Germany is now fully integrated in the Obama Empire.

The Obama Empire - Comment on 2014 March 9

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The end times do not seem to have really started and Obama has already control over much of the world and resistance against him seems to be negligible. Read more:

Last year the president of the Ukraine was a highly respected person and he and his country were found worthy of becoming members of the EU and closer ties were offered to them.

Then it was decided by the Ukraine and its president that this offer was not to be accepted and suddenly this highly respected president, because he decided not to become a vassal of Obama like all the other EU members and their leaders, was declared to be an evil person and persecuted.

Even a country like Switzerland robbed him of his money.

Now this is a clear indication of things to come.

If someone does something that Obama does not like, he becomes an outcast. If the Swiss do not rob him of his money then Obama has all the means to withdraw all the money from the account of such a person because he has monitored all internet banking and has all the details to just take over any account he likes.

Another new thing is that self-determination has been abolished, at least by the vassals of Obama. I just read this about the Crimea: " Western states have called the vote as illegal and threatened Russia with sanctions should the government in Russia violate the territorial integrity of the Ukraine."

So even a country like Switzerland does what Obama wants. And this includes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung where the writes are enthusiastically fighting for Obama and their readers are enthusiastically against what the writers write, but that is only still allowed to register these renegades to be filtered out in future and then sorted out.

Which are then the countries which do the bidding for Obama?

So it is the entire West. First of all there are the five eyes. And that are the really English countries, US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And then it is Nato. And the G7 group of nations which also includes Japan. And then the EU.

So what is left? There are the Brics countries and they are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

And from these 5 countries only Russia seems to be able to not do what Obama wants, for example letting the Crimea become a vassal of Obama or handing over Snowden to the US.

Brazil seems to be very upset about Obama stealing their information and they seem to protect friends of Snowden, but if they would be able to protect Snowden if he would go to Brazil is already questionable.

And what about the rest of the countries of the world? Would one of them be willing and able to protect a man like Snowden of being hijacked by Obama?

So Obama has few people who dare to resist him and Obama seems to have almost no enemies, at least outside of his own country.

The only significant numbers of people who openly oppose Obama and seem to know what Obama is all about are a large group of normal citizens of the US. But all their leaders seem have become vassals of Obama.

Now with this kind of outlook and prospects who will dare to oppose Obama?

The end times do not seem to have really started and Obama has already control over much of the world and resistance against him seems to be negligible.

Now we want to have a look at two people who were rebellious against Obama and were that case was recorded here on this website and what became of their rebellion.

There is Mr Gabriel. See 2013 Nov 08 – Germany: Gabriel calls Obama an egg-thief. In the meantime Mr Gabriel has become vice chancellor of Germany and from his attitude against Obama seems to be nothing left - and his opinion, that the general federal prosecutor is asleep, as well, and no call for the issue of an international warrant of arrest for Obama.

The new Ostpolitik of the Social-Democrats is to fully support the east expansion of the Obama Empire. As in the 60s of the previous century the Social-Democrats are again the useful idiots of a totalitarian power.

And there is Ms Wagenknecht. See 2013 Nov 04 (2) – Germany: Sahra Wagenknecht defends freedom and democracy. She demanded actions against the USA and called the USA a regime of fear. And now she is the opposition in the German parliament and all parties there are in line with Obama and his regime.

Russia is the biggest country in the world but the rest of the world seems to attack it and slander it because it dares to resist Obama and dares to prevent people becoming slaves of the Obama regime.

Last year Wagenknecht said: "A chancellor who also now still wants to continue business as usual betrays freedom and violates her oath of office: to protect the interests of the people." And this year she joins Obama and the chancellor who violates her oath of office and both are now loyal followers of the one who betrays freedom.

The Christian politician Merkel now has become the main supporter of Obama, Antichrist.

Ms Merkel has sold her soul and her country.

She was the whole time on Obama’s side last year and that is why she never spoke out against Obama and kept quiet about Snowden. And this year Snowden will probably be declared to be a villain as well, just like Putin.

A small country like Uganda, that dares not to comply with the demands of Obama and worship him and his Sodom and Gomorrah people, will hardly have a chance to survive. The international Monetary Fund (IMF) said it was not going to continue to assist Uganda with the annual $90 million loan it gives to the East African country.

Ms Merkel seems to emerge as the greatest fighter for Obama. The latest news is that she criticises the referendum on the Crimea as illegal. Self-determination is illegal when people want to stay out of the reach of Obama.

Putin is now cast as the new villain because he dared to prevent people from being integrated into the Obama Empire.

And nobody speaks anymore of the villain Obama who stole private communication from people all over the world and that he still carries on, with increased effectiveness, is now a subject of the past because now everyone concentrates on his replacement.

And the conservative politicians in America, the leaders of the Republicans, are now the most eager politicians in the world to help Obama building and expanding his Obama Empire and demand tougher action against the Russians.

Obama has won a clear victory. He has won the Ukraine, with the exception of the Crimea. But the most important part of this victory was that he has shown the entire world that he has the say and that there is no more resistance against him, just except the aforementioned villain.

Last year there was the case Snowden and it gave some people the courage to rebel against Obama. This year there is the case Ukraine and it was very welcome because with it the case Snowden could be brushed aside and the thief Obama is now forgotten and everyone can now continue worshipping Obama.

It has therefore proven to be true, the freedom of Germany from dictatorship only lasted 20 years, from 1989 to 2009, from the fall of the wall in Berlin, to the taking up of office by Obama. And this year it has now been shown that Germany is fully integrated in the Obama Empire.


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