The transmission from above.

The spiritís power - Comment on 2014 January 28 (2)

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But as long as we are only letting our intellect be active and do not take up the spiritís power, we will hardly stand in truth because truth is and will remain Godís part, which can only be supplied to Earth through Godís spirit. Read more:

The world around us is full of invisible things.

All these invisible things are supernatural things and that is why we cannot perceive them with our senses. Our outer senses are not suitable for this.

The invisible things are most of all electromagnetic rays. We cannot touch them, hear them, see them, but they are there. We notice that they are there when we switch on a mobile phone, then the next cell answers.

This turning on of a cell phone also has a spiritual meaning, because it is a conscious action that happens, a conscious operation.

I therefore can only take part in this mobile radio business when I make a decision of my will to take part in it, and execute the appropriate acts.

Without that nothing goes.

The normal life power that flows towards me, from God, does this whether I demand it or not. I do not need to make a particular decision there. My body receives this influx of energy automatically. But the power, which my soul needs to grow spiritually, has to be requested. There I must launch a special expression of my will to let it become effective for my soul.

This is a spiritual energy, which is supplied to me and I receive it when I take a spiritual measure, when I activate my will to ask for it, and I do that by going to God, in the spirit and in truth.

And that means that I do not employ material things, like words and sound waves, therefore material waves, but electromagnetic Waves, therefore something supernatural, and that is intellectual activity: Thinking.

I employ thoughts. That is the language, which God understands.

Here a message from Bertha Dudde, which I read today:


The spiritís power.

28. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2756.

So let yourselves be instructed, and do not resist the transmission from above. Consider that you are ignorant and that right knowledge, truth, can only be supplied from above to you, that you must receive it directly or indirectly when you want to mature spiritually. But as long as you are only letting your intellect be active and do not take up the spiritís power, you will hardly stand in truth because truth is and will remain my part, which can only be supplied to Earth through my spirit. Truth can only go out from me because it has its origin in me. But it can also only be transmitted there where the hearts open up to me, where therefore consciously this radiation Ė this work of my spirit Ė is desired. The will in man must have become busy to stand in connection with me, then the connection with me is already established through this will insofar as that my power in form of right thoughts flows over to man and he just always pushes towards me more eagerly. And these thoughts are already transmissions out of the spiritual kingdom; these thoughts are beneficial for the soul, and through these thoughts also my will is revealed, and you will then fulfil that what I mentally demand of you, because you recognize that this is my will. Seek to deepen the connection with me through prayer when the world wants to hinder you doing it, and listen what I tell you mentally. And the commandment of love will always sound in you; always you will hear my voice, which prompts you to love work, and when you follow this voice, you connect yourselves always more intimately with me, and you also hear my voice more and more clear; your thoughts are clear and ordered; your knowledge increases; you stand in truth and your soul matures. Because my spirit, my power, becomes effective in you, and my spiritís power only achieves this that you progress on the way of development, my spiritís power only imparts truth to you and pushes you to love work. Amen. B.D. NR. 2756.


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