Merkel, Obama’s secretary of agitation and propaganda.

Forcing into line - Comment on 2014 March 27 (3)

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Merkel has won all along the line. The forcing into line took place in no time. Read more:

The forcing into line took place this year, in the year 2014.

Last year it still looked as if there were dissenting voices.

Then, in the year 2013, the most powerful man in Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, spoke of Obama being an egg-thief and that the general federal prosecutor is asleep and does not issue an international warrant of arrest against Obama. This year one hears nothing like this. He has been forced into line or he has forced himself into line.

Since this year it is politically incorrect to express something against Obama or his dominance.

The leader of the opposition in the German parliament wrote big words last year and this year she no longer lines up. She finds no words.

A nice example is the companion of the president of Germany. She says: "We became involved in all kind of things: Nicaragua, South Africa, but that we have practically ignored the oppression in the DDR before our front door - for this I still feel embarrassed until today."

She does not feel embarrassed for the suppression of the state founded on the rule of law. She is embarrassed for something from the past. Then she neglected to get embarrassed for the dictatorship in Germany and today she neglects to get embarrassed about the stealing of private possessions through Mr Obama from that state, which her companion represents, and is not prosecuted.

Then she got worked up that South Africa was an anti-communist country, and about the communist dictatorship in her own country she did not get worked up. Today Obama has his dictatorship extended over almost the entire Ukraine, and her companion got worked up about Russia last year and punished it with his absence because Russia does not want to become Sodom and Gomorrah, like Germany. The thief, Obama, on the other hand, who stole from him and from his fellow-citizens, and who still does it, he does not punish, but gives him all honours of the protocol. People in Germany simply know how to behave in a dictatorship. He, the German president, talks about freedom, which was not available in the past, and about the freedom, which got lost in the presence, he keeps mum.

About South Africa one got worked up because it was an anti-communist country. Would there have been a communist government in South Africa and the communist government there would have wiped out the indigenous population, as according to the model of the Americans and the Australians, then they would have acclaimed such a government in Germany, exactly as they acclaimed Mao then, and his red little book in academic circles, and about the unspeakable suffering, which Mao brought about the Chinese people, that was overlooked.

The president of Germany talks about the lack of freedom under the communists of the past, and the lack of freedom under the worst communist, Obama, he is not even able to recognize.

During the cold war it was political incorrect in Germany in the past century to criticise communism in the East. This year, 2014, it is now taboo to say anything against Obama. Last year there were loud voices supporting Edward Snowden. This year they have fallen silent.

The intimidation of the people in the West through the communists in the East just worked very nicely, no-one dared to revolt against it. They all had let themselves being forced into line, also those who did not even live in the dictatorship of Stalin and his successors. They all were cowards. And as from this year it is again so. Two dictatorships have sorted out people in Germany so that they behave in the third one completely automatically, already at the beginning, like good trained slaves. They know exactly what they have to do; it is their second nature.

This year Ms Merkel announced her positive attitude towards Obama and immediately entire Germany fell into the Obama line and every resistance against Obama is blasphemy.

With great skill the specialist for propaganda, Merkel, talked about the violation of international law, about the annexation of the Crimea through Russia, and immediately all media took this up and let themselves be forced into line, and the real international law, self-determination, did no longer exist.

The specialist for agitation, Merkel, became the godmother of the putsch in Kiev, and the entire published opinion sided with her and the government of the Ukraine, only a short time ago found worthy to be offered closer ties with the EU, was declared to be criminals.

Someone did not want to be embraced by Obama und immediately was declared to be a villain.

The specialist for agitation and propaganda, Merkel, considered the year 2013 as unfavourable for her plans. There was this matter Edward Snowden and Obama’s unpopularity and the problem of elections in Germany. But she knew men forget quickly. And at the first opportunity after the elections, when the government in the Ukraine decided to stay away from the Obama kingdom, the expert for agitation and propaganda went into full action and in a few weeks the success was reached and the forcing into line had taken place.

Last year it looked that Merkel did not want to go to war with Obama in Syria, but in reality it was about extending her position in the Obama hierarchy and reach the second highest position there and to eliminate the other competitors, and in this she succeeded this year and now she is the unchallenged hero of work for Obama.

And this year right at the beginning she let it be announced that Germany is now tired of not taking part in wars and now everything shall be different, and the next world war will certainly start again with Germany, so according to the maxim of the 1st of September 1939, as from today we will shoot back.

Merkel has won all along the line. The forcing into line took place in no time.


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