Obama and his vassal Merkel.

Germany slowly recognizes the Dictator Obama - Comment on 2014 January 20 (2)

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Plainer and clearer than ever this self-understanding becomes now apparent, which is cultivated in the White House: The president is the source of all power and thus the source of all law. Read more:

What this website countdown4us.com claims for years, that Obama is a dictator, now also slowly dawns upon some people in Germany.

The writer of the article I am going to quote from in the following, seems however to be of the opinion that it is about digital autonomy, therefore about information and perhaps still about security and money.

That it is about dictatorship he does not seem to grasp.

Ms Merkel certainly was never an Obama fan, but she had to deal with a situation where her country was that country in the world, which percentage wise had the highest numbers of Obama followers. For half a year now this seems to change and so she probably waits, as it is her way, whether an opportunity might arise to free herself from her vassal situation.

Since the beginning of this year she already outwardly appears much more energetic. What she declares to be handicap, to make it easier for her to stay away from certain events, is in reality an increase of power, because now she carries one big stick in each hand and these allow her to not only to strike out but they also increase her range.

It now remains to be seen when and how she will strike out.

Here extracts from the article I read today:


Obama’s PR offensive: The emperor and his vassals

President Obama’s speech and his interview in ZDF were clear: The USA lay claim to the digital rule over the planet. It is high time that Germany and Europe come out of the digital crawl group and learn to stand on their own feet.

Barack Obama has made a speech to calm the criticism, which was sparked off by the American surveillance. And because the criticism was particularly loud in Germany – and the surveillance of the German federal chancellor particularly embarrassing - , he had still given an extra interview to German television.

Before the speech and before the interview commentators had puzzled who would talk there: the supreme commander or the civil rights lawyer. That was a misunderstanding. Here a ruler spoke to his subjects. And the subjects were we all. After this weekend there are enough reasons that Europe finally starts with it to conquer back its digital autonomy. Our identity, our security and our money are at risk.

In the conversation with the ZDF one sentence slipped away from Barack Obama, which contains more truth than the presidential press office can like: “The president of the United States is not the great emperor of the entire world but just a man, a little wheel in this clockwork.” When someone believes he must express this sentence, he thinks in reality the opposite. And that also goes well with speech and interview. In the entire clever and friendly words only one message is behind: The USA can things, which others cannot, and when they find it appropriate, they will do these things.

Only one is save before American digital attacks, at least for the next few years: Angela Merkel. “As long as I am president of the USA the German chancellor will have nothing to worry about,” said Obama.

That is nice. A favour, which the emperor does for his vassal. But favour is always the opposite of right.

Plainer and clearer than ever this self-understanding becomes now apparent, which is cultivated in the White House: The president is the source of all power and thus the source of all law. Emperors do think so. It is again no coincidence that Obama, to ZDF, connected the power in the net with the military power of the USA. Both are outstanding, said the president and added: “Many countries in Europe are very happy that the USA has these military and intelligence service abilities. In a certain way we also take care of a great part of security and the defence needs of other countries all over the world.”

Protection against allegiance - that is how the relationship of prince and vassal is described.


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