Obama has all media under his control.

All the media in the USA are already forced into line - Comment on 2013 December 14 (2)

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US publishers reject revelation: All the media in the USA are already forced into line. Read more:

American publishers have now reached a stage where they no longer dare to publish information that opposes the political aims of Obama. They have been forced into line. America has reached a typical stage in the development of a dictatorship. There is no longer freedom of expression. Obama’s politics of intimidation have been successful. The Republican Party has already since a long time lost its ability of being an effective opposition and that despite the fact of having the majority in the lower house, and now also the press has caved in. So from now on all information coming from the United States can be considered as having been forced into line with what Obama wants. This development became already visible when there were hardly any publications in the USA that informed the public about the revelations concerning the NSA. The Guardian newspaper in Britain is under considerable pressure and will probably soon also cease publishing the truth because it operates in Obama’s subdomain Europe. And this means that an important part of access to information has been blocked and is in the process of being blocked and that is information made available in the English language.

So the publishers fall in line with Obama and the public does the same. This week Obama was in Johannesburg and now all the people there from whom Obama had stolen their data were there and had an opportunity to deal with this thief as they normally do with criminals but instead of seizing him, they were very pleased with what he had to say and applauded him.

Here now excerpts from a news item of today:


Revelation journalist accuses

Seymour Hersh: Obama deceived public to Syria

US President Barack Obama is to have deceived the public after the deadly poison deployment in Syria at the end of August – this accusation comes from one of the best known journalists of the United States: Seymour Hersh. US secret service director Clapper opposes.

The revelation journalist Seymour Hersh criticizes Obama in the “London Review of Books” consciously having concealed that also the Islamic rebel group Al-Nusra-Front has chemical weapons. With this manipulation of secret service knowledge the blame for the poison attack was to be clearly laid on the Syrian ruler Bashar-Assad. The US government rejected this accusation on Monday.

Publishing houses allegedly rejected Hersh’s text.

Hersh once uncovered the massacre of My Lai in the Vietnam war and the US torture in the Iraq prison Abu Ghraib. Though there is considerable doubt at the source situation of his youngest article, it was said on Monday from government circles in Washington. Big US media are to have rejected the publication, as a result of this Hersh went to the “London Review of Books.” The British literature magazine published the text on Sunday on its internet website.

According to Hersh the US secret services had information that the Al-Nusra-Front was able to produce sarin gas. “Al-Nusra should have been a suspect after the attack, but the government has taken the pick of the bunch to justify an attack against Assad”, writes Hersh. He refers to, among others, a secret service document from June, according to which the talk was of chemical warfare agents in the hands of Islamic rebels.


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