What have neutrinos to do with prayer?

Blessing of prayer - Power out of God – Neutrinos - Comment on 2014 March 2

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Neutrinos are quite neutral particles, which only then give up their neutrality when we want it. When we employ our will, when we intend that they become effective for us, then they will. We open our heart for the reception of power. Read more:

In Waves it is shown that mechanical waves are something natural, but that electromagnetic waves are already something supernatural.

All electromagnetic waves are actually light and light is power out of God.

Now an important principle, an important spiritual principle, is that life power flows towards everyone, but that this applies to material things only, as for instance to our body. But when we want to make use of this life power to strengthen our soul, then we have to switch on our intent; we then have to consciously request this life power, therefore use it intentionally for the reinforcement of our soul – pray.

Now a further spiritual principle is that we are actually not supposed to pray for material things, but for the spiritual thing only. The main direction of our prayer should always be that we ask God for his word. We request that God’s word is sent to us. One could now think that we of course have the word of God, in the form of the Bible. But God speaks permanently to us; he has never stopped to supply us with information. It is of course the main aim of Orthodoxy, of denominations, to make us believe that God still spoke 2000 years ago to us, when he walked on earth himself, and that was written down and that is what we now have and that is the Bible. But God did not quit speaking to his children and all these messages from above were suppressed in the last 2000 years with great success and the messengers were killed if possible and so the spreading of these announcements was prevented. And it is about the content of these messages, but also about the content of all the personal messages, which a Christian receives or should receive, therefore that word of God that the individual receives, either through mental transmission or, for instance, as internal audible word.

We therefore pray, or should pray, for a permanent supply of the word of God.

And a further principle now is that when we do this, request the supply of the word of God, that we then first seek the kingdom of God and when we do this, then, according to Matthew 6:33, all other necessities, like eating, drinking, clothing, and also health, shall be added unto us. We then do not need to worry about these necessities.

When now someone comes to us and asks us to pray for his health, then we should remember the above principles, but also that all bodily afflictions have a spiritual cause, that therefore actually a spiritual problem is the cause of every sickness and we therefore should not actually pray for the healing of the bodily problem but for the removal of the problem in the soul.

So also then we should pray for supply of the word of God, exactly for that reason that God sends his word, and lets us know, and lets especially the sick person know, what must be done, what must be done to the soul, to remove the defective state of the body.

When we are now aware that God’s life power is actually electromagnetic waves, then we can imagine this life power from God so as we imagine electromagnetic waves, like for instance radio waves, or TV waves, or the waves that make our mobile telephone communications possible. And we can even give them a name and call them neutrinos and consider them to be particles, which go all the time through our body by the millions, unhindered, and, when we want, that they are effective for us, have a positive effect on our soul, then we must bring our intent into employment, therefore must pray that they get caught in our soul and achieve there a purifying effect, therefore improve the soul and with it then also our body.

Neutrinos are therefore quite neutral particles, which only then give up their neutrality when we want it. When we employ our will, when we intend that they become effective for us, then they will. We open our heart for the reception of power.

A message from Bertha Dudde to this subject follows:


Blessing of prayer. Power out of God.

3. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3243.

That is the power of prayer that you unite with God and open your heart as a result for the reception of power. You enter the bridge to him, and he comes to meet you, and he hands out what you lack, what you now can receive from him – power out of God. Because you need this, and it can only be supplied to you when it is requested, when you acknowledge God through prayer. Because through prayer you prove faith in him, in his might and his love, otherwise you would not pray to him. And faith is first precondition that the power of God can flow towards you and have an effect upon you, because only in faith in him and his might and love you open yourselves to the influx of his power and therefore receive it consciously. You do not put up resistance against it, and your soul will feel this power as stimulus, as striving for perfection. This is the blessing of prayer, even so it is an earthly request, which God does not fulfil for the sake of the salvation of the soul, because the power, which grows out of the connection with God, is of benefit to the soul, it brings about its spiritual progress, because every connection with God carries its blessing in it, not always recognizable outwardly, but felt beneficently by the soul. When an earth child prays it has escaped the power of the opponent; a praying man is seized by the love of God, and he stands in his protection. A praying man is humble and therefore also receives favour, because when man is of arrogant spirit he does not pray, or else his prayer is form, without deep feeling, because the humility of the heart belongs to the right prayer, the admission of weakness and the subjugating to the will of God. But God gives his favour to the humble. And to stand in the favour of God must earn spiritual success to the soul, because to receive favour always means to be certain of God’s help, which he needs for his ascent. When man prays he decreases the distance from himself to God; he approaches him, and God does not withdraw from him. Full of love he bends down towards the child pleading with him, and every approach towards God strengthens the soul, because power radiates from God upon the being, which desires such. And that is why prayer is the first to be able to mature spiritually; the conscious connection with God is an unconscious confession of faith, and believing man can continuously be certain of the help of God, even if help is offered to him in other form than he has desired it. But a prayer never remains without effect upon the soul, because it will always earn it power out of God, without which man can never mature, and because this power is the most delicious good, which can be imparted to man on earth, because it earns him spiritual maturity, which is absolutely necessary for eternal life. B.D. NR. 3243.


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