There are many gradations in the spiritual world.

The kingdom of light - Comment on 2014 February 16

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There are many gradations in the spiritual world, many degrees of happiness, which are visible as light radiations in the most different intensity and correspond to the degree of maturity of the souls. As soon as the being, the soul, has entered the kingdom of light, happiness and blessedness is its part because it can receive the power radiation of God, what always means bliss, even so the soul can only be given little according to its maturity. Read more:

When we deal with the hereafter then it suggests itself to deal first with that area which is next to us and that is more the dark side of the hereafter. That area is closest to us which is populated by earthbound spirits, souls who are still so fascinated by matter after death that they hold on to it and therefore cannot separate from earth.

When we hear about near-death experiences then there is this experience of going through a tunnel and this tunnel is this area of the spiritual kingdom, which is called the kingdom of darkness. And the soul of that person, who has a near-death experience, goes through this tunnel and at the end of it comes into the kingdom of light and is received there and is then persuaded there after a relative short time to return, to return into its own body and therefore back to earth.

So the kingdom of light lies beyond the tunnel, and souls, which stay in the area around the tunnel, are supposed to advance and the result of their progress should then be the exit out of that kingdom of darkness and the entry into the kingdom of light.

Souls, which therefore stay in the kingdom of darkness, can be there for quite a long time. But they can also go downhill and are then at the end of a redemption period again fed into matter. Souls, who escape this fate, come into the kingdom of light, and this particularly at the end of a redemption period and then the kingdom of darkness is no longer needed for quite a long time because men of the new earth go directly into the kingdom of light after their decease, because they had reached already a high spiritual state on the old earth, therefore before the rapture.

In the kingdom of darkness therefore the darkest souls are at the very bottom and up to the top the darkness decreases and light increases, and at the very top are souls, which prepare themselves for a transition into the kingdom of light.

So there can be stagnation in the kingdom of darkness and there can be a downward movement, therefore a going down, and there can be an upward movement, therefore an ascent. We here on earth can exert an influence upon this by praying the Prayer of intercession.

A graduator, with which one can measure the state of a soul in the kingdom of darkness, is the human time-space illusion. This human time-space illusion is strongest at the bottom and decreases towards the top. So when we are already here on earth getting rid of this human time-space illusion, then there exists no necessity for us to go to this kingdom of darkness at our decease, but then we can go directly, through the tunnel, into the kingdom of light.

Half up the kingdom of darkness there is something like a zero and it is produced by the existence of two symbolic fields of power. These fields of power overlap and exert an almost equal strong pressure or influence. These two fields of power have no effect upon each other. They are not compatible.

In the lower half of the kingdom of darkness the ruling power is this human time-space illusion, and in the upper half of the kingdom of darkness the ruling power is the non-physical reality. This non-physical reality is described in a message by Bertha Dudde, and this message follows here further down.

The effect of this non-physical reality is strongest at the very top and decreases gradually towards zero and then decreases further, but exponentially, down to the lower edge.

The human time-space illusion therefore decreases all the time towards the top, until it partially becomes insignificant. And souls, which have reached the upper edge, then prepare themselves for the transition into the kingdom of light.

Now the message from Bertha Dudde:


Light spheres. Different light intensity. God’s adoption.

20. to 22. July 1944 B.D. NR. 3195.

