The impossibility of evolution.

What Darwin did not know - Comment on 2013 December 18 (2)

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The theory of evolution, particularly the extent in which it is applied, enters the history books of the future as one of the greatest jokes. Future generations will wonder how such a weak and dubious hypothesis could be accepted so incredibly carelessly. Read more:

Today I read the website, which is written by Christian Junghans and I bring a few quotes from it:


The impossibility of evolution

Also some of the most amazing miracles of our nature clearly show that a coming into being of life based on processes of chance is completely to be ruled out from the point of view of natural science. This truth was also recognized by the author and philosopher Malcom Muggeridge after over 60 years, who once was an atheist and who formulated it like this: ”I am convinced of it that the theory of evolution, particularly the extent in which it is applied, enters the history books of the future as one of the greatest jokes. Future generations will wonder how such a weak and dubious hypothesis could be accepted so incredibly carelessly.”

Coded information cannot come into being independently. Coded information is a spiritual, non-material quantity and therefore always needs an intelligent transmitter/originator.

What does that mean? Today we know what Darwin could not know. In the cells of all living beings is an inconceivable amount of coded information. The forming of all organs happens controlled by information; thousands of controlled and precise sequences of events, linked together, in every individual cell function in exactly the same way controlled by information as the production of all substances owned by the body (alone 50,000 different proteins in the human body). And every work instruction necessary for this stands stored in the DNA of our cells, and that in the highest known storage density on the whole.

But when the followers of evolution even so are not to be convinced then this shows once more how strong a deeply rooted creed towards atheism goes together with this system of thinking.

Atheists are aware that their personal world-view is only then tenable when life has come into being through evolution. That is why they must hold on to it with all power of reason and stupidity.

The following picture shows very well the conflicting state in which science is today. On one side the universe is tapped with a gigantic technical expenditure for an intelligent signal and on the other side the coded information in every individual cell is ignored. This inconsistency reveals where the actual problem lies: on the level of philosophy, which stands behind science!

“When a nation become godless, then governments are helpless, politicians spineless, debts countless, customs limitless, marriages bondless, fashion shameless, prospects hopeless.”

I belong to no religious community because the salvation of the soul does not lie in any religion or church, but in the Gospel of Jesus Christ alone. The Bible alone is the foundation of my life and my faith.

I also canvass for no church, sect, religious or political party, nor for otherwise some organization thought up by men.

Who argues against faith in a creator with objections like this one, can obviously do that, but balks against an area of reality, which is far greater than our restricting five senses can perceive. With the example of light this becomes very well clear: So visible light is only a minimal part of the entire electromagnetic wave spectrum. This spectrum described as band in the picture to the right extends from very energy rich gamma radiation, which strongly causes cancer, up to energy weak long wave radiation. Light that is visible for us is just a tiny small area out of it. How small this area is becomes clear when this band would be presented to scale and not logarithmically compressed as in the picture. How long would this band have to be drawn to scale when the area for visible light is to contain 1 cm? Answer: 2.5 billion km! That corresponds to more than 16 times the distance between Sun and Earth. With the speed of light one needs more than 2 hours for this distance. By this, one can see very clearly that we can only perceive a fraction of that, which surrounds us.


This last quote from the website of Christian Junghans is quite interesting in connection with the webpage Waves, which also refers to the huge band width of electromagnitic waves and also to the fact that only a very little part of this is perceived by our sense organs, but in particular to the fact that all electromagnetic waves are something supernatural and that this even includes so-called visible light.


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