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Reunion in spheres of light - Comment on 2014 March 25

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And that is why between the mature and the immature spiritual, therefore between the souls departed from earth, which enter the hereafter in a different state of maturity, there can also be no reunion so long until the immature has reached a certain degree of maturity, which opens the spheres of light to it. Read more:

Today I first bring a message from Bertha Dudde and after that a suitable statement from a person who has out-of-body experiences and finally a couple of remarks to all that.

But first now Bertha Dudde:


Spheres of light. Reunion. Blessedness.

10. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3324.

Like a cloud of light the mature soul will rise after the death of its body out of the earthly area into the spheres of the hereafter, and then it has overcome all matter, then it is free of every fetter, it is again what it was originally, a free spirit being full of light and power. Visible and recognizable it is only to the likewise spiritual, which therefore is able to see spiritually, while it remains invisible to the immature spiritual, can therefore also not be recognized by it. And that is why between the mature and the immature spiritual, therefore between the souls departed from earth, which enter the hereafter in a different state of maturity, there can also be no reunion so long until the immature has reached a certain degree of maturity, which opens the spheres of light to it. The immature spiritual is certainly recognizable by the light beings, because they see everything and nothing is hidden to them; therefore they also know those souls, which are still in darkness of spirit; but they cannot be recognized by those. But the longing of the souls for their loved ones is sometimes so strong that it is a driving force for ascent development in the hereafter, when the soul has entered the state of recognizing and knows about the possibility of ascent in the spiritual kingdom through work of love. Then it is ceaselessly active because the longing for the souls close to it constantly drives it up. Because it recognizes its own and therefore knows that it will also see its loved ones again, and this awareness gives it again and again power, and this power is supplied by those beings, which are the goal of its longing; they can supply power to souls but unrecognized by them. When they approach them to give them helping advice then they cover themselves because the immature souls cannot bear their fullness of light. So those see themselves surrounded by beings, which are however foreign to them and which apparently do not belong to any other spheres of light than they themselves. But because they help them with advice and action, the incomplete souls are thankful and well-disposed to them, and they obey their advice. And so the mature beings draw their loved ones to themselves, until they have reached a degree of maturity where they become receivers of light. Then they are also able to see spiritually; they recognize their surroundings, they recognize light beings of equal maturity, and their happiness increases all the time because they can unite with them, because they see their loved ones again and now on their part help those again who languish in the darkness of the spirit. Only when that degree of maturity is reached, which allows spiritual seeing, the soul is free from every burden because then also it stands in the light, in knowledge of pure truth and in love. And every activity, which it now executes, makes happy, because only love drives it to it and love work always triggers happiness. The melting together with equally mature souls, which complement each other in most intimate harmony, is the actual happiness because it is most intimate love, which seeks and finds union. And love always makes happy when it is meant for the pure spiritual because it is giving, not demanding. And still this love culminates in the desire for God, in final union with him. And this desire is always fulfilled because any time the being is allowed to desire God, and it is also allowed to count on the stilling of its longing because God gives constantly, he hands out his love constantly and through this makes the inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom to happiest beings. Their happiness is unimaginable because love and light fill those spheres where the beings are allowed to dwell near God who is eternal love and the original light himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 3324.


I now bring something from a book called "Astral Dynamics, A new approach to out-of-body experience" by Robert Bruce:

High-Level Contact

It is possible, while out of body, to contact advanced beings in the astral planes, but this is far more difficult than most people imagine. Just because projectors can get out of their bodies and stumble about the astral planes does not mean they have instant access to advanced spirit beings or guides.

For high-level contact to be made at all – in or out of body – it seems that there must be a genuine need for advice or help. High contact does not always work even then. I suspect this is because the need must be important enough to warrant such intervention. Wanting general advice on life, or having a bucketload of questions, does not seem to fit this bill.

Advance spirit beings rarely contact or allow themselves to be contacted by humans. Contact will be made when they think it is warranted – when they think the time is right.

Many in our modern world feel directionless, lost, spiritually starved, isolated, and deprived. They naturally yearn for contact with advanced spirit beings to show them the way. They think that if they could only get out of their bodies they could visit these higher beings, or demand an audience, but this just doesn’t work. If an advanced being needs to contact someone, it does so. Nothing that person could do would be able to miss or block this contact. People do not need to be out of body, nor psychic nor developed in any way whatsoever for high contact to occur.

High-level contact will occasionally happen during a projection, and I have learned a few projection-related ways of helping this along. Projection consciously out of body and into the astral planes will often, in itself, precipitate some level of contact with advanced spirit beings. I have found, though, that making any kind of high contact is best thought of as a long-term goal, something to be looked forward to, patiently, while making the most of our life in the best way you can; no one can do any better than that. The best way to cultivate high-level contact, and to speed this moment along a little, is through regular, meaningful spiritual service and development, complemented by energetic and psychic development, in that particular order of priority and effort.

While I was translating the above message from Bertha Dudde into English I stopped and went to the kitchen and that moment my friends upstairs used and reminded me of the material I read the other day in the book by Robert Bruce and which I then added to Bertha Dudde’s message.

Now that was God speaking to me. And he used advanced spiritual beings to do that for him. And I received the message – and I recognized it as such.

So one can be in high-level contact all the time – here before the hereafter. One does not have to wait until one has reached the kingdom of light.

And that is because when one has reached the state of being enlightened spiritually then this possibility of high-level contact exists all the time. And mature spiritual beings are there to help and assist us. God listens all the time to us. But they are helpers – not our slaves. They decide what to say and when. We are just open to receive. And recognizing a message from above as such and acknowledging it and thanking the giver for it, helps of course a lot to improve this two-way telepathic communication.

So I listened to my friends upstairs and found the passage in Robert Bruce’s book and added it. To read books about out-of-body experiences can bring a lot of insight into the spiritual world and that is why I am reading such books, but we do not have to leave our body temporarily – or finally – to have high-level contact, we can have it now.

So when one reads what Robert Bruce wrote and keeps Bertha Dudde’s message in mind, then the writing of Robert Bruce gives us insight about the degree of spiritual maturity of Robert Bruce.


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