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Engage in loving activity in the hereafter - Comment on 2014 March 15

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In thoughts we are to hold up in front of the souls that they must occupy themselves lovingly also in the hereafter. Because the spiritual full of light can only then assist these souls when they declare themselves willing to help other souls. Read more:

Today I bring again a message from Bertha Dudde to the subject intercession:


Poor souls. Remorse. Loving help.

15. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3256.

When you men have covered life on earth and entered the spiritual kingdom then the time of your walk on earth appears to you just as a moment when remembering back is given to you about the infinite long time before your embodiment as man. And then you also recognize the great favour, which the last stage of your development have been for your soul, and blessed he who has used it and whom it earned entry into the kingdom of light, who needs not to blame himself that he left the favours of earth life pass by unused. Because remorse in the hereafter is double painful because the soul recognizes that it can no longer correct what it has missed or neglected on earth when the soul recognizes, which unimaginable agonies the endless long course on earth has contained and on the other hand how easy the short life as man was, which it has not valued appropriately. Remorse about such a wrong lived earth life is so agonizing and pressing for the soul that it alone through this already unspeakably pays for and aggravates its agonizing state; but earth life with its many possibilities to mature is now over, and the soul must take the consequences upon itself in accordance with its earth life walk. It must now in the hereafter continue the course of development, but under far greater difficulties than upon earth, when the entry into the kingdom of light is still denied it. You men do not know how poor such a soul is, which still dwells in darkness, and which merciful love it needs when help is to be brought to it. And all of you are to have pity on such souls; you are to give love to them otherwise they cannot be redeemed eternally because alone they are too weak; because love alone gives them power and the souls expect and request this love from men. Because the spiritual full of light can only then assist these souls when they declare themselves willing to help other souls. But to let this will arise in them, their will must be strengthened, and this is only brought about by the power, which is supplied to them through the love of men on earth. Unredeemed souls, therefore such, which have not taken right advantage of earth life or have lived on earth completely without spiritual striving, are in greatest danger because they are completely powerless and have a completely weakened will. To assist these souls is one of the greatest works of love, which man can carry out. Persistently he is to pray for such souls; in thoughts he is to hold up in front of them that they must occupy themselves lovingly also in the hereafter; again and again he is to preach love to them; he is to talk to them in thoughts and supply to them power through his love, which is felt beneficently by the soul because it relieves their state of suffering. And the souls thank men for it eternally, which redeem them from their agonizing state through loving help. As soon as they can participate themselves in the work of redemption, as soon as they can decrease the suffering of other souls through supply of spiritual knowledge, but which they first have to earn. Through their will to help their greatest misery is removed, and their remorse decreases to the same degree as the will to help increases. Because now it recognizes that it is needed in the spiritual kingdom, and its eagerness lets it forget the own suffering. It strives for gathering spiritual goods to be able to hand them out again; it has created a new sphere of action for itself and now seeks to catch up on what it has neglected on earth to give love. And now it continues its course of development in the spiritual kingdom, thanks to the help, which has brought the loving remembrance of men on earth to it, for which they are thankful for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3256.


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