There are many gradations in the spiritual world, many degrees of happiness, which are visible as light radiations in the most different intensity and correspond to the degree of maturity of the souls. As soon as the being, the soul, has entered the kingdom of light, happiness and blessedness is its part because it can receive the power radiation of God, what always means bliss, even so the soul can only be given little according to its maturity. But the blessedness increases in accordance with the work of love of the being, which always means an increase of its power, therefore an increased radiating through of divine love. And the being can be active without limitation; it is in a state of life, of freedom and permanent love under permanent use of the power out of God because divine power flows towards this being constantly and the reception of power triggers deep happiness in it. But the being is now active continually; it again works in love by passing on the power and with it makes uncountable beings happy and promotes their spiritual progress and at the same time develops itself to always greater perfection, what again results in increased supply of power out of God. And the rays of light are always brighter, which now surround the being. There is no limitation in the kingdom of light, and spheres if light are everywhere there where the beings have reached the degree of maturity that they can absorb the divine radiation in themselves, that they are radiated through by his power of love. But because the fullness of the reception of power corresponds with the level of the degree of maturity, the spheres of light will also show different light intensities because the more perfect the being is the closer it is to the eternal divinity, which as original light radiates an unimaginable fullness of light upon every being. But because the perfect spiritual knows no limitation, the being can always come closer and closer to the eternal divinity, therefore progress continually; it can receive the radiation of love directly, and it is nevertheless not completely united with it, when it has not reached the adoption of God. Because this means complete fusion with the original light; it means unlimited reception of power and therefore highest happiness. Every being in the kingdom of light is unspeakably happy and still can receive always deeper happiness the more it expresses its love itself and increases through this its light and power reception. But the being, once it stands in the light, does not know limitations in the hereafter, and this awareness is exactly so extremely gratifying that the being can strive for always higher perfection and that the divine love is also unlimited in its radiation of power. But the receiving of power from God must always be evaluated differently than the final unification with him, which earns the being the adoption of God, because it is one with God, and its activity in the spiritual kingdom is another one than that of light beings. They are completely creating out of themselves and form actively and extremely happy because this activity requires the highest degree of love and therefore increases its happiness immeasurably. (22.7.1944) The entry into the kingdom of light therefore takes already place as soon as the soul has reached the maturity, which allows a radiating through with light. But then there are uncountable degrees of perfection and therefore also uncountable levels of happiness and that is why the soul can always enter new spheres of light , which increase always and permanently. Because there is no limitation of that what is perfect. The soul always hovers higher; it approaches the original light, and nevertheless it is not completely one with the original light when it has not earned the right of the adoption of God upon earth. But the joining together with God it has found from that moment on where it feels his love radiating through it, where it is so purified that it can absorb power and light rays in itself. Because from now on it also has eternal life; it can be active, therefore work in love, and it can ascend into immeasurable heights; it can accept light and power from God and through joining together with equally mature spiritual increase those and be unspeakably happy. But as the fullness of light is unimaginable for man on earth, so there is also no possibility to compare for the happiness of the beings, which have found the entrance into the spheres of light. Because man, as long as he dwells upon earth, is an incomplete creature; he only sees and hears with the eyes and ears of the body and cannot imagine the spiritual world, which lacks all matter; which exists only spiritually and therefore can only be seen and grasped by the spiritual in man, by the soul, but also only then when the soul has reached a certain degree of maturity. And that is why mankind has no idea of the spiritual kingdom; it can only believe, and this only then when it is willing and lets itself be instructed without inner resistance. But it can strive to receive enlightenment, and then much will become comprehensible to it. Because then the first rays of light already start to have an effect, and as upon earth from now on a slow maturing of cognition, of light, is recognizable, i.e. of knowledge about pure truth, so also in the kingdom on the other side the development of the being increases – it becomes more and more perfect; it more and more joins God – it is unspeakably happy. But the adoption of God is a higher degree of perfection, and it includes infinite delights. It is the right of those who already on earth strive for God with all senses, who love him out of the entire heart and want to serve him in most loyal dedication, who in devotion take upon themselves suffering and earthly troubles, who seek to fulfil his will and are active in love all the time and continually, because they seek to become like the eternal divinity already on earth, and that is why God’s love seizes them, and it levels the way to him for them. Their fate is not easy on earth; they must pass many tests; they must fulfil tasks on earth, which require great power and a firm will to reach God. But the divine favour is available to these souls without measure so that they reach the aim when they only strive for it. Amen. B.D. NR. 3195.


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When I read this message from Bertha Dudde, B.D. NR. 8970, then the name Sai Baba always comes to mind.

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