Godís help and favour.

Important details - Comment on 2014 January 24

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To stand in the favour of God means to get all means for the ascent development of the soul, therefore to find help always and everywhere, which makes the maturation of the soul possible. Read more:

Today I want to mention important details in life.

It is important to always maintain contact with God. We can call it practising the presence of God. It is an again and again returning of the thoughts towards God.

We then permit ourselves to be led by the spirit, we are led by the spirit of God.

But there are also details and that is first to always ask God for his help, and then to request his favour.

These two details result from our background, from our spiritual past. We once stopped to work together with God and that has something to do with our fall, and now we must show directly that we have overcome this and are still busy with overcoming it and this we do by the practising of these two things: asking God for his help with everything and requesting his favour. And when we do this then we also become aware of our position and particularly of the fact that we now quite consciously strive for the opposite direction, back to God.

Now I bring a message from Bertha Dudde:


Godís help. Favour. Benefit from free will.

18. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2745.

The worldly minded man makes no use of the favour of God. It certainly is at his disposal at the same measure but he does not use it; he has no desire for it and that is why he also does not request it. To stand in the favour of God means to get all means for the ascent development of the soul, therefore to find help always and everywhere, which makes the maturation of the soul possible. The worldly minded man does not strive for the state of maturity of the soul, consequently he also does not take notice of means of help, he does not need them; he leaves the favour of God unnoticed and is too weak without divine help to reach his aim on Earth. Permanently he will go past all opportunities, which would be beneficial for his soul. Because whether also man makes no use of the favour of God at all, God nevertheless does not let him live in want, he therefore does not withdraw from him completely, by leaving him unnoticed, therefore now excluding him from the supply of favour, but through all life he brings himself again and again close to man; he again and again shows him the right way; he brings his servants to him; he so to speak again and again offers favour to him because he wants to win man for himself. But the free will of man must become active to accept the favour when he wants to have success spiritually. He must consciously take up the help of God. But in the main the worldly minded people are without all faith, and consequently they do not take up something what is founded on faith alone. They do not ask for help because they themselves do not think to be in trouble and because they also do not acknowledge any power, which could help them when they need help. They do not feel their spiritual need; earth life is completely enough for them, and they use every life power to create an earthly life of pleasure for themselves. But their spiritual development lies so far away from their thinking that they do not raise the smallest strength for this and also do not feel their lack of power, consequently also request no help from it and consequently also do not grasp help when it is offered to them in form of enlightenment of knowing people. Because every attempt of a spiritual striving person to bring the worldly fellow man upon the same way of striving is already a favour; it is a help, which God sends towards the latter through a person when he himself obviously does not express himself to not endanger the freedom of belief of man. But when man refuses then he has not accepted the favour of God; he has spurned it and for this reason remains spiritually standing on the same low level because active help must be offered to him in his de-spirited state and without such he can never ever overcome his love for the world, but which is an obstacle for spiritual striving. Man as such is too weak to overcome all his mistakes and desires; but he can this with the help of God, with the favour, which is again and again offered by his love and which he just has to use to mature spiritually, as long as he still dwells upon Earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 2745.


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