of nature, which results are unimaginable and will only be able to be grasped by the survivors afterwards.”

“But suddenly and unexpectedly the first signs will show, that cosmic changes appear, that everything appears to get out of lawful order; strange observations will be made in the night sky, alarming darkenings will occur for short times, but again and again an apparent calm will be after that, until the elements of nature will unleash so fast and terribly that no time remains for a man to think, that there is then only one help to mentally call on me for support in greatest trouble and danger.”

From B.D. NR. 7405 now two extracts:

“And these cosmic changes concern mostly deviations of the present course of heavenly bodies, which take a different path and such proceedings are and remain inexplicable for men and still cannot be denied. The closer the end comes the more frequently men will observe such occurrences, at first little discernible, but more and more clearly standing out, so that men can truly say: The powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.”

“And so one star will break away from its usual course and take the way to earth. And this star goes its way independently of the will of men, and it means a great danger for these, but its course will not be hindered because the earth has to endure a shock, to the harm and welfare of men on it. For many men will lose their life as a result, as it is announced a long time before. And the earth will suffer a shock. No-one will be able to imagine in which dangerous position the whole heavenly body will come, but this natural disaster will not lead to a complete destruction, but will still be of unimaginable extent that with it the end has already come for innumerable men.”

And now three extracts from B.D. NR. 7421:

“A powerful quake will shake the earth - both spiritual as well as earthly the earth will stand before a shock as men have not yet experienced such since the beginning of this epoch.”

“Again and again the signs of the end will be submitted to you men, and the last powerful sign is the great quake. How it comes about that has already been said to you: that a star breaks away from its course and with giant speed heads for earth. And that you do not yet know about it is because of the great distance which this star still has to cover before it comes into the range of sight of those who will see it. But then also the excitement will be great because everyone recognizes the danger in which the heavenly body earth now is, but no-one can do anything about it to avert the danger.”

“There will indeed be no shortage of signs of the near end, but this sign is of an enormous effect, and many men will lose their life.”

An extract from B.D. NR. 7423:

“Eternally already the heavenly bodies circle in their course, which was prescribed to them by the divine creator and which is also kept in the plan of creation according to his will. And it is an impossible beginning to want to change the prescribed course of a heavenly body, to push a star out of its course and to want to direct it differently than it was determined by the divine creator. And just as impossible it is to stop the motion of a heavenly body, to limit it time-wise in its movement, thus to prevent it in some way to go its path. This may be told all those who believe to be able through own inventions to produce a different order in God's work of creation - who believe to be able to add human products to the divine work of creation, who assume that such experiments can be sent into the universe without earnest damaging consequences. I am Lord over the cosmos after all. And I will also respond accordingly to every wanting-to-intrude into my work. A further experiment will be done, and additionally ones will follow them, as long as men will not be stopped. And I also allow such, but I answer when it is time. Because no longer much can be done through the action of men into space - because time has run out with which mankind is still allowed to reckon in the first place. And all experiences, which they still want to gather, will no longer be of use for them, because I myself call a halt to it. But I will reply the same way because this response will likewise come out of space, which they seek to invade, and all their inventions will be futile to repulse the heavenly body or to want to divert it, which greatly endangers them.”

Now from B.D. NR. 8033:

“Already in the foreseeable future you will experience the truth of my word because I will express myself through the powers of nature as I have announced it to you constantly. And you will not be able to ignore my voice because it sounds powerfully and brings the world to turmoil. Physically the events will well be limited but of such enormous extent that everyone will get a fright when it first will be brought to his notice. Because at first every communication will be cut off to the stretches of land, which were affected by it. A weird silence will lie over the disaster area because all communications have been broken off as long as the first horror is over. And then the world will hear what has happened, before it receives news that something dreadful has taken place.”

From B.D. NR. 8780: “And you will have no possibility to protect yourselves against the threatening disaster; you can only wait and will be set into great excitement through this, and this cosmic phenomenon will initiate just that powerful natural event because the universe revolts against all unspiritual which stays in the area of earth and has an unusual effect on the spiritual striving upwards at the moment. A very violent fight has broken out between the light and the dark spiritual because this spiritual knows it that a change is coming, and the last time is used by every side to an unusual extent. And these spiritual fights over the soul of men on earth have an effect on the different celestial bodies in the universe, which are connected to earth in a certain spiritual way. And with my consent also those heavenly bodies with its inhabitants participate in the last fight on this earth, and they express themselves through powerful tremors, which can be followed from (on) earth and trigger off greatest unrest in men who observe the course of the celestial bodies and can follow changes in their course, which in all probability will leave their mark on earth. Only on the part of science mankind can be brought to awaken because they do not listen to spiritual presentations, but they cannot deny scientific observations; they will give attention to it in their thoughts and with a good will can also still come on to the right way after that.”

From B.D. NR. 8781: “It is an unusual happening which I announce to you – you will believe to be mistaken, and again and again you will experience the same – tremors of the earth which are not due to eruptions but appear always then when earth is in a certain constellation towards other celestial bodies – so that the tremors can be expected on a regular basis and do not fail to appear. They will hardly be perceptible and therefore will also worry only few men, but not until the research of scientists will give reason to fear the worst, moreover the phenomena will increase and therefore then also throw the indifferent man, as they after all recognize an endangering of the celestial body of earth through other celestial bodies because the celestial bodies which have stepped out of their course move towards earth and again and again come into a constellation, which exactly triggers those effects.”

From B.D. NR. 8908: “Therefore announce it to all, point men to this intervention, which comes closer and closer and which will touch all of them, although that country remains hidden to you, which will be affected.”

From B.D. NR. 8949: “For they are certain that the time of the end has come, and that is why they also think my intervention to be possible … particularly then when this is also confirmed in scripture that an earthquake will come as big as the world has not yet experienced.”

From B.D. NR. 9000: “This change of will I intend through my intervention, of which numerous men will certainly be victim, but to whom the gates into the other kingdom will still be open, to be able to still mature there. But to those men who remain alive a still over great favour is granted to be able to make this change of will still on this earth, to then be rescued for eternity. Again and again I point you men to this event, but I find no faith. There are only very few who earnestly deal with what is coming, but also these cannot get an idea of the extent of the disaster because it surpasses everything whatever already happened on this earth. And also the individual person cannot imagine it, because men are cut off from all traffic, because no connection exists anymore between the places and also between countries, which are affected by it. There will be stretches, which seem to be completely deserted, where only a few will find themselves to now continue life. Everyone will be seized with terror who does not keep to me and completely trusts me. And then the will can decide. Every man can also find to me, and he will very safely be guided through the chaos. But he can also curse that being who let such happen, and the curse will hit himself.


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