The basic attitude towards God is decisive which thought material the will of man takes in.

Thought apparatus - Comment on 2013 November 28

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Good and evil powers make an effort to make their world of thoughts accessible to man and to make him inclined to the acceptance of that what they offer him. Read more:

In the now following message by Bertha Dudde it is said that thoughts flow around humans like waves. The use of the word wave obviously refers to a mechanical wave, to a wave of water. But thoughts are no mechanical waves but only like water waves, only like mechanical waves.

But thoughts are also really waves, only just no mechanical waves, but electromagnetic waves. Thoughts are something supernatural, because we do not perceive them with our outer senses and all electromagnetic waves we also cannot perceive with our outer senses; they are all supernatural and that even applies to a very small range of electromagnetic waves, “visible” light, and “visible” light is not really visible and that is explained in detail in Waves.

Actually all electromagnetic waves are light and in spiritual writings also called love or truth or power. Therefore thoughts are also light and all thoughts are communication and thoughts are communication, which is universal, i.e. work between all beings. When we pray in the spirit and in truth, then that is pure thought communication and no communication with spoken words. When we get used to communicating already here on Earth in thoughts then we can already communicate in the hereafter properly and someone who just cannot do this has considerable disadvantages. But also here on Earth it is a disadvantage because God only hears us when we pray in spirit and in truth, and that is in thoughts.

Now the message:


Thought apparatus. Flow of good or bad power.

9. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2363.

Persistently thought material flows towards you out of the kingdom of the spiritual, which you just need to receive to adopt it for yourselves. Your will is determining of which kind the thought material is, which you register, because you can adopt both, the spiritual transmission of light as also of darkness, according to your will. The thought apparatus of man is so constructed that it is activated by every radiation, i.e., as soon as thoughts flow around him like a wave it becomes active by him receiving what appeals to him, is therefore favoured by the will of man. Because he decides – he as it were gives entry to a part, while he rejects the other, and this according to his attitude to the good, divine or to the power hostile to God. Because the flow of thoughts from both powers, from the ones full of light or the dark spiritual powers, man now perceives as benefiting or unpleasant and therefore accepts the ones, while he rejects the others. Therefore the basic attitude towards God is decisive which thought material the will of man takes in, because what his thought apparatus has once received that remains in him at his perpetual disposal because it always comes to the surface when man wants to occupy himself with it. When now the will of man is turned towards the good, then also his thought material will be accordingly, i.e. keep only such communications in oneself, which flow to him out of the kingdom of light, therefore do not contradict divine will. Man will occupy himself mainly with spiritual things and disregard worldly things; he will feel spiritual hunger and therefore receive that from spiritual communications what corresponds to his desire, while not taking any notice of the other. And so every man forms his own thought material; it will be carried to him from all sides, i.e., good and evil powers make an effort to make their world of thoughts accessible to man and to make him inclined to the acceptance of that what they offer to him. When now a man unites in thoughts or in prayer with God then he will understandably also receive the thought material, which is send by powers united with God, and these powers fight against the influence of the counter power, and this again is expressed in the will of man who therefore now adapts himself to the thought material offered to him affirmatively or negatively. And that is why the man who desires God can be reassured that he also stands in right thinking because through the desire for God he makes himself able to take in the spiritual flow of good powers and experiences the thought material of the counter power as wrong and worthy of rejection. The good spiritual powers eagerly develop his faculty of judgement for good and evil and keep watch that the willing man does not become a slave to bad influence. Amen. B.D. NR. 2363.


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