Three times in short succession God will speak to men.

In short intervals the intervention of God will repeat itself three times - Comment on 2013 December 23

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The coming event, the intervention of God, is the Earth upheaval, and it will be repeated in short intervals three times. Read more:

Today I read a message from Bertha Dudde and bring in the following the beginning of this message because in contains a detail about the Earth upheaval:


Coming event. Intervention of God. Time of trouble.

29. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2388b.

Few people only will draw benefit for their souls from this event, which will repeat itself in short intervals three times. It will rob men of their ability to think because it is so powerful that every thought wanes and gets into a chaotic confusion. Only his children the Lord obviously protects because he needs them afterwards to work for him.


One possibility how this threefold repetition can take place would be Earth getting into a shower of celestial bodies and that three of them, one after the other, collide with Earth.

To know about this detail can be helpful because to then inform other people about it, that this Earth upheaval will then still be repeated two times, can lead to faith in God, in his power, in the purpose of this event.

And when after that the things that have been foretold also happen, then men will already be willing to also listen to other things about God and his work.

In the entry 2013 Nov 03 (2) Natural phenomenon will hit those countries which start a fire we have seen that those countries will be destroyed by direct impact, which have rulers who cause the third world war. It could therefore be that there are three collisions, at different times, and particularly also at different locations of the surface of the Earth and that with these those countries are affected directly whose heads of government have caused the world fire.

So if we assume a situation as we have it at the moment where the ruler with the biggest criminal intent is Obama, then we would have the closest allies of him involved, which are the Five Eyes. And that would mean three areas on the surface of Earth: North America with the USA and Canada, Europe with Britain and possibly France and other Nato allies and then Australia and New Zealand.

These areas would be destroyed directly. The rest of the world would be shaken by an earthquake as it has never before been shaken three times.

This Earth upheaval will be the event that clearly lets us know that the end-time is happening.

See Earth upheaval


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