Ms Merkel was on the side of the opposition to the government of the Ukraine who now had become criminals.

Ms Merkel, the more independent vassal of Obama - Comment on 2014 March 3

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The development in the Ukraine has clarified Merkel’s position. She, or rather Germany, belongs to the G7 group of nations and they side with Obama. Read more:

The position of Ms Merkel in Obama’s dictatorship has now become clearer.

She now clearly belongs to the group of vassals who pay tribute to Obama, but she is the one who still keeps her distance to him and tries to give the impression of still being independent.

The development in the Ukraine has clarified her position. She, or rather Germany, belongs to the G7 group of nations and they side with Obama.

The G7 group of nations are the USA, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

The other 5 leaders follow directly Obama and think always already ahead of what Obama is wanting and going to do and Ms Merkel tries to still think for herself.

When the demonstrations in Kiev started, Ms Merkel was on the side of this opposition to the government of the Ukraine. And when the demonstrators started to act against the law by barricading traffic and occupying buildings then she, instead of distancing herself from such actions and therefore from the leaders, kept on supporting them and therefore clearly took the side of the leaders, who now had become criminals.

Just imagine a Ukraine citizen who is Russian speaking and who does not belong to the opposition and who also does not want to become part of the Obama dictatorship, does not want to be integrated into the EU.

How does he feel when the demonstrators now start acting against the law and want to force their will on the rest of the people? He obviously must have the feeling that democracy and freedom have come to an end and the only way to protect him from this situation is a man like Putin, a man who has proven already that he does not follow the commands of Obama, of handing over Snowdon to the USA.

How must such person feel when he is not only Russian speaking and does not belong to the opposition, but is also a member of parliament? To be a politician in a city that is now governed by people who do not respect the law and cause the head of state to flee, because he must now fear for his life, he no longer has free choices and his position as an independent person is gone. Democracy has become an illusion.

I now bring extracts from an article of 26. February 2014:

The man who put Yanukovych to flight

Wolodimir Parasiuk will perhaps once enter history books as the man who put the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to flight.

On Friday evening the leaders of the opposition on the stage of the Maidan had just pleaded for the just signed compromise with President Viktor Yanukovych, when the 26-years-old from Lviv leaped up and snatched the microphone. "Our friends have been shot – and our leaders shake hand with this murderer," he shouted in a short speech, while he again and again broke down overcome by feelings: "That is a disgrace. Up to tomorrow at 10.00 o’clock he must have disappeared." The crowd howled its agreement to the words of the young man while the open coffins of the killed demonstrators were carried to the stage.

Parasiuk‘s emotional appearance on the Maidan has probably given the death-blow to the agreement, which the EU foreign ministers had just laboriously negotiated between the opposition and Yanukovych. The former boxing world champion Vitali Klitschko observed the scene with hardened face. The two other opposition leaders Arseni Jazenjuk and Olej Tjahnibok left the stage shortly after Parasiuks appearance, but Klitschko came back. He apologized for his handshake with Yanukovych who still fled the capital at night with a helicopter.

If it goes by Parasiuk, then the barricades on the Maidan will not all too soon be cleared away. "When the Maidan dissolves then the politicians will no longer be afraid", he asked to bear in mind.

When politicians have to be afraid, for their life, then democracy has stopped to exist.

That Ms Merkel still supports the aims of these demonstrators, which then became criminals, has outened her.

So it is not left to the Ukraine to decide to not become a member of the EU. The Obama vassals use force and that is how one acts in a dictatorship.

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The extracts from the above quoted article might give the impression that the speech of Wolodimir Parasiuk and the reaction of Vitali Klitschko might have been the critical situation that caused the present situation in the Ukraine, but actually it was the reaction of the politicians to the change from demonstrating to criminal behaviour that did it. At that point Ms Merkel should have distanced herself from these people, but she did not, and therefore demonstrated that she had left democratic principles and became a sister-in-crime.

One can actually directly blame Ms Merkel for the situation in the Ukraine. She should have, the moment when the demonstrators gave up their legitimate behaviour and started to behave unlawfully, loudly and strongly announce her complete disapproval and distance herself from them. But she did not do it.

She displayed the same behaviour when the European countries became a party to becoming active for Obama as hijackers and hijacked the South American president on the 3rd of July 2013. Also then she neglected to loudly and clearly speak out against this.

This first case one could still consider as an oversight, but the present second case, now in the Ukraine, clearly proves that Merkel has moved on the side of the despot and of unlawfulness.

Ms Merkel therefore clearly joined forces with Obama and because of that has become a criminal like Obama is one.

Cartoon Merkel

"And don't forget dictators will never have success!"
"Now don't hide your light under a bushel!"


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