Souls in Earth nearness want to communicate with men, without however being heard by them.

Contact with the deceased. Souls in Earth nearness. - Comment on 2014 January 3

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Countless souls are in Earth nearness, whose state of maturity is a very low one and that is why they still have the desire for Earth, because higher spheres are still not accessible for them. These souls are often still not yet aware that they no longer belong to Earth, i.e., they still do not know it that they have ended bodily life on Earth, and that is why they still stay in their old surroundings and want to communicate with men, without however being heard by them. Read more:

When one becomes more aware of the limitation of the bodily senses of man, it is easier to imagine the existence of other fields of being. The ability of our eyes to see is limited to a very tiny frequency range, the one of the so-called visible light. It stretches from about 400,000,000,000 cycles per second to about 800,000,000,000 cycles per second and that in a range of frequencies of the more used waves like radio waves, which perhaps vibrate a couple of thousand times per second up to gamma rays, which vibrate about 1x1021 times per second and that is a one with 21 zeros behind it.

Scientists call these vibrations electromagnetic waves, but in reality they are all light, only that just a very tiny part of light can be perceived by us, and that also only then, when this light hits some objects. Because in reality all light is something supernatural, also the so-called visible light. When we die and therefore turn into another state of consciousness , then our ability to see increases and we can, in addition to the previous range, see a part of the spiritual kingdom, for instance our self, as soul, and, perhaps, also other souls.

We cannot perceive light with our eyes. What we perceive is the reaction of light when it hits an object. The photons of light then hit upon the atoms at the surface of the object and the photons of the light then loosen electrons of these atoms out of them and that it is what we see, this reaction of matter to this collision with something spiritual out of the spiritual world. The material object loses electrons and these electrons are perceived by our eyes.

The more we advance spiritually the more increases our range of sight, i.e., spiritual advance can directly be measured in higher vibration numbers.

I will give now some webpages which deal with this:
Humans are electromagnetic beings
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It helps to get more understanding for spiritual things when on busies himself with the technical side of light. Spiritual sciences are directly connected to high tech science and we should not allow so-called scientist to impress us, who think the spiritual side of life does not exist. It very well exists and such scientists are there right in the middle of it; they are just so nave to believe all that has nothing to do with the really important things of life, with spiritual things.

Today I read the following message from Bertha Dudde and there this band width of seeing is well expressed, deceased can perceive us, we however not them:


Contact with the deceased. Souls in Earth nearness.

8. July 1942. B.D. NR. 2401.

Countless souls are in Earth nearness, whose state of maturity is a very low one and that is why they still have the desire for Earth, because higher spheres are still not accessible for them. These souls are often still not yet aware that they no longer belong to Earth, i.e., they still do not know it that they have ended bodily life on Earth, and that is why they still stay in their old surroundings and want to communicate with men, without however being heard by them. And sometimes it takes a long time before they realize that they no longer have anything to do with Earth. It takes a long time until they have put up with their new surroundings and finally stay away from Earth. This stage of ignorance is little fulfilling for the soul, because nowhere it finds understanding and help, because it turns to those men who cannot help it in a way as it desires help. Only the realization that it is dismissed from Earth for ever and that men can only help it through prayer, causes the soul to think about its present state and to consider the possibility that it can change this state itself, and it now pays attention to every opportunity, which earns it a different degree of maturity. Only now it goes into itself and seeks to account to itself, and then it is often seized by bitter remorse, that it has not made use of life on Earth as God wanted it. And in this mood of remorse it is often visited by light beings, which however come to it in a covering, that they are not recognized as light beings. These draw its attention to the suffering of the other souls and seek to awaken in it sympathy for these. And now its inner cast of mind is decisive, whether the light beings give it power or leave it again to its fate, until sympathy for needy souls outweighs the own suffering and the light beings now once again have an effect upon it and then with success. Earth is surrounded by countless beings which so to speak still live on Earth, but unrecognized by men, who declare that for not being, what they cannot see and take hold of, and who therefore also do not want to believe that the souls of the deceased surround those men who were left behind. Because only the spiritual eye could see them, but the bodily eye is blind, consequently the souls can in no way attract attention, because men do not react to that, because they depend on the divine laws of nature, into which God himself has put them. They see and hear only with bodily organs, but the souls of the deceased want to be seen with spiritual eyes. And therefore there is no connection between the souls of the deceased and men on Earth, understood in pure worldly meaning; there is just a pure spiritual connection, which can only then be established when man on Earth has the will to harmonize with souls, i.e., when man on Earth believes in a survival of the soul and seeks to communicate with these souls as a result of this belief. This conscious initial contact with the spiritual world is precondition that a contact can be established between men and the souls in the hereafter, through which a mutual communication is possible. And now it depends who is more knowledgeable, man or the soul in the hereafter. Because the knowing part is supposed to instruct the ignorant part. When the soul in the hereafter is in a very immature state then man can impart his knowledge to it by speaking with the soul, what the souls can hear very well. But when man is ignorant, then he is instructed by knowing spirit beings, when his will desires instruction. And therefore men on Earth can beneficially work on souls, which are near Earth, because in the main these have a poor maturity, with little knowledge and therefore little power. They can be helped insofar through transference of knowledge in loving remembrance as that the souls now separate from Earth more easily and now turn their attention to the likewise suffering souls in the hereafter. Love can be awakened in them through this and they are now guided into further knowledge through the light beings, which recognize the change of attitude of the souls and now on their part stand helpingly by the souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 2401.


So why is it that we cannot see souls in Earth nearness? It is because they no longer have a physical body and consequently light can no longer react with their body and their soul is something spiritual and not something materially.

But this applies to only a very small band width of light, and this is the band width, which physicists call visible light. Now if we humans would be able to extend our vision, let us say to a higher vibration, that could be ultraviolet light, then we might perhaps be able to see souls in Earth nearness.

So it could be quite possible that a machines, let us say some glasses, are developed, which allow us to see ultraviolet light, or the reaction of ultraviolet light, and then we might be able to see souls.

It would be something not unlike television radiation. We cannot see it. But when we use the right machine, a television set, then we can make it visible to us.

Or it would be something like a signal that comes to us through a fibre optic cable and is displayed on the screen of our computer.

What I am after here is that this knowledge about electromagnetic radiation makes it easier for us to understand how the spiritual world works because the spiritual world is not something that is completely separate from our physical world, but our physical world is just that world that is perceivable to us in this particular state of consciousness, and that is the state where we are awake. When we are asleep then we are in a different state of consciousness and when we are dead then we are again in a different state of consciousness.

So these different worlds we are talking about here, like this world, or like the hereafter, are different states of consciousness and when scientists really want to make progress in their sciences then there is only one way to go and that is to investigate these different states of consciousness.

And that means for example when they want to explore the planet Mars then they are wasting their time sending men or machines to that planet, especially when such men are not able to switch to the consciousness of that particular celestial body.

So switching to other states of consciousness has very much to do to switch to other vibrations.


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