The possibility of execution is completely independent of will itself.

Freedom of will - Comment on 2014 March 7

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God’s will is certainly decisive but God never determines the course of development of the individual being, as God also never pushes its will into a certain direction and consequently restricts the freedom of thinking but the decision is left to man himself, and as his decision is, so is also his state of maturity. Read more:

Today I bring two messages from Bertha Dudde, which describe the freedom of will:


Freedom of will. (Predestination teaching)

9. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3249.

The sun of the spirit is to rise and chase darkness away – where darkness is, it is to become light; where incomprehension and ignorance rules, there the word of God is to give information because it is God himself who instructs men when they want to receive his word. And he certainly gives them this instruction in the right form, complying with their will to truth and corresponding to their receptivity and worthiness. And this is his word: Try to think of the divine will as fundamental principle, according to which everything takes place in heaven and on earth – try to let this divine will be regarded first, and you will then look at all happenings from this side only, that divine will cannot be uninvolved with this because without (his) God’s will no other will can gain recognition – even if it is completely opposing. Every will, whether good of evil, must first be sanctioned through his will before it can become active; therefore divine will is used as a basis for every happening, which however does not say that God approves what is born out of evil will. Nevertheless also evil will could not be when man would not be enabled by God; therefore every will is based on the will of God. But God never determines man to want good or evil but the direction of his will remains up to him, and this is free will. That man can want, is God’s gift, God’s determination or also a favour of God – but what he wants is his own determination; in it God leaves full freedom to him, even though he can certainly also be prevented to execute that what he wants. Nevertheless his will has become active; he has announced the direction of his will towards God, and this direction of the will it is for which he has to answer. And divine commandments are the standard for good or evil will. God will therefore never try to influence human will to violate his commandments; however put the thoughts into his heart to express his opinion to one of the commandments. Therefore good and evil will always approach him; the will in man will also become busy according to divine determination – but it is left up to man how he decides. And through earthly happenings God will cause him to express his will, and that is why earthly happenings approach him in such a way as they are most favourable to the decision of his will. And this is his fate, his predetermined course of life, which takes all his aptitudes into account and gives him the greatest possibility to let his will become active in the right direction. Very often the freedom of will is misunderstood because it is related to the execution of earthly activity and a prevented execution of that what a man wants is called unfree will. The possibility of execution is completely independent of will itself. This is free, i.e., man determines himself the direction, which the will takes, and the freedom of his will will never be touched by God. But the freedom of will can be abused for God-opposing work as well as for God-opposing thinking. Also then man takes up the power out of God, i.e. life power, which flows towards him, and consequently in a certain meaning the approval of God because nothing can happen without his will and without his will man would also not able to think. And nevertheless one cannot say that God has determined the will of man to his thinking and acting. Even when God himself has put the will into man, then he has still not directed this will to good or evil acts. And this must be kept apart, otherwise a free will would have to be negated and man could never have the claim to perfection. Most of the time men relate freedom of will to pure earthly acts, thoughts or events, and in this they often experience that they are very unfree because acts, thoughts and events do not always correspond to their will. Then the will of God expresses itself obviously, and they eagerly dispute the teaching of free will. But even then will and possibility for execution are different terms because man can any time give the will that direction, which he likes. But in spiritual respect will will always be able to be carried out because what man wills, for that also the power is supplied to him, only that also his will determines the origin of power, that the power can be supplied to him from above or also from below; he therefore hands himself over to that power to which his will is inclined. But also then God gives his approval, i.e., he does not prevent the course of development of man, although it leads away from him because he has given the being the freedom of will and will never abolish this freedom, when it lives the last stage on earth as man, which is to earn him the last maturity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3249.


Freedom of will. (Predestination teaching)

10. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3250.

I do not rule human will, but I leave it its freedom. I certainly remain active with it, by supplying that power to it all the time, to be able to want, think and act as independent being. And therefore I am originator of its life, as also of its thinking and wanting. Because what once came into being out of my hand, I also must continuously place it into a condition to be able to fulfil its purpose, on which every work of creation, every product of my love power, is based, otherwise wisdom of my work could be denied, which however becomes undeniably evident everywhere, where man has reached a certain level of cognition and has an open eye for my rule and work. But when I supply permanently everything created with life power to be able to exist, then understandably all life, all activity, depends on my will and consequently also all organic activity of man, which only my will lets come into operation, and therefore it is me who works in man – both the wanting as also the accomplishing; because I gave man as highest work of creation on the visible earth this ability. But without this gift man would be no free, independent being and consequently also not able to develop himself up. But I also gave him the freedom of his will, i.e., it is up to him to make use of the gift of wanting and of accomplishing in every direction, and he will never be forced through me to turn to this or that direction, only so guided lovingly on his course of life that he is to decide because this is the purpose of his earth life that he makes right use of his free will. I want to make happy creatures out of all men, but happiness depends on the will to good. To decide for good in all freedom of will earns the soul the highest happiness. But when man is good as a result of an influencing from me then he is not any more a free, independent being, and without freedom there is no happiness. It is free will, which is to be kept always and permanently, both in the earthly as well as the spiritual kingdom, when all beings are to form themselves to my image in the days to come. And the question about free will is so exceedingly important that also always an answer is given to man as a result so that his thinking is not moving in error and the redemption teaching becomes completely incomprehensible to him by this. I always instruct you men in truth when you trustingly turn to myself for information of such questions, and I supply you with this truth when you do not hear it in yourselves because your knowledge is lacking when you are falsely instructed in decisive questions and then want to build up upon it. Never is freedom of will to be allowed to be denied otherwise you disparage yourselves to machines, which must let everything wash over them will-lessly what I, the Lord of creation, want. My will is certainly decisive but I never determine the course of development of the individual being, as I also never push his will into a certain direction and consequently restrict the freedom of thinking but the decision is left to man himself, and as his decision is, so is also his state of maturity. I supply the favours to every individual unmeasured, and so also his will is alone decisive for the acceptance of my favours, how far these can become affective with him and which power is now available to him, to implement his will into action. My love is meant for all my creatures, and that is why I also supply to all creatures the same measure of favours, but how they utilize it is up to them because I certainly rule over heaven and earth but I do not force human will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3250.


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