Merkel has become the person in Obama’s system who is now responsible for agitation and propaganda.

The continued ascent of Ms Merkel - Comment on 2014 March 18

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Germany is governed by a woman who started her political career as secretary of agitation and propaganda with Free German Youth in the GDR and who is now in the Obama-System also responsible for agitation and propaganda. Read more:

Last year one could get the impression that Ms Merkel was on her way to avoid being sucked into the Obama system. When Edward Snowden appeared she tried to stay out of this affair by saying very little about it. It was just before her re-election and Snowden was popular and Obama’s star seemed to be falling, so it was not advisable to take Obama’s side but leave the impression that she was uncommitted. She, and her country, had the option to opt out of the dominance of Obama and become a force that kept some sort of neutrality towards the USA, and to Russia as well. That would of course be a difficult situation because of all the restrains Germany is in, like Nato, EU, and Germany’s military helplessness. To really liberate Germany from the Obama dictatorship Germany would have to leave Nato, at least Germany would have to take the armed forces out of NATO like Charles de Gaulle did after the Americans chose to be governed by completely incompetent presidents. Germany would basically have to leave the EU and the Euro because all the leaders of the EU countries were blindly following Obama and doing what they imagined Obama wanted.

Also the meeting in St. Petersburg last year could give the impression that Merkel did not want to be part of a war against Syria. She was highly annoyed by the arrogant behaviour of Ms Rice, Obama’s security advisor, and did initially not sign the agreement, and only did it after the EU countries consented.

Now one of the first political directions the new government in Berlin indicated at the beginning of this year was the willingness to take on more military responsibilities, go to war.

Then everything came to light when the Ukraine decided not to take up the offer of the EU and resistance against the government of the Ukraine grew. Here Merkel opted to support this resistance.

The decisive moment arose when the demonstrators in Kiev left lawful practices and adopted unlawful ones and erected barricades and occupied government buildings. Here Ms Merkel should have clearly distanced herself from these acts but the exact opposite happened. Merkel became the godmother of violence in Kiev and Merkel became the godmother of the putsch that toppled the government.

On the 3rd of July 2013 when Obama caused the plane of the South American president to be hijacked in Europe, Merkel gave the first indication of her commitment to criminal behaviour in community with Obama. When Obama was revealed as a man who stole private communication from all people of the world, therefore also from the people of Germany, she, instead of causing an internal warrant of arrest to be issued against this thief, kept a very low profile and only rebelled when her own communications were stolen.

So her becoming the godmother of the putsch in Kiev was just a natural development that started the year before, committing criminal acts in cooperation with Obama.

After the government of the Ukraine was successfully removed and the newly installed government started to move against the interests of the Russian population in the Ukraine, the government of Russia immediately took steps to protect the people of the Ukraine who felt to be Russians and wanted to remain free and did not want to become slaves in the Obama dictatorship.

This now was the great opportunity for Merkel to move herself to the top position in Obama’s top leadership. She is now the undisputed highest ranking person around Obama and his main voice and that person that determines the actions in Europe.

Merkel has become the person in Obama’s system who is now responsible for agitation and propaganda.

She has outdone Ms Susan Rice, Obama’s security advisor, and also Ms Victoria Nuland, an assistant secretary of state, who had insulted the Europeans.

Merkel has become Obama’s most important ally and therefore the second most powerful person on earth. Obama will carry on honouring Ms Merkel and praise and reward her. But this does not mean that he will also stop fighting her because Ms Merkel will remain a person who has highest regard for power, particularly for her own power. She is not like all the other people around Obama who are happy to be his slaves and remain his slaves.

Merkel became the chairwoman of the Christian Democrats in Germany by simple being of such political potential that it was obvious to everyone in Germany, also to people not belonging to her party, that she was the right and only person for this job. Her political potential gave her this position and this quality also gave her the position that made her now the top person in Obama’s system. So Merkel is not just a supporter to Obama, but also a thread.

Obama is scheduled to leave office on the 20th of January 2017 and Merkel is scheduled to leave office not before the fall of 2017, so three quarters of a year later than Obama.

So Merkel might still be in office after Obama has left his and could take over from Obama and be his successor as the world leader. Obama probably does not really plan to leave office, just instils the feeling into the people of America that he will, so that they think everything proceeds as it normally does, and remain unaware that democracy has stopped since a long time.

Now this role of Merkel being responsible for agitation and propaganda is not really a new role for her. See 2013 Sep 03 (4) – Governed by a woman who started her political career as secretary of agitation and propaganda with Free German Youth in the GDR.

Merkel was brought up in a family with deep admiration for the Stalinist regime. She and her family lived in Hamburg, in the free part of Germany, but then her father took her and the family and moved into the area of the regime of Stalin and his successors.

At the end of this regime she was disgusted with the inability of the Stalinists to run their dictatorship and she sided with the resistance movement and then joined the Christian Democrats, a group of people she probably conceived was the only one which could really handle politics.

And the longer she observed Obama the more she became convinced that he had the ultimate recipe for gaining world dominion and that people like Hitler and Mao and Stalin were just amateurs and that to side with Obama would be the only thing to pursue.


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